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Sunday, September 04, 2011


From my Childhood I know India as a democratic country. Democracy means Government of the people, for the people and by the people. Looking into today’s strata of the country all this doesn’t seem to be true. Every five years, we, the proud citizens of India, cast our votes and elect those who will represent us in the Parliament (the very citadel of democracy) and the legislative assemblies. But the overall procedure of election is well known to us. Except in some major cities, especially where the proportion of the highly educated and socially-conscious people is higher, elections have been neither fair nor peaceful. Booth-capturing, rigging, forcing the masses to stay away from the ballot box and other malpractices are commonplace; vested interests thus secure maximum votes in socially and economically backward areas. Casting a vote upon being pressurized by some goons is equal to staying inside a prison and acting like convicts. After the voting, when the winner along with his/her supporters holds a victory rally, an imbecile like me can’t suppress laughter.

Even then we regard the government as our representative. STRANGE. Oh  I forgot one of the main characteristic if democracy, that if a common man is not satisfied with the government then unlike dictatorship he is free to raise his voice against the government. The way Manjunath raised his voice and all of us know what the consequence was. Now when Anna Hazare raised his voice against the government, the government also tried to suppress his voice, but was unsuccessful  Now when the government came to know that the mastermind behind the Anna’s movement is Arvind Kejriwal, now he is on the hit list.
Five years after relinquishing his job, Anna Hazare's aide Arvind Kejriwal was slapped a notice by the Income Tax department last month. The Income-Tax department demanded the Magsaysay Award winner to pay dues of more than Rs 9 lakh.
The notice was served a week before Anna Hazare kicked off his anti-corruption crusade on August 16 at Ramlila Maidan. Incidentally, officially, Kejriwal is still an IRS employee as the department has not accepted his resignation tendered in 2006. The I-T department maintains that Kejriwal violated bond conditions and his resignation, will be accepted only once the dues are cleared.
Team Anna member Justice Santosh Hegde says the timing seems vindictive. "At a time when he has done so much in the movement of Anna Hazare. The government seems to be taking vindictive steps, it looks to me at the first sight. I think people at large will misundersatnd this. Five yrs back he left his job, he signed a bond and now when amidst all these happenings, they slap him this amount and say come and pay within a week, looks vindictive to me," said Justice Hegde.

Replying to the question whether the government will harass every member of Team Hazare, former Karnataka Lokayukta and Anna Team member justice Santhosh Hegde said "I don't know, may be so. Such attempts have been going on for a long time, either to denigrate them or to harass them in one way or the other."

So I am very confused, is the country I am living in is a democracy or dictatorship, as in the books it is written we are living in a democratic country, but what we are seeing now-a-days it looks like dictatorship. A country where you raise voice against the government and you will be the top priority of the government as all the major departments of the government start turning the tables on you, as how to screw you. So when these Mango man(Common man) raise their voice against the wrongs done by government, they are thrown out like a rotten mango.


  1. one cannot have a perfect democracy in a large only works in small villages where everyone knows each other and there is wealth equality so that no one can be influenced...India is none, so a lever of dictatorship will always be there...great post :)

  2. Wonderful post.
    And truly termed, India is these days, dictatordemocracy.
    True democracy is never possible but what is needed for us is to accept India as not a complete democratic and function accordingly and try and repair the shortcomings.

  3. Thanks Sub and Janhvi
    I completely agree with both of you, but do you think the whole Manjunath episode was right,what is being done to Arvind Kejrivel is right
    How will you justify all this
    Thanks a lot for dropping by.....


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