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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Birth...Relationships...Death...Or is is something MORE ??

We usually think of parents, relatives, friends or lovers when the word "relationship" is taken, but… what do these relationships mean to us?? We also say - I can't live without "xyz". Do we really mean it? Ask yourself.
Ask people who have lost any of their near and dear ones!! You know what.. They're still alive. Why do we lie to ourselves..?? Why do we attach ourselves to someone to such an extent that their presence completes us..?? Why do we give the right or want the right to interfere (harsh word.. I know) in each others life..?? Is that what a relationship is all about..??? I don't think so.

It was today that I realized that we always want to possess someone..and not let them go. We have become such selfish people that it's all about OUR view to life and relationships. Why is it said that man is a social animal..?? We'd die without society. True!! No one can live alone.. But can someone enjoy having the company of others and not cry in their absence ever??

If someone does... we call him heartless or emotionless... and if he does cry, we call him weak. Why??
Have any of us ever thought what would happen if we didn't have the parents we do..??
The best friends, we love to be around and the lovers, who we cuddle with... You know what... BIG SHIT...!!

It would be someone else... and you'd be comfortable with them too.. It's just the matter of time... It would make a difference for sure..
But does it really matter to us unless we're attached to these people..?? Are we capable of living a happy life? We may "lose" (as everyone puts it) someone or something all the time..but does that mean, we can never be happy..?

‘Cause if we can't..I don't think we deserve to live..and we should die. But death the end?? Is this all we're born for?? Is this it??
Growing up.. studying... getting married.. happiness.. having children.. losing parents.. crying.. dissapointments.. hatred.. fights.. and DEATH.
Can't we expect a little more from life.. from relationships..from LOVE?

We either live or lose. They say, live each moment, and if you don't, you lose each moment. Then why not love each moment!! Love it, when your getting it when you wake making even your nature's being having a losing someone ‘cause maybe this is better way of showing gratitude for whatsoever they must have done for us. Love everything you do ‘cause thats the only way you can do your best. Love everyone! Thank everyone…even the rickshaw-puller who drops you home…the man who washes your car..and even the post man who climbed a couple of stairs to deliver an important message to you. All these help. It makes their day. Why would they do these things for..?? You haven't obliged them in any way. Just a simple smile and a kind word of gratitude may help. Love life..and life will love u!

I read this line in a book, and it helped me a lot when I incorporated it in myself - "love the life to such an extent that even death may want to be alive!!".

So, in the end I would say - keep smiling and keep loving. I hope this will make a difference in our behaviour towards the people for the betterement and would even help the people to understand, how important it is to love.



  1. WOW!!! This one shook me hard and the reason it has such an impact is because it's true.


  2. nyc post ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,relationships n possessiveness go hand in hand.wen we think sumone is ours ,den we start expecting from dat person ,,,,its but natural ,,,n yeah its also true dat wen our expectations r not met we feel sad ,cry.but i think dat dese relations ,ur mom ,ur dad ,ur bro .ur sis ,lover ,,,etc ,etc r d only true treasure one have ,,,n on loosing it ones feeling sad ,is but natural n as u said not to feel sad on loosing relations ,needs to much practility ,needs too much behavioural change ..i think if we had dat change we will remain happy always but deep inside we will be stereotyped machines den not humans

  3. Thanku very much di for giving such a deep thought to my blog....
    yes u r absolutely right, but in these conditions stereotyped machines are best just to express our gratitude towards the contribution that person has done in our life.........

  4. Quite different from what I usually get to read. I once read in an interview, I think it was Pooja Bhatt, that a thank you to an auto rickshaw driver will mean a lot to him! I see how people show gratitude for even simpler things in this part of the world, certainly something that we can learn...

  5. Yes you are right chintan
    these small things matter a lot in life....
    Thanks for dropping by.......


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