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Friday, September 16, 2011

What India means to me....

To start off  I want to share an incident which I remember vividly and I would like to recall it.
It was 15th August,2009, 1:00 am in the night and I was in my hostel. I went to the bus-stand to get some wafers from a shop which was the only shop which remained open even after midnight. It was raining steadily. The guy came to my car, gave me wafers and offered me a cup of coffee .I took it and when I offered him money for it he denied saying that as it was Independence Day today he was celebrating it and giving coffee to all those who were coming to his shop
I was stunned.Here was this man, selling wafers, cigarettes, beedis and tea for a living. Making 2000 Rs a month,working in the wee hours of the night even in rains,months of december and january when the nights can be quite cruel, being snubbed by rich youngsters who came after midniht to buy cigarettes from him and often bashed up by the cops for keeping his shop open after midnight..and yet,he saw 15th August as a day to be celebrated,he felt proud to be an Indian and was happy to be an Indian even after all the hardships in his life.He was celebrating it by spending 50-60 rs which was quite a big amount for him and yet there was this smile on his face which reflected his love for his country
I was with my friend and both of us were speechless and both of us could just say INDIA IS GREAT
This incident is well etched in my memory and to me this is the spirit of INDIA which well and truly defines INDIA

I believe India has the potential to be the greatest country in the world because the people of this country are the greatest in the world..
I thought a lot on What India means to me…… What I thought cannot be described in these 1500 to 2000 words but I will try my best to prove What India Means To Me.
India….A sixty four year old history, a civilization that is the bed rock of modern world that we know, a country of peace loving people, a country that is the cynosure of all eyes, the biggest promise that the world has.....
On the other hand, politicians that treat the country as their personal fiefdom, a system in which nothing works, a place where a movie like Rang De Basanti inspires us, but the lathi charges at India Gate crush what ever aspirations you might have had for the country, a place where not merit but pull/contacts determines a man's worth, a country of a billion people, but all divided by caste, race and religion..... All this forced me to think that is Independence Day just another national holiday or do we really believe it's worth celebrating?
 64 years of Independence we have achieved a lot, but at the same time we fail to achieve many things, well that’s natural, no nation is perfect, and we the people of the nation have to make it perfect.
What we have achieved is---
We are finally been accepted by the world as humans (color difference is dying out; though still there), but will also end soon
We are no more snake charmers in the eyes of the world.
India is growing as a nation and our economy is all set to be among the largest
We are the largest Democracy in the world and among the few who are able to contain the military and judiciary. (Not like Pakistan with Military Cop). India has the third largest army in the world and the statue of Gandhi remains the central figure in the land and the icon of world peace.
We have good relations with most of the nations of the world
And now after the whole Lokpal Bill Episode, we re-learnt the power of non-violence, respect for sacrifice, and that cricket is not the only thing that can unite the country. The first movement the country witnessed after the independence that gathered the every section of the society, and lakhs of people all over the country gathered for a cause, and are able to achieve it with non- violence, what else needed?
 At the same time there are many failures also, some of  the failures are-
Though Zero was Invented but still one-fourth of the population is illiterate (I do not go by the definition given by the government)
Government claims that poverty is reduced from the country and now more people have access to the basic amenities, but take a nocturnal walk along the streets of your town and you will know the reality.
 In India girls are regarded as Goddess Lakshmi and are also treated as an Avaatar of Durga mata on the day of last navratra, but still female foeticide is highest in our country.
Though we are so called No.1 in IT services, we still lack IT in our own companies and offices, MNC banks are IT enabled but Indian banks are not.
India is considered as a land of many rivers, but still portable drinking water is a luxury in this country.
 We follow caste more than anything, we do what our caste leaders tell us to do; no rational thinking (Divide and Rule still prevails; BJP-Hindu, Shiv Sena -Marathas, Bhahujan Samaj Party (Mayawati)- Dalit, Samajwat Party- Yadavs, but Congress who gives these names to others claims is the only secular party of India b'coz they haven't forgotten the lesson given by Lady Mountbattien to J L Nehru of Divide and Rule.)
 Its an exciting phase to live in India, more so if you are the smart English speaking middle class. with our economy booming and countries abroad starting to relate us with talented intellectuals, India is poised to go on to become a great nation with an even greater heritage. Probably rather than cribbing about what we have not achieved, lets be proactive in bringing about a change. Lets be responsible citizens.
 Judicial system - FIRs are still registered only after you pay a fee to get them registered... A lawyer who is supposed to help you out, plays on both sides to fill his pockets, flexibility of law is directly propotional to the cash you have......
Political system - To change it you got to get in it... but most of us are happy complaining without participating... but I question why should a sane person participate...why should he try to change the system... to end up the way Manjunath did?
Education system - We have a mid day meal scheme to attract children to school, but most of the money is diverted to other funds , children are given sub standard food. There is lack of involvement of women in every walk of life.... they still are burnt and raped in villages and cities alike....

IT - Let's talk about the thing that has made us known all over the world...I will not say that we are doing what the Americans dont want to... but I would like to point out that how is it that we suddenly became good.. what was it that the Govt did to make this possible..and the answer is nothing!!! the optical cables were not put in place by us, the return of the IT crowd post the boom was not designed by us, the low cost factor was not identified by us... it just happened without any Govt interventation...and maybe that was the best part.
If you live in a free country and yet cannot leave it in any direction because those surrounding you are not free, then are you really free or in a prison with rights and liberty with no where to go? Think on this.
If my blunt comments have hurt anybody's sentiments please note these words were meant to challenge them.
Even after all this I am Proud to be a Bhartiya.
This is what India means to me.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Happy Teacher's Day

In 2010 I posted an interesting story of an imaginary conversation between a pencil and an eraser in this I'M SORRY post in which we children were referred as pencil and  parents were referred as ‘Erasers’ in our lives, in which whenever the pencil commits any mistake, eraser has to erase it and with every mistake the eraser has to loose a part of itself.
But If we think about it, we’ll probably recognize that our teachers also are the erasers in our lives. We are the pencils, sharp, and colourful. And every time we made a mistake, the teachers are there to correct us. They gave a bit of themselves – so that we could emerge looking just a bit better. They are the backbone of every individual's success.
As we moved from school to college , we found new teachers. On this day when the country celebrates Teachers’ Day, let us spare a thought for those selfless human beings who made a difference to our lives. Let us thank all those teachers who happily got a little dirtier to keep us clean, who didn’t mind losing a bit of themselves to make our work error-free. And who were happy to fade away and watch our work with pride as we moved on to newer worlds, and newer teachers. The pencils might get all the glory, but it’s the erasers who made it all possible .There’s something else about teachers that makes them truly special: their ability to see the genius inside every child.
We would all do well to remember those lessons. Never be afraid of making mistakes; there will always be an eraser at hand. Don’t worry if you couldn’t become an engineer or a doctor. Just be the best you can be. Remember 1 thing Mangoes don’t grow on guava trees. Different trees bear different fruits. Enjoy each fruit. Parents and teachers – are just the gardeners. their job is to water the plant, give it nourishment, and allow it to grow into a healthy tree. 
And yes, as a Teachers’ Day special, do yourself a favor.
Pick up a pencil and send a message to a teacher to thank him or her for being that wonderful eraser in your life.
I just did
Thank you all the teachers, this is all I could do for the teachers' day.......

Sunday, September 04, 2011


From my Childhood I know India as a democratic country. Democracy means Government of the people, for the people and by the people. Looking into today’s strata of the country all this doesn’t seem to be true. Every five years, we, the proud citizens of India, cast our votes and elect those who will represent us in the Parliament (the very citadel of democracy) and the legislative assemblies. But the overall procedure of election is well known to us. Except in some major cities, especially where the proportion of the highly educated and socially-conscious people is higher, elections have been neither fair nor peaceful. Booth-capturing, rigging, forcing the masses to stay away from the ballot box and other malpractices are commonplace; vested interests thus secure maximum votes in socially and economically backward areas. Casting a vote upon being pressurized by some goons is equal to staying inside a prison and acting like convicts. After the voting, when the winner along with his/her supporters holds a victory rally, an imbecile like me can’t suppress laughter.

Even then we regard the government as our representative. STRANGE. Oh  I forgot one of the main characteristic if democracy, that if a common man is not satisfied with the government then unlike dictatorship he is free to raise his voice against the government. The way Manjunath raised his voice and all of us know what the consequence was. Now when Anna Hazare raised his voice against the government, the government also tried to suppress his voice, but was unsuccessful  Now when the government came to know that the mastermind behind the Anna’s movement is Arvind Kejriwal, now he is on the hit list.
Five years after relinquishing his job, Anna Hazare's aide Arvind Kejriwal was slapped a notice by the Income Tax department last month. The Income-Tax department demanded the Magsaysay Award winner to pay dues of more than Rs 9 lakh.
The notice was served a week before Anna Hazare kicked off his anti-corruption crusade on August 16 at Ramlila Maidan. Incidentally, officially, Kejriwal is still an IRS employee as the department has not accepted his resignation tendered in 2006. The I-T department maintains that Kejriwal violated bond conditions and his resignation, will be accepted only once the dues are cleared.
Team Anna member Justice Santosh Hegde says the timing seems vindictive. "At a time when he has done so much in the movement of Anna Hazare. The government seems to be taking vindictive steps, it looks to me at the first sight. I think people at large will misundersatnd this. Five yrs back he left his job, he signed a bond and now when amidst all these happenings, they slap him this amount and say come and pay within a week, looks vindictive to me," said Justice Hegde.

Replying to the question whether the government will harass every member of Team Hazare, former Karnataka Lokayukta and Anna Team member justice Santhosh Hegde said "I don't know, may be so. Such attempts have been going on for a long time, either to denigrate them or to harass them in one way or the other."

So I am very confused, is the country I am living in is a democracy or dictatorship, as in the books it is written we are living in a democratic country, but what we are seeing now-a-days it looks like dictatorship. A country where you raise voice against the government and you will be the top priority of the government as all the major departments of the government start turning the tables on you, as how to screw you. So when these Mango man(Common man) raise their voice against the wrongs done by government, they are thrown out like a rotten mango.