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Everyone writes. From the ink of their thoughts, by the pen of their mind on the page of their face. Everyone writes.I love to write. It is a passion; a compulsion; something that gives me an avenue to express myself. I write when I am happy; when I am sad or when an issue touches my heart. I find inspiration to write in every aspect of life.
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Friday, December 31, 2010

Bye Bye 2010

While sitting free yesterday, I started thinking of 2010…..How this year turned to me. As we know life is full of ups and downs, blues and pinks, but touchwood the year 2010 turned as a great year for me.
The year of  fun
Year 2010 was overall a great year for me, full of many funny activities. A year that marked its presence with many celebrations with friends and family, and full of different experiences, which can’t be forgotten throughout my life. Some of which include the trip to Bhakra Dam, in which we all friends have to walk 10 kms while returning to our homes, or exploring  the roads of patiala with friends by doing a tripleee on bike, or attending the friend’s brother marriage.
Got some friends. Or friends for life. Or the top fr
iends of 2010…….
Its said that, its not important how many relations you hold during life, but what is important is that, the relations you are holding must be true. Same is the case with friends, and I think I have got some of that friends. The list may be long, but is true

Iqbal Singh:He is the most selfless and religious person I have ever seen in my life. It is his blog that inspired me to make my own page.

Gursimran: My roommate. Very funny person and the one having many good jokes with him. But his every attempt of cracking a joke on me has always failed. Better luck sim next time….:)

Chaitanya: One of my very old friend who is really cool and my software expert(have fixed many of my software problems). But more interestingly a good person and my best friend.

Ritika(my sister)- Though she is my sister, but I got her as a friend in 2010……… she is my problem fixer…J

Ankush- My cousin, the one from whom I got all that forwarded mails which are in great demand among many of my friends.

Many more persons are in this list, like the one who checks my blog regularly and corrects the mistakes in the posts…J, many names are also in this list like Shyam, Suraj, Rajinder……….

Things which can’t be forgotten:
I will remember the triplie, the gym, the Path held in the University Gurudwara by our department, Late night Movie Shows, the experience gained while returning from Bhakra Dam and many more things which cant be written here:P,

New Year Plans-
Just wishing that the new year will be more wonderful then this year having more fun, more enjoyment and less of studies……:P
Have many family functions the next year, so looking forward for a wonderful year ahead….
I am one with the light, I am light.


  1. yar i just read out ur blog!!!! liked it sooooo much that i gonna read it regularly!!!! but plz lemme know whenever u write sth!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

  2. Sorry, who's dis?
    you have commented as anonymous, so can't get your name........
    So pls....

  3. Really good bro, from your writing i think that u r a person who finds happiness in every nick of life
    May God bless u and u keep on enjoying ur lyf
    stupendously rocking year ahead

    Ritika Malhotra


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