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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

India First

इंडिया फर्स्ट
Now-a-days, at television, all of us are watching an advertisement namely India First, an initiative by Zee News. There are many more advertisements relating this concept.
All these advertisement and practices boost our feeling of being an Indian. All these tell us that we all are Indians first and after then we have some other identity. Even the constitution of India provides only single citizenship to all its citizens, promoting the feeling of oneness.
But my question is, are we on the right track? Are we following the concept which our constitution makers wanted to embrace in the minds of their worthy citizens? The answer is a big NO
Unfortunately we are no more Indians, we are the citizens of our state only or the deep follower of our religion only. The feeling of secularism and unity is no more in our minds. Now-a-days, our identity is no more then a hindu, a sikh, a muslim or a Christian. And a Punjabi, marathi, gujarati or any other state.
A very known example in this case is of Shiv Sena in Maharashtra, who thinks that Maharashtra is only for marathis and are ill-treating the north-Indians. Shiv Sena’s aggression against Shahrukh Khan is also a good example which tells us about the amount of secularism we have in our minds.
What is all this? Is this is the feeling of oneness we want to see in our country. All this must be stopped immediately otherwise that day is not too far when we will see border lines along the states as we have along the countries. And then who knows we must need a passport or a visa to go from one state to another. This sweet ironary looks fine here but this will be a big shame for our country.
So all the youth and the elders sitting there on the other side of the computer screen, please bug up and raise your voice against all this. You can also be the victim of this inter-state hatredness. So its my humble request to all of you that please wake up in time to do your bit and make India a better and a peaceful Country to live in.


  1. A very true and very well written post.........

    but the action does not lie in seperate beliefs but in united action.

    You or I or any individual trying to inspire this way would, unfortunately, be unsuccessful.....

    What is needed is an organised group to make a group against the likes of Shiv Sena.

    It took the then Congress to assemble the mob to start the Indian Revolution.
    We need another such power to start this revolution.
    Because this is a revolution against, their thought process, their prejudices, their mindsets and their behaviour.

    The British were to be thrown out of the country........ they have to be made a part of the country and not their state.

    The war is tough but not impossible.

    The revolt has to begin, and begin soon, to change the mentality from state-ism & religion-ism to nationalism

  2. Thank you very much for commenting I totally agree with you But writing these types of blogs can inspire the readers a lot and only after uniting with each other Indian Revolution can be started once again


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