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Friday, March 12, 2010


Did you smile today? Think! Think of the time when you smiled last time. Think of the time when you have tears in your eyes while smiling. Think of the time when you had stomachache due to excessive laughing. I know most of you cannot remember that time. Don’t you feel that you are missing something?
It is said that, “Laughter is the best medicine.” But our world is desperately in the need of more medicine. In the today’s world of globalization we are running so fast that we have no time to smile. Today we are surrounded by so many tensions, that we cannot think about laughing even for a second. Everybody is busy in his own life and have no time for others, even for their own family members. Daily soaps are also full of tragedies that nobody can think of smiling even while watching the television, which was meant for entertainment and providing relaxation from the busy and tensed life. The Idiot Box has still remained Idiot.
Now-a-days we have to go to parks for laughing as we have no reason to smile at our home or our workplace. We laughs loudly in the parks to remove our tension, but what if we face our tensions with a laugh.
Hitler once said,” If you can solve your problems, then what is the need of worrying and if you cannot solve your problem, then what is the cause of the worry.” So smile every time. Let people say that you have a smiling face. In today’s tensed world, if somebody says that, you have a smiling face, then take it as one of the biggest compliment of your life; and I am proud that I have received this compliment.
We must find some time to laugh in our busy schedule. If we don’t laugh and remains busy in our daily work, then what will be the difference between us and our computer. Your smile can be a reason for many others smile. Because smiling is infectious and one can catch it like a flu which keeps on passing from one person to another. But the good thing about this flu is that it has no side-effects and problems.
So, Today, Give a stranger one of your smiles
It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.


  1. Very well said my dear bro, laughter is the best medicine.

    This blog is really a good one & may your smiling face remains like this for ever(Of course in positive sense) and may u receive these type of compliments in future also.

    Very Imp. Thing – Smiling at strangers gives very wrong impression now a day’s in both cases - male/female (just kidding)

    Keep it up Bro

  2. I agree with the other comment and have ctually nothing else to add. But just a small line, (aadat se majboor jo hun, likhne ki); People say that if a person laughs a lot, (s)he is not serious in life and doesn't know the seriousness of life..... while it is completely the other way round, someone who laughs a lot, not only understands the seriousness of life but also knows how to deal with it!!!


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