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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Stupid Common Man

Sometimes I think who am I. what use I am of my country. Then thinking of the various aspects I always come to the solution that I am a common man or a stupid common man. All of you might be wondering why I am referring myself as a stupid. Not only me many of us are stupid common man who are easily become used to all the things happening in the country.
Many of you must have seen the ‘A Wednesday’ Movie. In this movie Naseerudin Shah gave a very good definition of common man which very precisely suits to the conditions of all of us nowadays. Those who haven’t heard I am posting a link of the speech. He rightly said that what is expected from a common man is to live a common man, suffer like a common man and in the end die like a common man.
Now I will come to the point that why I am saying all this. I am saying all this after watching the events happened around me in my country in the last few day which forced me to penn down all this.
Few days ago I heard a news about 2G scam. Yes the same scam in which a loss of Rs. 176,645 crore (US $ 39 Billion). All of us know where all this money have gone. Now I m not going to bore you with all these figures. What I want to say that at the trial of the said scam the Honourable Supereme Court have cancelled 122 licenses issued in that period, which will result in a huge loss to the telecom operators and now they will increase the call rates. Wow great what a system so many crore of money gone in the pockets of the ministers and the weight of compensating the loss of the telecom companies will come on the common man without any active or inactive part played by the common man in the scam. But what can be done we all are common man, We will show our resentment for 2 to 3 days and after then will adjust with it quite easily.

When I was discussing all this with a friend of mine then he said that India is a poor country and it goes like this only. Who says India is a poor country. If we only calculate the worth of all the ministers ( I am only talking about the black money they all have), a full developed economy can easily be supported
Recently Ponty Chadda was also in news. It is believes that he has crores of rupees and many properties in black. Its all happening in the same country where it is impossible (not difficult) for a poor to meet the two ends of the day and he sleeps with an empty stomach.

Now the government or the Supereme Court have to take some early measures to have a check on all this, otherwise that time is not far when a bunch of common men will wake up and will do something which is not acceptable for the people living in the so called democratic society. If everybody is silent about what’s happening in the country it doesn’t mean they are happy with all this they are just waiting for the right moment to strike and at that time they will not adjust themselves according to the system but will adjust the system according to them.


  1. Very well written. (just the grammar please see :p) - You must be so pissed at me to start each comment with pointing out grammar....sorry!

    Now to the post - Something we should all think of. The irony is that we all heard the speech in 'A Wednesday', reacted to it by saying how true it is and how things should change, and then conveniently forgot about it.

    That's where we need to change, let's stop taking things lying down. But then the question is, what do we do? We tried protesting on the streets, and now no-one cares because we know it won't be to any effect. So what do we do that is effective is a question, that we should indeed do something is non-debatable.

    Love to see you back here.... but will is sustain?

  2. yes if protesting the streets doesn't help then may be its the time to step up to the next level.....
    and you might have have got the answer to your last question by the frequency of my posts ;P


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