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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Enjoy By Giving-II

A month ago, I posted a blog on the topic "Enjoy By Giving".( And Today I am trying to elaborate the topic further by another story.....
Here is a powerful tale of a saint, who once in his routine ways of meeting people and getting alms reached a set of people who were so miser that they didn’t give him any alms. They treated the saint very badly,  and onto their response, the saint, blessed them gracefully saying – “bane raho”(Let your wealth and prosperity be the way it is.)

And in another village, while taking alms, the same saint was treated very nicely. The entire family came and served the saint, gave him best of the available food, gave him lots of money. While parting with them, the saint blessed them saying – “Bikhar Jao” (let all that you have get divided and spread). A disciple  following  the saint, asked the reasons why he blessed people inversely to the way they gave alms.

Saint said a beautiful thing, friends – he said, those who don’t give, should remain static. And those who give and de-invest, they should really spread across. They should spread across humanity to share the message of love, forgiveness, and acceptance. They should spread and be the reasons for teaching others – what you give is only what you have, rest everything is lost.

It’s the vibrations of learning and giving that makes a work place challenging and gratifying. Its giving that makes friends. It’s giving which maintains them. It’s giving which conquers hearts and removes the distances from us.  Friends, it’s not what you get , but what you want to give that makes the difference to your life.

The shortest month of the year have arrived. Give as much possible to your familiy and to the society. Let each passing day raise our self worth. Let’s give selflessly and seamlessly.


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