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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Happy for her

We find it so hard to give up on someone who we love. We cry, we hurt ourselves and what not and in the end, we just start cursing the destiny.

The difference between what we had and what we have now give tears to our eyes. Still we don’t remember the good times we had with that particular person or object, but we curse the space which is there because of the absence of that particular person or object.

I fell love in someone again, but this time I was the one who broke her heart by letting her go and not the one whose heart got broken. 

She was the most innocent creature I had ever seen in my life. The day she came in my life it was something different. Not something but everything was different. Someone came to my depressed life and made it all happy again.

She never asked for anything from me and was more than happy with the bare necessities she had. She doesn't liked shopping but was happy playing with the shopping bags. An empty carton was her favorite toy to spend her alone time.

There were times when I woke up at 1 in night and I notice that she would also wake with me to see if everything is all right. There were times when I return from the office and found her waiting for me at the door. There were times when she would wait for me to finish my food so that we can go on a walk together. 

She was very short tempered but in front of me she never lost her cool and helped me also in remaining calm.

I can say that everything was going fine. It was like that Walt Disney story which always had a happy ending. But this time it was me who became a villain in this story and left her for my own selfishness. 

I remember the tears in her eyes when I waved goodbye to her last Sunday. She wanted to stay but I was afraid of commitment this time and I wanted to be alone. She asked for nothing but for love from the day she came to my life. The period of one month for which we were together was nothing less than an example of perfect life.

If only she could speak, my 2 months old kitten, Ginger, would have asked why after all the love she gave to me I am letting her go and I would have told her that I am doing this for her good only as I am leaving the city in a month or two. That's why I am giving her to my friend. But I don't think I would have told her the truth, that maybe I am afraid of commitments. She was not at all willing to go with him, she even scratched him and tried to hide behind me so that I could protect her, but I just closed my eyes.

Today my friend whatsapped my kitten's video playing with him. He changed her name to Khaleesi. I was about to text him “Give her back to me, I want my Ginger back”. But with a tear in my eye I just pinged him "Happy for Khaleesi❤"

Friday, July 07, 2017

An open letter to Mr. Prime Minister

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

I am writing this open letter to you today because one thing hurts me often. I am sure that same thing hurts the whole country and whole country thought that you are capable of solving the problem, that's why they all elected you.

Everyday on news, one news is common there and that is: "Open fire by terrorists in J&K. One jawan martyered."

We all know where these terrorists are coming from and you promised us that of you come to power then a strong answer will be given to the terrorists. But nothing concrete has been seen so far.

I still remember when all this happened during the previous government, there were statements by your government that  this silent government cannot do anything. Even now in your present government, all we can hear is "kadi ninda" from Mr. Rajnath Singh. 

If we have to hear these statements only then this job was done by the previous government also. Where is the difference, sir? I am writing all this, not to satisfy my political interest but after thinking about our brave soldiers protecting us at the border. They are also human being. They are also somebody's son, husband, father, brother etc.. What wrong they have done that they have to live in such a constant fear that an attack can happen anytime? India being such a strong country, why can't these attacks can be stopped? Why everyday a soldier have to sacrifice his life because of these terrorists?

Sir, I am not doubting the strength of our Army. I even know that your government have masterminds like Mr. Ajit Doval who knows how to stop these attacks. But why the government is not doing anything? Even the life of a soldier is very precious. Why are we letting it sacrificed when the nation have resources to stop such kind of attacks.

Don't you think that all this is sending a wrong message to the rest of the world that India is an inefficient country? Mr. Prime Minister, when you were campaigning, even Pakistan was frightened, that if you come to power, then it would be difficult for Pakistan. Your 56 inch chest is no more scaring our neighbours.

The whole country really thinks that it is time to act on this front. We have many leaders for doing the kadi ninda, but now we need someone who can lead from the front and can show the whole country that you are delievering what you promised. And all those were not just election stunts like the return of black money within 100 days of you coming in the power.

I don't know whether this is the right platform to reach you. I tried reaching you once on your app on an entirely different topic but haven't got any response, so now trying this.

An Indian