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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wealth, success and love

Everybody wants Wealth, success and love in his life. but it is very difficult to get all three of them together in your house or workplace.But by inviting one thing in our life we can get all the three. Let me share a very interesting story, I heard many years ago, which deals with wealth, success and love-

A woman came out of her house and saw three old men with long white beards sitting in her front yard. She did not recognize them. She said, "I don't think I know you, but you must be hungry. Please come in and have something to eat."

"Is the man of the house home?", they asked.

"No", she said. "He's out."

"Then we cannot come in", they replied.

In the evening, when her husband came home, she told him what had happened. "Go tell them I am home and invite them in!" The woman went out and invited the men in.

"We do not go into a House together," they replied.

"Why is that?" she wanted to know.

One of the old men explained, "His name is Wealth," he said pointing to one of his friends, and said pointing to another one, "He is Success, and I am Love." Then he added, "Now go in and discuss with your husband which one of us you want in your home."

The woman went in and told her husband what was said. Her husband was overjoyed. "How nice!!", he said. "Since that is the case, let us invite Wealth. Let him come and fill our home with wealth!"

His wife disagreed. "My dear, why don't we invite Success?"

Their daughter-in-law was listening from the other corner of the house. She jumped in with her own suggestion, "Would it not be better to invite Love? Our home will then be filled with Love!"

"Let us heed our daughter-in-law's advice," said the husband to his wife. "Go out and invite Love to be our guest."

The woman went out and asked the three old men, "Which one of you is Love? Please come in and be our guest." Love got up and started walking toward the house. The other two also got up and followed him.

Surprised, the lady asked Wealth and Success, "I only invited Love, Why are you coming in?"

The old men replied together, "If you had invited Wealth or Success, the other two of us would've stayed out, but since you invited Love, wherever He goes, we go with him. Wherever there is Love, there is also Wealth and Success!"

Don't want to say more about all this, as the message which I want to give to all of you is clear from this wonderful story. So, always invite love in your life, success and wealth will be automatically yours.


  1. Very well said bro, love makes life beautiful & worth living, so when is ur love of life coming or already came & we are not aware


  2. Very well put forth ankit!
    He is a good writer who puts his thoughts in his words........but he is a better writer who puts his thoughts not directly in his words, but in his ideas and his examples!
    The message you conveyed by the story says it all.... and it says it much clearer than had the message been given all by itself!

    Keep up the good work!


  3. Well written words ankit!
    And a great message!
    I truly feel that i am reading a true blue man who knows exactly how to express himself!

    Now that kanika has stolen the quote (he is a good.........examples) that i made in respect to you, i am not left with much to say except that keep writing and keep influencing our loves!!

    Take care!

  4. sorry it wasnt loves but lives!!!

    and one last thing - "I heard many years ago", or "i heard very long ago".......there is no sentence as "i heard very years ago"............

    sorry, but you know it, am habitual to this!!!!


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