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Monday, March 01, 2010

Bollywood With a Message

Bollywood, one of the main sector of the Indian economy, is flourishing day by day at a rapid rate and it will not be wrong to say that Bollywood, these days has gone global. Now-a-days Bollywood is giving a strong competition to the Hollywood.
These days, a good thing I have noticed about Bollywood is that along with some good movies including some comedy ones, there are some good movies with a message contained in them. And there are some movies which are based on the real life incidents. Many movies contains a message in them whether it is in the hidden form or is in the other form.
Why go far? Take some fresh examples. Some of which are-
3 Idiots- covering the life of the engineering and giving a message to students to concentrate not on the exams but on the studies and to be different from the rat race.

Another movie, a latest release of Shahrukh Khan, contains the story about the life of the muslims in U.S.A. after the 9/11 attacks.

Many more movies are in this list some of which includes-
A Wednesday- A nice movie, different from the regular on going pattern, giving a message about our government’s outlook towards the terrorists and the terrorist activities.

Another Amir Khan movie, Taare Zameen Par, also contained a very good message about the life of a dyslexic children(I thought it was autism, but corrected by one of my great friend), and his interest towards painting and not towards studies, conveying that children should not be forced to do any work and shoul be allowed to do activities of their interest. Movie Black also contained a similar message but somewhat on a different note.

There are uncountable movies on the list including Rang De Basanti, Yeh Mera India etc.The experiment of translition from real life incident to reel life is also becoming successful. These type of movies, according to me, should be encouraged, so that more movies of these type should come up which will definitely help in changing the outlook or attitude of our society. Three cheers for bollywood-
Hip hip hurray!


  1. Impressive!
    But a small correction ( ya, i know, ye meri irritating aadat hai, TZP was not just about autistic children).ishaan was not autistic but suffered from dyslexia!!

    Except this small thing, the article is wonderful!

  2. oh i forgot, ya it was dyslexia, i will correct it

  3. Good one Bro but in present scenario Bollywood is far behind Hollywood,definately some nice movies are being made with great messages but lot of effort is required.
    Atleast Its a great begining.Some time ago no Producer/Director was ready to take risk, they were making movies on same concept but now times are changing.
    Last but not least a very good blog from you once again.


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