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Monday, December 26, 2011

Not A Kid Anymore.....

Science class once taught us that we are past childhood, into the stage of teenagers, and I think that that’s all my classmates have ever truly taken in from that class.

I went to school with a variety of students. Most of them declare themselves old enough to go out and have fun on their own, get jobs and cell phones, and date people who they “love”. They claim to be maturing young adults that have the right to make their own decisions and not be told what to do by their parents and teachers. Most of these teens get what they want, however, they don’t realize that with trust and freedom comes responsibility, which isn’t easy to fulfill.

When I was past teenage I found myself in a university pursuing an integrated course. Nobody taught me that my teenage was over and I was still considering myself a kid enjoying my childhood.

I’m twenty one onto twenty two and still a kid in the eyes of my parents. I may not always do what my parents ask, but I listen and converse with them. I spend time with my sister and listen when others speak. I keep my mind open to learn and to understand the billions of others that share my world. I try to become something more than I am, to walk through my open doors, and to use my opportunities. I keep in mind, where I am, who I am, and the place that I come from. And, without wanting to grow up and not be a kid anymore, I accept my responsibilities and fulfill them.

Now the question which always comes to my mind is that I am a kid or not??? Because I think I am still hanging somewhere on the line which demarcates a kid from a grown up as sometimes when I try to do some weird things or the things I want to do, then my parents say that behave properly, you are no more a kid . And on the other hand when I try to do something of my own, they say don’t consider yourself that grown up, you are still a kid. Ahhhhhh I know I will be a kid for my parents throughout my life, but when will that time come when I the dialogue “you are still a kid” will leave me.

Its not that I don’t like to be a kid, somebody who knows me well will also say the same that I am still a kid. I still watch cartoons, though rarely but I watch them when I have nothing else good to watch. Because Just because I'm not a kid anymore, doesn't mean I shouldn't watch cartoons. I enjoy watching them and Tom and Jerry is my best. All I want to know is that am I a kid or a grown up?? Please help.

And a very Happy New Year from this kid. I just wanted to say thank you all and its been a pleasure having you on this blog in this year.



  1. Practically written..didnt drag it on too much. Like it

  2. LOL dude who ever told u cartoons were for children was a fool :D I am out of college and I still play video games and watch anime :D Hey my grand pa watches it too :D

  3. Miracles do happen... GREAT to see you back here....

    now, one, and i am sure you are used to this by now, PLEASE go through your' subject verb agreement' once... (remember it was part of english course in the 1st semester).

    On to the post, simple loved it... practical and really well written. I think growing up does not happen at a particular day or age, it's a constant process....
    I too love cartoons... play a lot of games.... even whine and crib like kids at times....
    it's great to be able to be in your with the child inside you, am happy that you are.

  4. @VIYOMA- Thanks
    And thanks for dropping by.....

  5. @ Narcissist- That's a good thing
    I was just giving an example of cartoons......

  6. @janhvi- Thanks a lot Janhvi
    But its not a miracle
    Will look into the mistakes


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