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Monday, September 05, 2011

Happy Teacher's Day

In 2010 I posted an interesting story of an imaginary conversation between a pencil and an eraser in this I'M SORRY post in which we children were referred as pencil and  parents were referred as ‘Erasers’ in our lives, in which whenever the pencil commits any mistake, eraser has to erase it and with every mistake the eraser has to loose a part of itself.
But If we think about it, we’ll probably recognize that our teachers also are the erasers in our lives. We are the pencils, sharp, and colourful. And every time we made a mistake, the teachers are there to correct us. They gave a bit of themselves – so that we could emerge looking just a bit better. They are the backbone of every individual's success.
As we moved from school to college , we found new teachers. On this day when the country celebrates Teachers’ Day, let us spare a thought for those selfless human beings who made a difference to our lives. Let us thank all those teachers who happily got a little dirtier to keep us clean, who didn’t mind losing a bit of themselves to make our work error-free. And who were happy to fade away and watch our work with pride as we moved on to newer worlds, and newer teachers. The pencils might get all the glory, but it’s the erasers who made it all possible .There’s something else about teachers that makes them truly special: their ability to see the genius inside every child.
We would all do well to remember those lessons. Never be afraid of making mistakes; there will always be an eraser at hand. Don’t worry if you couldn’t become an engineer or a doctor. Just be the best you can be. Remember 1 thing Mangoes don’t grow on guava trees. Different trees bear different fruits. Enjoy each fruit. Parents and teachers – are just the gardeners. their job is to water the plant, give it nourishment, and allow it to grow into a healthy tree. 
And yes, as a Teachers’ Day special, do yourself a favor.
Pick up a pencil and send a message to a teacher to thank him or her for being that wonderful eraser in your life.
I just did
Thank you all the teachers, this is all I could do for the teachers' day.......


  1. lovely analogy...yes, every time they give a bit of themselves :)
    great post

  2. Nice post...Teachers or mentors( when you're in a profession) shape you for better...

  3. Great post. It's good to see that even today so many people respect the noblest profession - teaching.

    Am proud to say, that none of my old teachers have faded... every year on a few occasions (teacher's day, b'days, anniversaries etc.) i make sure i make the required call to wish them.

    Just one POV here, are all teachers today worthy of being a part of the nobility of this profession.

  4. Thanks For dropping by Saru
    Yes u r rite they shape us for better....

  5. @janhvi- Thanks a lot
    its gr8 that u r in contact with your old teachers also
    and ur POV is right....
    no all are not worthy

  6. what a lovely writing! I ask your permission to share this to my Facebook. thank you :)

  7. Thanks Hartanti....
    Yes you are free to share but pls. share the link of this blog alongwith.....


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