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Friday, July 30, 2010

Common Wealth- A source of Common Wealth

I am a big fan of sports, though not a good player. I love to watch different sports and was more then excited when I heard that Common Wealth games will be held in India. I think in India everybody will be happy and will be looking forward for it. But at the same time they will also be fearing that these games should be as a matter of shame for the whole country in the eyes of the world as different players from 53 countries are coming.
Less then 65 days are left for the games, and the stadiums are not yet fully developed, hotel rooms are also not adequate as a large number of mass of people will come to the country. The fully developed stadiums are also not according to the safety norms and the quality material used speaks for itself, as a tile of one of the newly developed stadium broke up, when a 12 year old girl was walking on it.
What is the cause of this delay and the cause of the tiles breaking up before even the start of the games? If you are thinking that it is the lack of finance available with the government, then let me correct you that you are wrong as the initial budget at the start was only Rs. 1,600 crore. You must be wondering tha why I am using the word only with such a large figure of Rs. 1,600 crore? But all your queries will be answered when you will read the revised budget which amounts to Rs. 10,000 crores. Not only this as now the recent Independent estimates suggests that it will exceed Rs. 30,000 crores. It has really become the source of Common Wealth for our politicians.
Not only Common Wealth games is a source of Common Wealth for politicians but also the other games. Now lets take the example of Cricket. Yeaterday I read a news that-
India will not particiapte in cricket at Asian Games because BCCI says they are busy with a ICC tournament. Is it the INDIAN CRICKET TEAM or the BCCI CRICKET TEAM ?
Its not that our government is not doing the required work, but we as citizens are also not doing our duty as required. I read yesterday that the Jats threatened the government that they will not allow the Common Wealth games to be played until and unless they are provided with a reservation. Is it a good and a healthy way to fulfill our demands. If it is then the next Cricket World Cup will also help a lot as most of the matches will be played in India. Simply collect a large number of mass of people some days before the tournament and bring forward your demands and all your demands will be fulfilled.

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  1. This is India, incredible India, here still some people are not having access to basis amemities of life but govt is spending 30000 crores for common wealth games, with this huge sum of money a new city could have been developed or lot of schools, hospitals colleges have been established.
    Dear bro thanks for sharing all these facts & information with all, i was not aware of all these facts


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