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Saturday, February 19, 2011

How selfish are we??

I have a German Shepherd dog. Yesterday I was adjusting his bed and he suddenly came and sat on his bed , so that I should not disturb his bed. Then a thought came in my mind, that how selfish he is? But then I realized, he as an animal is selfish, aren’t we as humans are selfish?

While thinking on this, many points came into my mind. Don’t know whether you will agree by my points or not.

We all know we have one day and one night in 24 hours. This concept is from the ages and will continue as it is in the coming times also. We humans have utilized this concept according to our selfish nature. Whether you call it selfishness or intelligence, but there is some selfishness present in between as there is sufficient light in the day time, all school timings, office timings, business timings were adjusted in the day and the night was made for sleep. No doubt with this many of the resources are saved but according to me there is some selfishness.

Now some talks about Manu, the first law giver of India. The whole Varna System in hindus, was given by him in which he divided the whole hindu society into four varnas namely the Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras, in which the Brahmins enjoyed the superior position followed by kshatriyas. Vaishyas were third in number and Shudras were regarded as the most inferior class. It is also argued that Manu, himself was a Brahmin, that’s why he gave he gave the most superior position to the Brahmin and the punishment given to Brahmin for a crime was very less and if that same crime is committed by any other person of any other varna then the punishment would be more then that given to a Brahmin. And a shudra will be given maximum punishment for the same crime. Isn’t it selfishness?

The Constitution makers tried to remove this selfishness by giving special privileges to these socially backward classes for ten years. But then our politicians because of their selfish interest have increased the tenure of reservation and are keep on increasing it time by time. Huh!! A new selfish interest of human beings to compensate the old selfish interest of another human being(Manu)

At the time of the drafting of The Indian Penal Code, one or two women might be there in the drafting committee, that’s why IPC is also sometimes considered as gender-biased. This biasness may be for the upliftment of this weaker section or because of some selfish interest.

Now if we think, that all this is only in India, then we are wrong. We have also a world example before us. All of us know about the United Nations Organization(UNO). While studying about UNO, we all study that all the member countries are equal before UNO. While studying the concept of collective security of UNO the point considered is “One for all, all for one”, then why there is Veto power which is given to only five most powerful countries of the world? By this veto power their decision becomes supreme even if all the other member countries are against it. Why is it that the decision of more then 100 countries can be curtailed by the refusal of one country? Is this selfishness or something else?

I am writing all this, not because I am not selfish. I also admit that I am selfish. A fresh example of this happened in the morning when I read about the issue of broadcasting dispute between espn and Punjab cable operators over the broadcasting of World Cup matches which is pending in the High Court. Espn have increased the rates of broadcasting and the Punjab Cable Operators refused to pay the increased amount. Though espn is right in its claim and they have a right to claim it, but because of selfishness I want that the court should order espn to broadcast the matches in Punjab at the old rates so that I can see the matches on espn. Don’t know what will be the decision of the court, but my selfish interest is present here.

Our heart is also somewhat selfish, as if we give our heart too much stress then it starts malfunctioning resulting in heart-attacks and many other problems.

We can say we all are selfish somewhere in some part of life whether we admit it as our Selfishness or our Intelligence or something else.......



  1. han yr, gl ta sai likhi hai tu! bt mere nalo selfish tu hai jada!!! :P
    GurSimran :P

  2. hahaha
    yaar main ta hamesha hi sahi gal likhda han........

  3. really nyc bhai.urway of thinking needs appreciation.really liked dis .n ya our heart makes us selfish sumtyms

  4. Good one my “selfish” brother

  5. Great post.
    Allow me to say, too many grammar mistakes.....
    1. aren't we as humans 'are' selfish; repetition of are.. remove the are between humans and selfish.
    2.agree 'by' my points; it should be agree with my points.
    3. there is nothing known as 'from the ages' ; make it either from ages or from time immemorial
    4. there should be a full stop (.) after between and a new sentence should start at "As there is sufficient". can't be 'the' superior position; it should be 'Brahmins' enjoyed superior position'.
    6. instead of 'most inferior', it should be 'inferior most'.
    7. Repetition of ' he gave'.
    8. 'given to Brahmin'; make it either given to Brahmins or given to a Brahmin.
    9. Same crime 'is' committed; the whole post is in past tense so it should be was committed...
    10. Shudra 'will' be given; instead it should be shudra would be given... Ur earlier paragraphs and the starting of this paragraph are in past tense.
    11. selfish interest ' have' increased; the word have is not required in this line.
    12. 'are keep on increasing' ; ????; shouldn't it be 'have kept on increasing'
    13. 'of broadcasting dispute'; it should be of 'a' broadcasting dispute.
    14. 'the' Punjab Cable Operators; remove the 'the'

    Please correct them

  6. My previous comment seems to have become nothing more than a correction comment, so let me say that the issue you have bought up is a great one, about which we all need to think.
    And a great point of view. :)


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