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Monday, June 20, 2011

Hypocrisy of life

When you are working hard, no one claims luck… but when you begin to achieve, people begin to stamp it as just fate…….
Why the outlook of society is like this, that if somebody has achieved anything big in his life then its is only due to his own luck and nothing else? Why everybody overlooks his hard work and the labor he has put in that work to achieve that height in his life?
I think this is only because by thinking like this people ease themselves that he is successful today because he is lucky. We are not successful because we are not lucky. But one thing we should not forget in life that luck favors  only the brave. Even luck needs some hard work to rely upon.
If you know you are lucky and you can win any lottery, then even luck will not start its work until you go and buy a lottery for yourself. You cannot won a lottery without purchasing a ticket, no matter how lucky are you, you have to put in some labor to purchase the lottery ticket.
No doubt luck plays a vital role in life, but only when we have given our best by our hard work. We cannot leave everything on luck. This reminds me of a Hindi quote-

                                                Manzil to mil hi jayegi, bhatakne se hi sahi
                                                Gumrah to woh hai, jo ghar se nikle hi nahi….

We have to step out of our house to reach the destination where we want to go. We cannot reach there just by sitting at home and thinking that we are lucky enough. So it is true that luck is like an elevator and hard work is like stairs. No matter the elevator is working or not, we can reach to the top with the help of stairs.

I am concluding the topic, with a beautiful poem of  Poet William Arthur Ward ---

I believed while others were doubting.
I planned while others were playing.
I studied while others were sleeping.
I decided while others were delaying.
I prepared while others were daydreaming.
I began while others were procrastinating.
I worked while others were wishing.
I saved while others were wasting.
I listened while others were talking.
I smiled while others were frowning.
I commended while others were criticizing.
I persisted while others were quitting.

And finally when I succeed,
people called me LUCKY !!!!!!!!!????????

P.S.- These are all poet’s opinion. I have never done anything like this…:)


  1. Very nicely written with a very good message…luck is important to some extent but without hard work nothing can be done or achieved…

    Ankush Malhotra

  2. great post Ankit...
    Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity...when one does not want to do the hard work he/she simply call himself unlucky...satisfies the ego, right?

  3. Perfect definition of luck Sub...
    Yes u r absolutely rite.... dis the present day attitude of so called society
    Thanku very much for commenting....

  4. Great post. Have I said already that it is good to see you active in the blogging world again. :)

  5. very nyc !its true dat hard work is an important ingredient for success.luck is also important but finally nothin can be done without hardwork .......i liked the example of stairs n elevator very much,,,excellent thoughts ,,,keep it up...

  6. Great post. So good that I made a reference to it in my latest post (hope u don't mind). [Am seeking permission after pssting my post] :p

    The grammar is great this time. :pp Thanks for the great read.

  7. oh finally I Succeeded in the my grammar work.....:)
    and there is nothing to mind in it, and it is very nyc to know that my post is so gud that it find a place in your blog......

  8. You have spoken truly, that people don't give credit to others for their hard work. Probably just to boost their ego that the others have succeeded only because of luck and not because they have proved that they are better than them.

  9. Yup you are absolutely right briefcrackoflight (sorry cant get your real name :P), this is the only reason....
    and thanks for dropping by.....:)


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