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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Heal the World

Television advertisements, print media, street plays, candlelight marches, musical seems the world has risen from deep slumber and is now busy scrutinising what is going wrong where!

The population of tigers has come down to 1400(present figure); global warming is a stark reality; corruption is all prevaiding; natural calamities are striking at the speed of light; leadership is 'already' in wrong hands... where is the world going?
But it's better late than never, many have now taken the onus upon themselves to make a difference through online social campaigns

'Save the Tiger', 'Jaago re', 'Fight terror', 'Hiati', the number of awareness campaigns are certainly grabbing attention with more and more celebrities joining in,

One of my friend once told me that "I religiously followed the Jaago Re and now I and the member of 'Save the Tiger initiative'" And if you are wondering what good online projects can do until and unless you go out in the field, I have an answer-
"Each one of us live with live the isolation of what is going wrong where, some of us react to it while others sit on it। Now that the entire world is connected through social networking sites, this is the best way to spread the word and share information।

And it is not the tiger campaign alone that have picked momentum। Blogs, discussion forums, Facebook and Orkut sites have gained impetus after the Copenhegan Summit। in Addition forums on Consumer rights and the onus on save fuel, and Hati are also very popular।

Celebrities around the world have joined hands for Hiati। As many as two lakh people were killed and another three lakh were injured in the earthquake। there are 18 Orkut groups supportingthe cause। People are aware but they don't have the time to sit and discuss issues that are disturbing the equilibrium of the socirty।

The online campaigns atleast do the needful, We can get First hand information on the cause; lend our support through kind or cash and with celebrities joining hands, these campaigns are getting more support।
Come on Get up and bring the change, as it is not the time to wake but to take steps;
Mahatma Gandhi has rightly said that "You must be the change , you eish to see in the world।"
In the end i would conclude as, we all have our dreams; we all have the desire to be successful and the passion to make the difference to the society। Yet seldom we realize that it all begins with us

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