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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Education System- Time for a Change?

IF it was limited to just teaching how to use a bow and arrow then not only Arjuna but Dharmaraju, Bheema, Nakula and Sahadeva would also be famous for their Archey.

But in those days the teacher found the hidden talents of each of them and taught them on that.. They were fortunate and we are????????

It is not to blame anyone but the system has changed so commercial and so inefficient that the students have come to such a state that they don’t even know how to walk through the path of life if they are not selected in a campus interviews...

It’s true that every education system requires maintenance, it requires effective re growth of mental abilities of the students. In the school days many a times I used to think what I have to do by learning this freaking stuff. Many people must be like me. We want to do something else and we end up o something else. So I want to put up a point of flexible syllabus...

Choose what one wants to study and we will b happy at the end. Who is asking to change the system, there is just a need to add up an extra button o flexible syllabus. We get education about what we need to know.

We are told every year that just few years more to make your life comfortable, but only to realize later that there is no such thing as comfortable and nobody knows how long the life is
Indian education system is based on how well a student can replicate/copy what he/she has learnt instead of properly grasping the topic & writing what the student has understood. There's no creativity if a student can get marks by just mugging up professors notes & writing it in the exam, because we all know, that's the best way to get marks. Those who write their own versions, get lesser marks, even if it's of better quality than the professors. The worst problem is that in these days of globalization, India fails to implement newer & more efficient methods of learning. We've been taught to study... just to pass, once the exam is over, everything's forgotten. In India percent of marks are valued not the talent. How will students try innovations and how will India move forward with this stupid educational system..

Here not the education or the quality of education that matters, but something else. Let me ask, how many Ministers are there in INDIA who have at least gone to a college ... I think one hand fingers are enough to count them...


And yeah don’t you think we need to fasten our belts up to make people understand the real scenario..
Well lemme debrief you about what I mean..
We ain’t Bill Gates to buy out Indian education system..
We can be Sherlock Holmes, we can investigate, suggest, and work for it
We will have to decide, we want the gadgets, the big car then this rat race will go on if we want nature then there will be a change


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