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Monday, February 15, 2010


India, a country of many religions and languages, having a unique and distinct culture. India, a vast country having many tourist places is becoming a tourist hub. Tourist from all over the world, have India as their first choice, as they want to explore our culture and many other things.
This is a definite thing as there are many beautiful sites in India which includes the Taj Mahal(one of the Seven Wonders of the world), Bhakra Dam, Temples of south India, The Golden Temple and many more. Not only this our concept of ayurveda is also famous all over the world. People from different countries come here to learn facts of ayurveda and yoga. But the big question which has arisen today is that,
Are we doing Justice with them?
What we are doing is fair?
By justices I mean that is our behaviour towards them is attracting them towards India or is preventing them from coming to India. But the truth is on the bitter side, which is not a good sign not only for our economy but also for the country as a whole.
Everyday in the newspaper we read about the discrimination and the cases of illicit work done with the foreigners. Sorry to say that it also includes rape and murder.
Let me share a personal experience with you-
Once I went to the Taj Mahal, with my family. Outside the Taj Mahal, there were many vendors and one of them offered me a decoration item at 50 bucks and I refused to purchase it because it was not more than 25 bucks. After sometime I noticed that the same vendor sold the same item to a foreigner at a cost of Rs. 500, by attaching it with the religious sentiments of Mumtaz Mahal, in whose fond memory, The Taj Mahal was built.
Friends, this was an incident which I knew and shared with you, but there are many similar incidents happening with the foreigners everyday. And all this is happening in a country in which we regard a guest as God and follow the slogan-


So, I want to say that, come on and wake up and stop all this if it is happening around yourself. Help the country in rising her head with Fame and not with Shame.
So, on which side you are-

Please respond


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