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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Happy holi to all of you.
Holi, as we all know is a festival of colours. Various colours paint our country which includes Red, Green, Blue, White etc. All these colours have different significance in our life. They increase the colour index of our country.
But today our country is surrounded by various colours which does not include the above mentioned colours like red, green, blue etc. Surprised? Let me clarify it. Today our country is surrounded by many unwanted colours which add to the shame of the country, instead to adding of the glory. These colours includes the colour of corruption, colour of red-tapism, colour of drug addiction and many more colours are in this never-ending list. These colours have also their significance not only in our life but on our country also.
Everyday, when we turn the leaflets of the newspaper we find it full of the incidents of corruption, red-tapism etc. All this should be removed from the society from the root-level. And all this cannot be done by arresting one or two guilty persons because today, the position of these evils is that, that from a peon to a senior level officer can be found guilty.
Please excuse me because I am not saying that each and everybody is corrupt, as exceptions are always there. But the majority is on the bitter side of the story, and we all know that majority most of the time influences minority.
So, in the end I want to conclude that we on the individual level should try our level best to remove all these unwanted colours, and at least at our level we should not promote all this. And should also stop the prevent the persons from this trap. Please do your bit as an individual effort counts a lot.


  1. I know you believe that a long blog post is not effective but i believe that the topic you have touched upon cannot ever be summarised in a few paragraphs or even a few pages........... it is something each of us needs to individually think on and act upon..... none can do more than change we should all change ourselves and hope tht the others learn the lesson too............

    P.S. I know, i always end up writing more than just a comment.but shayad ye bimari har blogger ko hogi!

  2. Very well said- is topic par jitna likho kam hai


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