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Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Thing Called Love

Its been three and a half months now till the relationship status of the subject of my last post being changed to single from being in a happy relationship. But still he thinks that he have to figure out what this thing "Love" means and why mostly the aftermaths of it is getting hurt. The various people he talked to including his ex girlfriend, all advised him to move on. He says I am trying, but thinks in his mind that its not that easy to move on. But at least, he thanks God for making him know who are his friends and who are supporting him. Some people he used to call friends just didn't cared and some he was thinking are just friends, cared more then enough.

 Some people(don't want to name them) just said that all what he is doing is a drama, and he didn't loved that girl and was only in a habit of that girl. He was even blamed of many things ehich he even can't think of, doing them is a different thing. Firstly he wanted to explain himself, he wrote a very big message and when he was about to send that message to that person, a message of a good friend of him came and that friend advised him not to explain yourself anymore to anyone and to leave things on God.

What he cares more for the fact is that how things changed for him, how people changed, how their priorities changed, how the list of things they wanted most in their life changed, but still he is keeping a happy face in the front of the world, so that if the world has deceived him once, now he can deceive the world. He sometimes thinks that everything he has done for his partner in his relationship, which according to his partner are more then any true lover can do are now just the things anybody can do according to her. He still remembers the wordings of her, when she said that "nobody can do, what you have done for me", he even remembers her latest saying that "you have done nothing". He also remembers when she use to say that "time pass relation is a word that don't even suits you and nobody can love me as much as you do", with this he also remembers that "you was in a time pass relation with me". He also remembers the day of the breakup, when she said it was all her mistake, with this the most famous dialogue of every break up that she didn't deserve him, with this he also remembers what she said after few days of breakup that he didn't deserved her. He also remembers when she use to say that he is perfect for her and have all the qualities she wanted in her life partner, this dialogue of her made him happy every time he remembers it till the time when she said she was adjusting with him, having nothing in common, and now she can't adjust anymore.

The list of the things he remembers is long which will fill many pages of this post, but even then many things will be left unsaid. He is now amazed of the fact that if he says anything about that girl, then he is harming her reputation, but if the same thing or even worse then that, is said by her boyfriend, then that is out of his true love. The present boyfriend of her used to put statuses and pictures for her on fb when he was in relation with the subject, when he objected and insisted to talk with him, she said no need to talk to him if he trusts her and will resolve the matter by herself, but now when the subject of my post says something she always tells the present boyfriend to do the talking with him. She used to say that I don't care whatever anyone use to post about her, she only belongs to him.

Now what he wants to know why all this is done to him by her? Why she has became blind that she can't see the reality? Why she is doing all this to a man whose only mistake was loving her and trusting her blindly? Why can't she use some of her own mind and realize who was right who was wrong. All he wants to know is that if a man has forgiven her even of swearing of him falsely and doing this to her, doesn't he deserve to know what the truth is and can at least know that it was not his mistake, which can help him somewhat in living the rest of the few days of his life with some relaxation.

But he also know that he will not get any of the answer from her and have to live like this.

P.S.- Thanks a lot to all the friends who came up, and showed the meaning of word friend to him. Specially that line helped a lot 'Stop trying to hit me, and hit me'
Surely he will overcome all this very soon



  1. And there we are. The subject "trying" to find answers when you and him both know there are none. Tell the subject to stop it right now. Stop thinking of her or how she is. That's the only way out. STOP NOW. No more questions, no more doubts. Just peace in the fact that it is over sooner instead of later.

    Now to the grammar of the post. (Oh, I have missed being a grammar nazi for your post for long ;) )

    In the following sentences, the word surrounded by the dashes inside the double quotes needs to be corrected.

    "now -since- the"
    "he -has- to figure"
    "just didn't -care-"
    "-which - he can't"
    "good friend of -his-"
    "not to explain - himself-"
    "remembers -her wordings-"
    "remembers her -last words to him-"
    "present boyfriend of -hers-"
    "when -she- was in relation"

    1. hahaha welcome back grammar nazi

      and promise no more "trying" only happiness

      ...... for dropping by

  2. very rite
    Explaining will only give you more harm as you will know of more lies about yourself
    These are the things in life you have to leave
    Just Stop now
    you know the reality
    Enjoy your Life
    The Changed thoughts are only excuses,because someone have to justify to the whole world the innocence....
    You know the truth and the God is watching over it
    reality is in the front of the eyes, person always tells the truth at the time of breakup...after that what all he says a just to cover himself up
    if someone is fed up of adjusting, no one would beg of a second chance
    that's the reality
    nice reading another love hate related post
    Monica Chandel

    1. Yes you are right Monica
      but the fact of being cheated and then the beautiful tags somewhere disturbs your inner self, yes its also true if something is explained new lies will be ready

      Glad you dropped by

  3. To every lover reading this
    Please don't cheat in any relation...
    If you are not happy leave, be brave enough to tell the truth, if you are brave enough to cheat
    plus don't give fake reasons to the person u cheated
    he is already in pain plus your reasons will only increase the pain
    if you are cheating you are wrong not the other person even if he is in a time pass relation
    and judge whether your previous relation was time pass or serious one by your own senses not by your new partners, he/she will always say it was a time pass relation to convince you
    only you know the truth, if its time pass why you hold on the relation for so long you might have leaved it early
    change for your new partner but not at the cost of hurting the feelings of your ex

    in this story i can guarantee that the subject was in a serious relation, because he himself has send that girl to the boy, even after false swearing and cheating, because he knew what the original meaning of love is.
    maybe he deserved someone much better then the one who couldn't understand the meaning of true love and blind trust
    though both true love and blind trust are necessary in a relation but are difficult to find in today's world and if you found one with both the qualities don't go fool yourself by finding someone better, you can't find both in new one may be he loves you and don't trust you
    and to the subject- don't go by their definition of you, you know you was right and one day they will also know the reality till then enjoy your life

    1. to all d one who r being cheated pls dont cry for him/her, he dont deserves your tears, if dey deserved them dem dey will be by your side weeping them n not being a reson of those tears
      you trusted them fully its their fault thry cheated you dey have loopholes not you
      you are not a fool dat you are being cheated they are fool for breaking a trust which dey will regret if not now den later
      wen u came in relation it was dere consent also den who gave dem d right to fcking hurt their partner...
      my bf cheated on me for 3 days same story as dis fell in love with a girl who he always said my best friend n nthing else
      i sbused him a lot, he didnt said a word, once his new gf said some wrommng to me he slapped her, said i owe her everythng she allowed me to go with you even after i cheated on her
      dat was d love i saw frst time that day i became proud that he is a good man n he really feels bad for wat he hav done i felt sorry for my words n now we r gud frnds it hurts to b frnd bt he knew i was lonely wdout him
      he sumtyms say leaving you was d worst decision of ma lyf n cries, but who knws what destiny has written for us

  4. ok everything accepted
    dont talk to her
    dont explain any more
    dont do this dont do that
    but can anyone answer what do when you are dying to talk to her, only voice you want to hear is of her
    you daily cry yourself to sleep, or even spend many sleepless nights
    how to control that??
    How to move on in life, when you know you love only once and the person you loved is gone now??
    why we leave everything on destiny when you give your full and you gets hurts??

  5. one more thing
    today when it comes to relationship
    you are a boy its implied that mistake is of yours
    whatever the girl does is all right, what a boy does is harming her reputation
    you cant cry bcoz you are a boy
    you cant miss her bcoz mistake was yours
    you cry or you miss her you are doing drama
    you cant be right bcoz its the boys always who are wrong
    interesting outlook of people of today

  6. why cant be i happy again??
    why cant i live my life again??
    why no answers now??
    why i cant spend a day without crying??
    why just one wrong decision is paining so much??
    Why when i am dead for her, only she matters for me??
    why i am waiting for that one call??
    why she changed so much that she cant understand the truth, the true love of me, my pain, my tears??
    why she is not calling when i cant because she thinks that i annoy her by calling??
    why after i gave my full i was in a time pass relation??
    why so much lies now??
    so much questions waiting for answer, its better to die then to wait for answers
    That's your situation and that was mine at the time of my breakup but only you have to find the answers man
    i assure you one day she will realize the lies she have spoken to you and will ask for forgiveness and that day you will have moved on in life
    it will be easy with the time to move on trust me against the one who do this to you
    just accept the fact that she is not gonna call you now because she is absolutely blind in the trust of his new bf, he also dont love her because no relation stands on lies... advise her to beware because it pains a lot, and you dont want her to go through the same pain as you are going, if she agrees be friend with her and advise her when he does something wrong to her...
    you do everything you want to do except explaining her your innocence bcoz you will be interpreted wrongly.
    Dont know what tags she has given, but i know that really hurts, i feel sorry from her side...maybe her bf told her to say the same
    take a lesson with this nowadays dont trust your partner even blindly, bcoz they will not realize at all that they have broken your trust and they even dont know how it feels bcoz they cant trust anybody to that extent, if they can they would think a hundred times before breaking it
    in a relationship being loyal is not an option but a priority
    and cheating just dont happens its by choice
    and if you fell in love with someone else in a serious relation, then i m sorry the person who fell in love with another one and is also cheating is in a time pass relation and not the one who remained loyal and if you knew that the loyal partner is in a time pass relation or you was adjusting with him, you wouldnt have begged for second chance
    you yourself said at the time of breakup what you was doing was wrong and you regret it...later if your partner says it was not wrong and everything you did is right then he is not a GOD but a reverse of the alphabets who is making you believe in the lies and the sins and you are a fool for still not believing in the obvious things
    so atleast give your points a base before justifying cheating

  7. thanks a lot aanchal for your point
    I agree with all your points fully
    but at the same time i dont know whats in the store for me in the future, and I dont know how will i move on when only i know how i am passing each day of my life
    Honestly telling i dont want that she realize her mistake now bcoz that would mean she us not happy with him and i dont want it at any cost
    she said all this happened because she was not happy with me( Though i know thats not the reason) but i dont want that reason to happen again
    I know her very well she will loose all her trust in love bcoz she thinks i have also done wrong and she is not that strong though she pretends to be now
    i dont want any apology from her nothing all i want is she remain happy in her life
    dont know whats this, may be my weakness but i dont want an apology at that cost
    i just want to spend my life happy and peacefully for which i am finding a way but honestly havent find any in these three and a half months
    may be i will find it very soon or very late but only want her to know that i was not that bad as someone made him think of me
    thats all

    1. hahaha thats not your weakness but your love man
      that you want to talk to her,but not if it happens after her life is ruined
      i can understand your condition very well and will only say it not depends on what you want or not its upto God
      U didnt wanted a breakup but it happened u didnt wanted that she thinks bad of you if you were true but even that happened
      I am not saying you were wrong thats why God is doing all this This may be the outcome of your previous actions because its not always you do something wrong he will punish you instantly
      right now he is giving time to her to realize her mistake, what she has done to realize that and what she is doing, but she is still going the wrong way, so God is there to put everyone on right way, not today but tomorrow and day after tomorrow
      But dont worry he only takes what you dont deserve and gives what you deserve
      Mark my words you will remember me one day tc

    2. you havent replied to my last comment, sorry if it appears bitter but dats true
      if anyone says cheating is not wrong den God doesnt think so
      he is watching he doesnt say u cheat with someone
      he dont say u swear of someone why someone ur bf falsely when people dont swear of tgeir enemies falsely
      he doesnt say if even after all this someone forgave u, even den u lie atleast at that time tell d truth
      he knows you r not blind, when you feel going close to ur frnd instead of ur bf, he says discuss it with your bf and go far from frnd not bf
      he says if you feel you once mistake den it doesnt mean you continue talking with him like nthing happened
      even after dat new lies dats all wrong dats y i said
      he is god not ur bf which neglectds ur negatives and accept all positives

    3. plus its not dat it all happened of a sudden
      u might hav told her to limit d talks wid him even den if she didnt listened to u den d trust was one sided
      yup she is rite she was not happy when u lie wid bf to have talk wid frnd and vice versa she was adjusting so mch to keep two relations one frndshp oder bf
      now only one no adjstmnt only happiness

    4. I dont know what to say
      all i can say is that i just want to remain happy now finding a way for that so that i can live my life like nothing happened
      like a happy man
      want a sound sleep which i havent got in 3 and half months

    5. thats right mr. ankit
      will tell u by my personal experience u will be alrite.very soon but not perfectly she is your frst love u cant forget her completely but u wen u find a she will help a lot in making you forgetting her

    6. true love?? u live and love only once
      i hav trusted her fully n my trust was misused and was played
      i am not that mad to trust again somebody to that extent
      people fell in love with someone else when they are in srrious relation with someone but according to me u love only once
      many play games and many other suffers

    7. hey hey hey y so
      jst because a person is wrong doesnt mean all r d same
      i have also suffered from the same thought the same but now after realising many things my thinking is changed
      ok if u wont want to have a love affair again go for an arranged marriage according to your parents choice atleast

    8. may be dats d point where your and my thoughts differ
      i m sorry to disagree but after my last relationSHIT i m not ready for any relationSHIP and i m sure will not be in d future so i dnt thnk.dat will work for me
      i.m a simple person cant afford two loves, for me it happens only once
      secondly u said all r not same coincincidentaly before my relatioship my ex girlfriend also said the same thing and you can see what happened

    9. ok but want to say one thing allow your past to make your past BETTER but not BITTER
      jst think of your life man one girl.has ruined it and you are allowing her to ruin more
      you also have a right to remain as happy as you can
      you have a right to enjoy your life
      take it as a lesson and move on mr. this is not the right approach to deal with i m sorry but u are in depression and u r to counsel yourself or have to get a counselling from a professional to lead a happy life
      pls do something

    10. depression??
      i am alive is it not enough
      i havent slept a minute from the last two nights
      n i m sorry but this bitter and better philosophy only looks nice in papers but impossible to implement when you have gone through all this

    11. wdf r u saying
      come on dis is not the end of
      wake up
      what are you doing to yourself...

    12. love someone from.ur full heart
      and trust someone blindly
      only then u will know why all this
      wen.these things get broke they dont leave any scar on outside body but leave wounds inside
      this all is not in my hands
      even i.m trying to be normal again
      have my exams coming havnt started studying even bcoz its very difficult to divert my mind from all that
      dont worry i m.trying and will find a solution soon

    13. ok all the very best in ur recovering
      just remember you was not wrong and you gave your full to the relation
      never feel down
      may be dis would help you

  8. people play games
    with u frstly
    wen it comes to marriage den d better one and d rich one
    happened wid me i was in a relation perfect for her in three years of relation wen came to marriage den a very old frnd was choosen who was richer den me, had his own car n was financially very sound
    n i got tags of time pass relation
    dnt knw urs but mine was dis

    1. one more thing but u cant get as cheap tags as i got
      she said that i used to tell her to talk to him so that she fell in live wid him
      once i asked her to talk with him, dey demselves meet daily wen i objects she use to say all boys are my brothers except you
      n i didnt knew dat she would fell in love with her brother
      but i m sad today but also happy that if a girl can be cheap upto that extent i m very happy alone
      rahul again

    2. right rahul in my case also all pther bpys except me were her brothers, but that dialogue was only for me
      even.i got this same tag as you have got that i use to send him to her, not only this i have got more bitter tags than this which even i cant think of forget about doing them
      but i wont call her cheap bcoz its the product of her new bfs mind and not her own and she is doing the same mistake as i have done i trusted her blindly now she is trusting him
      many double games were played in the relation and now also but i was blind that time bcoz i trusted her but not now
      atleast a lesson i got but now i only want to cntrl my daily crying for her
      dont know whats dis i knw she have done wrong but i cnt cntrl many times
      dats d reason i am suffering fom insomnia
      our story appears more or less the same

    3. same pinch buddy
      we both are in the same boat
      with this i got the answer and may be you also got the answer why majority of boys dont allow their gfs to talk to any other bc boys
      we become influenced by the dialogues of trust and the girls dont think of a second before breaing it tha how it feels
      plus now a days majority of girls cant be happy with one man,always a backup bf is ready, when the time of marriage comes near the poor one is thrown out and te rich one comes in who knew from along time that his turn is about to come
      dont allow yourself to go down buddy cheer up this is not the end of the life

    4. sorry rahul i dont agree with the point of your backup bf
      atleast my gf was not like this she loved me truly
      may be some circumstances were like that that this happened

    5. Sorry to say man
      but you are still blind in her trust man
      Wake up ankit
      Everything is front of you and you are closing your eyes
      Which girl who truly loves someone falls in love with another guy and that too when she is in relation with someone
      i havent hears of any girl
      If she loved you truly then even if you abuse her daily she wouldnt have fallen in love with someone another
      not even when the other one is trying her best to convince her
      And was she so blind or childish that she didnt sensed that something is going wrong
      She knew even then she didnt talked with you but just her best friend
      plus tell me she use to call her your husband which girl swears falsely of her husband just for a third man
      if a girl is in true love she cant even think of swearing falsely
      plus true love never cheats
      and is she so obedient to you that you said and she left
      true love never leaves whatever the situation is
      you did right by watching her happiness you proved your love but what about your happiness no love from her side
      she must have talked to you very first day to forgive her and would not have gone with him if even she loved you truly for a day
      you are saying about true love i cant see the word love anywhere
      have you listened the song from movie jab tak hai jaan
      "heer na aakho mainu main ta sahiba hoi"
      something dont remember the exact wording
      Same story was by my gf and i think yours
      because sahiba got her lover mirza killed with the help of her brothers

      sorry if my words appear bitter but dont like making stories i like to be straight
      and thats the reality wake up man
      thats the reason you cant control your crying and suffering from insomnia
      you dont need any professional to guide you as aanchal said
      just talk to your inner self man for an hour you will find the answers
      it will hurt to know the reality but that hurt will save you from what you are doing to yourself daily
      all the best
      do respond waiting

    6. sorry bro but dnt feel offended
      you was not in a tym pass relation with her
      she was your wife.n not an agreement that if one cnt adjst jst leave as the cnditions of agreemnt are not fulfilled
      pls bro wake up i can.understand what r u feeling

    7. rahul honestly saying yaar i am very confused
      we both were very happy with each ider
      but after dat person came to her.lyf she started lying to me which she had never done before
      she didnt allowed me to read his msgs he always send the messages which are not nrml between frnds
      wen i objected she use to say that u should trust me i am yours always n he meets me regularly dat doesnt mean i should start loving her
      i believed in this foolish dialogues
      he always hinted her of his love wenever i objected was shut up like a dog on the name of trust and i was sweared many.times not to.him
      in relation she has done many things which she knew i had a problem but for his happiness even after lying to me
      i left talking to my bestfrnds even whether grl or a boy because she didnt liked it
      but i did all this for happiness bcoz i thought she is with me and i dnt need anyone else
      wen i was alone wid her she left me
      n she cant leave a boy who became her frnd after our relation n den took my place only mistake of
      mine was i trusted her n valued her happiness more den mine own
      i didnt liked her talking with him for a secind which she knew even den i allowed and she didnt thinked of me for a single time yaar
      i am crying dat she left me but more for the tags given to me and the lies spoken
      in the begining of her relation she was not physically well and two times she asked me to leave even put a swear on me of her that leave her as she cant be well again and said that she hate me
      i rejected and stood by her side always and she at
      that time herself admitted that if i didnt supported
      her she would never be well againbecause even her mother has said once that you well again she was depressed and i supported her
      u say which timepass boyfriend do this
      why should i want she wiuld fell in love with him when i always loved her
      i am alone from that day nobody to talk to no friend bcoz i have left all frnds for her now they dnt care much
      dats why i wrote these blogs and with this also her bf made her believe that i am doing all this to defame her
      even today daily i go towards her home so that i just have a glimpse of her but cnt get any success
      want to share many things with her which i havent shared with any of my known bcoz i want toshare with her firsty
      but she considers me a dog or even.worse then that
      she didnt believed me in an year relatipn when i.use to tell her that he is not a gud boy and she believed him in a day that i was in time pass relation
      you say what should i do i m very confused want to get over all this

    8. rahul honestly saying yaar i am very confused
      we both were very happy with each ider
      but after dat person came to her.lyf she started lying to me which she had never done before
      she didnt allowed me to read his msgs he always send the messages which are not nrml between frnds
      wen i objected she use to say that u should trust me i am yours always n he meets me regularly dat doesnt mean i should start loving her
      i believed in this foolish dialogues
      he always hinted her of his love wenever i objected was shut up like a dog on the name of trust and i was sweared many.times not to.him
      in relation she has done many things which she knew i had a problem but for his happiness even after lying to me
      i left talking to my bestfrnds even whether grl or a boy because she didnt liked it
      but i did all this for happiness bcoz i thought she is with me and i dnt need anyone else
      wen i was alone wid her she left me
      n she cant leave a boy who became her frnd after our relation n den took my place only mistake of
      mine was i trusted her n valued her happiness more den mine own
      i didnt liked her talking with him for a secind which she knew even den i allowed and she didnt thinked of me for a single time yaar
      i am crying dat she left me but more for the tags given to me and the lies spoken
      in the begining of her relation she was not physically well and two times she asked me to leave even put a swear on me of her that leave her as she cant be well again and said that she hate me
      i rejected and stood by her side always and she at
      that time herself admitted that if i didnt supported
      her she would never be well againbecause even her mother has said once that you well again she was depressed and i supported her
      u say which timepass boyfriend do this
      why should i want she wiuld fell in love with him when i always loved her
      i am alone from that day nobody to talk to no friend bcoz i have left all frnds for her now they dnt care much
      dats why i wrote these blogs and with this also her bf made her believe that i am doing all this to defame her
      even today daily i go towards her home so that i just have a glimpse of her but cnt get any success
      want to share many things with her which i havent shared with any of my known bcoz i want toshare with her firsty
      but she considers me a dog or even.worse then that
      she didnt believed me in an year relatipn when i.use to tell her that he is not a gud boy and she believed him in a day that i was in time pass relation
      you say what should i do i m very confused want to get over all this

    9. What should I say Bro? Everything is in front of you?
      You trusted her blindly but that was taken advantage of
      you was not at all in a time pass relation
      what I told you in the last comment is a reality
      the sooner you realize it better it is for you
      i can assure you nobody can trust that girl as much as you have done and even no body can love her more then you
      she became happy with her and was mistaken as love
      she will herself realize it one day
      and what a best friend he was if any of my friend is in serious relation with someone i cannot think of this what a black spot to the word best friend
      and you had been lied and your trust has been misused and played
      cheating and betrayal is easy when satan is guiding your mind
      same case with your ex she cheated you in his influence and then even after that gave you those tags
      because she knew if you didnt accept her she has other one ready
      sorry but that was not true love from her side otherwise a person who came after your relation has started cant do this, everybody knows his/her limits
      she lied to you for him she is not that innocent as you are thinking you have been played wake up
      no need to cry for these type of people
      dont get me wrong but compare your financial status with the new one if you are on the lower side may be that also be the guiding point
      have a talk with yourself having all these things in mind and then hear what your inner voice says
      you trusted her to the full and you also loved her
      love is not in words but the acts you do like you said you didnt leaved her in her bad times she was lying to you fr that bc and even after that you maintained her trust you loved her truly man
      plus its not at all defaming her you are finding your own answers let them think what they want to a devil mind cant think of anything good
      if anybody of them would have believed in God then they wouldnt have thinked of doing this
      atleast keep your relation true and honest
      you should be proud that you was honest, loyal and faithful in your relation rest everything leave on that man behind the blue skies he is watching all this
      apologize to your best friends by saying the truth they will understand you and will help you a lot
      all the best bro
      I am With you
      I dont care what anybody else thinks of you i know you was true and you are true

    10. as advised i had a word with myself my whole last night
      have slept for only one hour and that too in tge morning
      the inner voice of me left me in a situation confusing me more but something strange happened afterwards dnt.knw wats dis
      my inner voice which was dere to give me answers asked many questions
      that if it is not a true love from her side then why all that promises all that lies on the name of faith
      n next question that why me only????
      anoder voice came that these are the lies i knw of and the false swearing i know of
      it doesnt mean that only those are lies rest all is truth
      n evrrytym she sweared of me was true may beshe sweared of me falsely many times before also
      n i remained fool for believing in those things n telling everythng from my side like a dog.fats why i am used like one
      otherwise if a girl never allowed me on the name of trust to talk to that person when he is wrong is giving her cell to abuse me when.i am right
      but then anoder voice striked then why all dat care and crying for me which was dere till he came in her life
      all this left me with severe headache from the night snd its still paining a lot that i cant open my eyes even
      due to headache i fell asleep after which the strange thing happened
      she was dere in my dream and was asking for forgiveness n was saying that nobody can love and trust me more then you
      the very next moment i found my self awake with tears in my eyes
      i tried to sleep again but all i got is the sleep of an hour and that too awakened in d mid of d dream
      dnt knw why that dream came may be thinking of her whole day and night bent my stimulus towards that side
      but i am more confused now
      thnks a lot for being my side bro

    11. there you are
      why are you not watching tge otger side of the coin man
      in those questions u got many answers analyse your each question u will yourself find the answer
      she was in love with you till that person came
      otherwise no girl is so childish that if someone is flirting with you in a serious relation you make him your best friend
      every girl who wants a true relation will herself say to bf to talk to him as he is doing wrong but she didnt allowed you
      talked herself made him fnd tgen best frnd the place of yours
      i.havent seen.any girl giving priority to a frnd in place of a boy friend
      why boy friend a man you use to call husband
      you were couple she hrself allowed to ruin your relation
      you werent married only but were husband and wife
      so why to thought of this adjustment or in the initial there was an agreement to cjeck the relation for some time
      which wife talks about her husband to a third man
      you like a husband oeyed her and leaved ur best frnds for her sake i knw leaving frnds is very difficult
      you can also lie at that time that i am not talking to them and can also swear falsely but you.took the husband word seriously and relation word seriously
      you were wrong you should have also lied
      after your relation started you also should have made a frnd a grl one lie to your wife for her
      then she would have realised how it pains and how a trust is maintained
      headache is normal talk with yourself more to find more answers bro you are getting it right
      let the dreams and all thoughts come out

    12. its very difficult bro
      It left a acute headache
      and other pain very difficult to bear with
      in life sometimes less pain is better then more pain

      and other thing thats not how love goes that i should make her realize the pain by lying to her for another girl if she was doing the same to me

    13. stop living in lies to save yourself from pain buddy
      n the love is nowva days this only

    14. Is amazad and shocked at the same time that how material things like bikes and cars n ur richness ur financial status can influence your love
      That you can go to any extent of false swearing of the person you call husband, lying to him whether he gets hurt or not and to leave eventually when starts giving problems
      A perfect use and throw option
      Even after knewing the intentions of other person you still continue talk with him from a very long time decieving the person you use to call husband.
      He should trust you but you should not, tlyou should read his messages but he cannot.
      You even swesr falsely but he should not
      Yes i m narrow minded i am proud of it all this what is done is broadness but someyhing else and thst is a sin.
      yup why should be one adjusting now when you have a car ready at your call and it was really adjstment when.i use to go on a bus and then auto yup dere are.many bumps while going in auto but not whipe going in car
      i am a student dnt know will earn a penny or.not.somebody is financially sound doing a job
      what if someone swear of me falsely it would be much easier for dem if i died at that time den.dey
      need not to.have doing this all drama thing that i am sorry i dnt knw what happened
      when the third person knows everything
      wife and husband were just words to decieve nothing else
      Thnks a lot rahul bro
      That was eye opener
      Maybe i can control now but i think i am failing my exams this year for sure

    15. alas you know the truth man
      this is modern day love
      what do u think i am like tgis from day one?
      i was a very gud guy in the begining had many frnds
      but wat that grl did to me by cheating i have turned into like this
      i had never touched alcohol from the day she is gone not even a single day went by i didnt drinked whether its tuesday or any oder sacred day
      u spent whole last night thinking and i spent it drinking man
      you will be allrite soon man i know it hurts a lot

    16. After reading from post i just want to say people only realized priority when they are not with the person who cares about him/her.But when that person gone then they feel bad.But that will not gonna workout anymore because you can't blame only a single person who is not with you right now.The thing matters there was something missing in your caring or in your understanding.Otherwise nobody can ever got a space between a relationship either he is best friend good friend whatever.Everybody has right to choose his/her happiness.
      The point is sometimes we become too much blind in your satisfaction we are unable to see what our partner thinking and feeling about us, from which type of adjustments he/she was going through.Because the person care for us don't want hurt us.Just because of us he/she was going from a lot of pain and if some other guy or girl came in his/her life only then we realized our lack age.Its up to us either we can make the person happy or not.If we are so much qualified of loving our partner without any kind of fear then we will never feel a hesitation to tell our parents or all over the world.By just doing this our partner will automatically realized we are too much serious about his/her.I am sure the person with which you are in relation stops thinking at once Just by your one step.
      Now if the person is not with us right now we can't call him/her cheater or a back stepper.Only a true person only shares what he/she feels.Its up to us either we are watching all this in a right way or wrong way.

    17. first of all the missing and caring had nothing missing
      the main reason for this is lack of trust on your partner
      if the girl is right why she never allowed the bf to talk with boy when he is crossing his limits
      nothing of it justifies cheating mam
      ok if she is not satisfied then would have leaved tge relation why this cheating false sweaeing jst for a thrd person
      and why that big drama at the time of telling the truth that i want to be with you i knw i have conmitted a sin god will never forgive
      and after some days every mistake is of bf
      what if he had told this all this to his parents means she was doung all this intentionally
      and ur parents know about your relation or not never guide the true love
      and that also dont mean decieving the person you call husband by lying to him for the sake of bf
      if you are not happy jst leave be brave enough to take a single stand not like this something else at the time of breakup and something else after few days with your new bf
      the person cheating with the partner is wrong not the other

    18. the other person was not blind in.the satisfaction but in the trust which was misused
      another thing yup a lot of adjustments in hiding the messages of third person, lying about him everytime to the person you capl husband
      atleast be true to the person
      what secret between husband and wife
      its just cheating
      and yes the pain ask a person whose blind trylust has been broken ask one whose true love has betrayed ask d one who sends his true love for her happiness even after cheating
      then you will know the real meaning of this word pain
      leaving one bf and going to another, crying in front of others for two days is not pain
      and they were in relations like couple if u r married and you have a problem with your partner you ask your partner and resolve the problem
      and dont go to a third person and that too of opposite sex to discuss the problem who was always hinting of love
      all these things may be normal for u but not for atleast a person of average intelligence and thinking
      rahul again

    19. claps for you man one side you are saying you are husband another side you are saying don't want to tell our parents?
      Do you know how a guy become a husband?
      Yes sure you know well.That means for you husband is only a pronunciation word.So tell me who is in time pass relation?
      I am a girl and i just feel Every girl just want this guy who loves her should marry with her show his parents that this girl would be my wife.

    20. how can u say that the boy havent told his parents this is nowhere mentioned
      and you are making assumptions of your own
      maybe boys parents know everything
      this point is not at all saying that yhe relation was not serious
      no time pass relation stands in the bad times and he stood for the girl even when she said him to leave her
      he was there with her two times
      and if a girl wants that the parents should be told she also must be true not hiding messages of a third person from the bf plus not swearing falsely

    21. Thats what the guys thinks na everyone wanr be a temprary husband or a b.f not for the whole life.every guy become silent whenever a girl about marriage.all guy defend themself by saying family problems etc etc. A girl marry with a guy by leaving all the relations. Guys should respect the girls and if your bond is so much strong tthen there will be no any space for third one if it will come then all your lack of love or space between your partner

    22. and you know when a gal.becomes girl friend
      yes you also know that well
      she becomes a gf when she lies to other boys for her bf not to bf for other boys
      when she obeys him lije his bf obeyed him
      when she dont enjoy when somebody hints her of loving her but ask the bf to do the talk
      a gf can never swear of her bf falsely and that too for a third person
      huge claps for u also mam making assumptions of ur own
      n i wish that his parents knew nothing about it because he has suffered his loss of raputation plus if his parents knew that the girl was cheating and gone with best friend then the boy would have felt more bad

    23. there was no lack of love read the comments
      and please dont make assumptions of your own that it is what every boy wants
      bonding was not absent from the boy but the boy was only fool to trust her to allow ger to talk on the name of trust
      space is created by the grl not the boy
      yup bonding becomes weak after watching car bike and more financially sound boy behind you

    24. @nagma-
      even i am a girl also
      If have some problem with my bf i will talk to him and not lie to him and be close with someone else and cheat with him
      No relation is perfect, you always have some problems
      and he is your bf not a stranger, he never refused to share your problems
      if someone has some problem that can be shared why adjusting like strangers
      Its not adjustment but foolishness
      plus i am sorry but all these are the after made stories just to justify yourself
      if you were adjusting and thats why you are cheating with someone else then you will not beg for a second chance at the time when you are caught, but you should have tell the truth
      its just like that you were happy with both of them as soon as the bf dont knows
      when he come to know you feel your guilt but when you are with the new one he gives you a whole story that i was not happy and i was adjusting and you without using your own mind tell everybody this new story
      if you cannot adjust you should simply have left the relation and then can go with anybody
      have you ever thought that the person cheated is already very sad, what effect those new made lies will have on his mind can he trust anyone again
      will he think of others happiness again in his life when he once thought of it and still getting prizes that he didnt have the guts
      and let me tell you he has the guts thats why he send his lover for her happiness
      nobody in todays world can do this for a girl who did this to you and watching your lover with someone else is very painful plus if you know she was once your lover and you send her for her happiness that is a pain nobody in the world should know
      he is a real man and has guts like real man to think of her gf happiness evn after all this
      and even after her gf or her new bf thinks so then i am very sorry for their thinking
      i should congratulate author that its over now that a girl has such a thinking
      and nagma being a girl if you think its not cheating and the girl was right then i am sorry you are wrong
      even if the bf is in a time pass relation then are you taking revenge by cheating and swearing of him falsely
      do you want him dead??
      either not swear at all if swear then please swear truly
      swearing falsely is a very bad thing even worse then cheating

    25. very right aanchal
      That was what i am saying
      Hats off to your comment yup he has real guts like a real man

      but even then its his mistake that he is a man. a man's luck is always bad he is trapped all the time
      like in this story if he not allowed the girl to talk with that bc best friend or would have read his messages the he dont trust her if he trusted her fully then he himself got cheated, the girl who was with him from a year didnt thought for a single second, yes but why she should think he is man and he has no feelings only feelings are in her and new bf he should not be hurted
      if he allowed her to go with him after knowing that he will never be the same again then he dont have guts and at the same time if he have kept the girl by himself then he is a selfish animal who is living a girl who dont love him but somebody else
      his gf and new bf used to meet freely they didnt fell in love once he told the girl to meet him she fell in love with him
      yes the boy is always wrong whether he trusts the girl or not, he has guts or is selfish, he is narrow minded or broad minded mistake is always his the girl is right because she can cry and make the world believe in her tears
      call him old fashioned, but he took the relation seriously...and guys gets hurt too

    26. sorry to disagree Nagma
      but its not always the lack of bonding from other side which creates the space sometimes even one partner gives the full the other did not realize and if realize becomes blind with the thing which is shown more beautiful
      its not always that there is lack og=f bonding
      they were together from an year why all adjustment an year is a long time to be friends like share everything so it is clear that all this is a after made story
      if she can be so friendly with a third person in the relation that everything is narrated to him then he was his bf he can also sort out things
      its just whom you trust
      when he stood there with the girl in his bad times, forgave the girl everytime the girl she lied to him for that so called only friend, even then maintained blind trust then tell me where is the lack of bonding
      or bonding was lacking that after watching all this if bf starts keeping an eye on you and you should leave him saying that he didnt trust you
      if a boy do all this then a girl should also think many times before doing any of such thing or even thinking of it
      Dr. sonia

    27. Very sorry guys but its an humble request to all of you specially Aanchal And Rahul not to comment as anonymous but from their real ids
      as some people who are afraid of hearing the truth cant believe that a wrong thing is wrong and are thinking its me who are commenting using different names
      I am sorry but if you can please comment via any of the accounts given in the comment box
      so that everything will be cleared
      P.s. One have to do this when word starts getting power...sorry

    28. and new defintion of word love i have got jst now from someone who believes all this is fake
      that bf is in.constant competition with the best friend
      whoever do more for her will win the game
      i did initially but he was doing afterwards being nearer to her so she fell in love with him

    29. haha joke of the day.i don't need any real i.d to show anyone.

    30. aye aye cap't
      any oder orders will not be followed y u need to.explain urself to anyone oder
      u got the anseers so just close this and move on in life
      why you even hear to people like that
      n let me clear myself i was posting from anonymous bcoz i signing in every tym i post a comment
      pls be cool n chillax

    31. who the hell is replying from my fake name
      may be dats y ankit asked to reply from real ids

      hahaha i m happy the people who cant be true initially are impersonating me now
      dont dare do that

    32. hahaha someone again lied today that they have blocked my blog
      now both are commenting fake
      fake promises swears and now even comments

    33. I knw u r still reading all this jst wanted to tell u that i did all this to make you realize how it feels when someone who used to close to you do something like this to you by believing in third person
      You was with me for a year not he you knew me but you always formed d opinion what he told you
      I knw you didnt loved him for money same way i didnt sent u to him so that u fall in love with him and i have guts even today
      I would not have done all this if you have spoken the truth atleast after d relation and should not have allowed him to talk to me but you did what he said, given your cell to him to abuse me
      atleast u was the judge and u knew who was true
      And all you are saying that a true love can never say that that things i am not saying but he is saying on my name to remove his fears like the one year with me dialogue n the body dialogue
      U knew i trusted u blindly
      U know i loved you truly
      I wrote yesterday that you fell in love after watching car u cnt even sustain that for 24 hours and you called me have u ever thought how i am bearing all those things not even a time pass relation wants that his gf would fell in love with another
      Even i had feelings which were not taken care of in relation n not even afterwards and was hurt but you overlooked it many times and i didnt made you realize so that you dont get upset
      But even in doing this i used the truth only nobody was fake everybody was lOve hurt my good luck i got them on a page, u know a liar in this also commented by fake name and he was monin and he was nagma
      Guys u all pls stop no comments frm nw its over sorry
      One last thing i knw after all this you cant forgive me, neither can i and i am not even asking for one jst wanted that you should also know that the things u dnt do wen u r blamed of how it feels and how it hurts
      Dont know why i am writing all dis may be your tears on the phne i cnt handle because i didnt decided that i will write a comment later on but i am writing
      U think whatever you want to do watever you want to
      Just know i was the same person u thought of me till the date of our breakup an idiot who loved u and only you
      N still cant hate you i still love that you who cried after hearing from my friend that ankit will die after hearing this and today you yourself said that you are alive even after false swearing i still love that you with whom i fallen love into
      n i m still crying daily no drama
      But i know all these things dont matter to you now at all
      Tc bye forever

    34. very good the only thing i told you was not explaining anymore
      I was watching your blog daily but not commenting and will not comment from now if you dont delete your last comment
      are you fool did she said you sorry everytime you cried
      you cant forgive her whole life i grantee you nor you can control your crying
      is she blind that what somebody is saying she is believing
      you have to live with this pain
      just read somewhere applicable to you

      Deepest love is the biggest
      sorrow in
      the world.. :-(
      Never love a person more then
      life it wil kill u alot
      when u miss a person </3

      waiting for your reaction which will decide its my last comment or i am your regular reader or guide
      Monica Chandel

    35. Wat hav u done buddy
      The day u talked to her dat day does she asked you for forgiveness i knw how you was crying for her wen u called me
      And how you are crying till today
      You also have a right to b happy or you will be crying like this only your whole lyf
      Be strong Mjhe koi lena dena nh h ki vo kya soch rh hgi n stuff par khbrdar agr tu ye soch k rya ki use bura lg ra hga. Idiot tu mar ra he yaha ite mahino se does she bothr abt it. Or sale tu jisne kch glt kia b nh phr b ro ra he.. Tu khud sudhar ja. Or kita niche lgega.
      Sorry for being rude but you understand this language only shaam ka apna haal dkha h subah ka srf brkfst kia h tune n pura din not even water
      Marna h.kya tune
      She called and you again start feeling guilty mahaan banane ke lie apne aap ko explain kr dia ki kyu kia you did no wrong you only explained ur points which she blamed you of that day and she didnt think for a single tym before saying any such thng these thngs didnt came in yoyr mind but her
      Thats all n i knw u r not sleeping and reading this bt u will pretend ki u r sleeping
      Get over it its ur lyf only and only urs
      If u can feel.bad about doing wat u hav not dne why cant she, dat you explained every bit of u that she dont cry or feel bad bcoz of u
      U r sick.....
      U r mad for dat NEHA

    36. If Someone really wanted you, they'd actually put some effort into trying to get your attention, and make sacrifices for you. They wouldn't just tell you they want you; they'd show you in every little way possible that they want you.
      If u can love the wrong person that much, stop
      and think of how much u can love the right
      one so buddy Never recycle a past relationship,because if it didn't workout before,what makes u think it would this time!

    37. enough guys please no comments otherwise i have to delete the post
      @monica- i m sorry but i did what i felt right
      you are more then welcome to comment anytime and at the same time to take your decision

      @balveen- you know me how i am
      dnt know what she thinks of it and how somebody will interpret it for her i dont care
      i know she will believe him and do whatever he says but my conscious didnt allowed me dats why i commented and i am very happy who told you that i am dying ;)

    38. @rahul- please stop it bro its over
      and i am not recycling anything jst keeping my side of the coin
      i know what i have once left of my own cant get back in my life specially now when some people are always interested in this and did back-stabbing
      gave me a very good lesson

    39. ok bro as you wish but one last comment bro and that too because i tried calling your no. you have given here but it was switched off
      man you are not wrong why you are feeling guilty and low from night
      you only made them realize the truth in their way as balveen said nothing else
      and i am sure even now they havent realized the truth but called you just to jusify themselves for the things you blamed them off because they cant sustain them for even 24 hours and you ae carrying that baggage from so many mnths
      what you have done you have wasted by that comment let them think what they want to and how they want to if you want they think good of you then atleast take a stand
      or you fell in yor own dialogue you quoted that day
      A womens tear can make anything possible
      she called you and cried and you justified
      did she when you are crying daily or what is it a drama
      either dont cry from now for her at all or be prepared to take a stand
      why you still worry about her tears when you are in tears daily because of her
      i am telling the truth either you block me after reading all this or you do anything
      you know even now she will not believe you because she believes that bc
      so why are you doing this tel me does she did everything after asking you in your relation or he is supereme for her that she cant think of her own
      you are again just being played by both of them
      and i will say what you have done now is wrong sorry if the truth appears bitter
      do you think you will forget about her like that
      very good keep it up goodbye

    40. thanks a lot rahul
      come everybody and kill me yaar
      take dozen dozen of me
      take your home hang it outside door and write all what you want to write
      i dont know why i have done that and i am already hearing about it from yesterday evening
      i dont care what anybody thinks of me even she
      i care that she knows i dont think wrong of her because i know her she is not that strong
      i have left her because i cant see her in tears and i cant convince her with lies
      he convinced her by telling the lies but i didnt imagined that she will change so much
      she is at home she is at home and she use to sleep at 9.30 in the home yesterday she send me a message after 11
      do you think when she was awake till 11 after knowing the truth that why i did all this then will she be able to sleep night before yesterday
      why should i ruin her even now
      i dont care what she thinks of me i know it hurts but will do something
      i only care that she knows i dont think bad of him
      i know you must be saying i am a fool and might not reply but this is that truth man which you must know
      i dont care if anybody comments here or not or it gets closed the thing i care for is i told you and thats the reality
      whatever you and anybody wants to think of it think
      i also know what someone will interpret of this and give to someone a new meaning i know everything and i dont care now seriously
      you want to comment here comment but have one thing in my mind it was not a game that she hurted me and i will also i only wanted to make her realize which i think i was wrong thats why i justified but at the same time i promise that i will not ask for any forgiveness and even i a not God that with those tears i will forgive what has been done to me Even i cant forgive

    41. speechless
      I am so sorry for talking like this to you
      actually you loved her truly and not only loved but still love her a lot
      you are acting very strong from outside but inside is a very smooth thing like a coconut
      like yesterday after she called you asked us to comment from original id and then put new definition of love like you dont care but after some time your smooth thing came
      you are very difficult to understand bro but one thing for sure whoever will be your life partner will be the luckiest girl in the world because nobody is so truthful, honest and loving plus caring like you even remember the time of her sleep and you care for it even now
      salute bro and very sorry once again and sorry to your ex gf if i hurted you by my comments not her
      P.S.- if i was a girl i would have proposed you by now;P
      chalta kya??;)
      and apna phone to on kr le

    42. I also want to say one thing ankit sorry but its general not for you particularly
      Just want to say that i have seen cheaters being very happy
      i am not saying they have no right to be happy but atleast seek forgiveness from that person even if he cant forgive you
      dont be blind use your own fucking head
      you are happy like nothing happened but you are one behind that state of the cheated person and i willl tell you one thing if not anybody else God Is watching all this he is just giving you time to realize
      if you cant be a good lover atleast be a good human for the sake of humanity have some shame yaar
      the person being cheated felt that all what he have done is wrong and justified why are you silent then
      use your brain the one Satan guiding you is not GOd
      may be tommorow you will be in the place of one who is cheated dont take love for granted it takes minutes t end this kind of love
      your partner never thought you would cheat but you cheated
      have some guilt and some shame otherwise when the time will play its role thne you will be the one crying of being cheated and decieved by your so called god
      the tme is very powerful time has the power and it have sold a lady from the hands of king Harishchander and your partner is still a human who ant even tell the truth in a full statement
      believe in a liar and get played with lies the one who stood by truth is crying daily asking for answers
      i am sorry i am saying all this but just came to know my pg mate broke up because his partner was cheating with her
      and i cant stop myself from writing all this
      had this thing in mind from so many days
      and will now pray tit for tat would occur for these type of so called shameless lovers
      i wish if ou cheat and decieve someone you will also get cheated and decieved
      if you do true love then you get true love in the end
      who gave you the right to play with someone life and then giving dumb excuses
      imagine for a day yourself in their place and then realize how its pain
      its love or a joke
      atleast be a human being not a dog
      even a dog remains loyal to his owner
      ok cheat by giving your so called excuses and be ready tomorrow to hear the same from your new partner and you shold not cry at that time because you get what you reap
      today you saw your happiness tommorow he or she will saw her happiness in another person
      why cant you be happy with one person why you need two you broke up after an year or two was you blind for that much span of time
      yes its all me speaking and praying to god
      be happy as much as you can because this is temporary ask the partner you decieved that how he or she is living because you will like the same
      you cant be more cheap if you are doing cheating and the one who is allowing you t cheat is more cheap then you
      God has everything stored for you now lets wait for his turn so taht he move the dice
      that day your old partner will ask you where is your happiness see there going with his or her hapiness
      all the best to all of you and i am not praying for anything wrong but for what you have done to one person and i also pray that the cheated ones be strong and should not cry more often
      and you mr. Ankit why you dont replied when she said that you are alive after false swearing
      she dont regret cheating on you false swearing and you are still worried that she should not cry
      cry my foot she would be dating this time with his new partner and will be laughing at you
      where was she crying??
      You are a fool

      @balveen- you know im well is this fool still crying for what he has done and crying for her??

    43. Agree with you rahul
      but who should make him understand

      @aanchal- dont knw i talked to him last time yesterday evening was not speaking anything at that time he called me, was silent and said will call you later after then no call and text
      i sent many text but no reply
      just seen rahuls comment and called him it is switched of
      dnt know where is he what is he doing
      even i came here for watching that is he active here or not

    44. Everybody please calm and relax
      have read on fb may be helpful for the author--

      There are many factors in life that influence all of us! Every day we are influenced, some more positively and some more negatively, when we experience life and everything it entails on a daily basis. Life is filled with both things that cause us discomfort and pain, and things that give us ease and happiness. Doing what we love fulfills some of us being happy, and for some of us happiness is obtained by spending time with a certain person or group of people that we truly care about.

      Remember that with the good times, there will also come the bad times. After you have done everything that you can, and in the midst of doing all that you can, be sure to let God help you too, he isn't called "Almighty" for no reason! Never fear! There is no amount of pain that can stop you from being at the point in life that you desire to be, and more than likely deserve to be!

      Dr. sonia

    45. Hey all Dont worry at all I am alive
      and aanchal i requested you to stop posting such stuff but still yaar pls leave all this here only pls. its over i have explained myself to you all and dont wanna anymore so pls you all wait for my next post which will surely be a good one we will discuss about that topic in this detail
      I feel sorry for your pg mate
      and I am sorry if you think i have done wrong but this is what my conscious told me to do because only once in your life, I truly believe, you find someone who can completely turn your world around. You tell them things that you’ve never shared with another soul and they absorb everything you say and actually want to hear more. You share hopes for the future, dreams that will never come true, goals that were never achieved and the many disappointments life has thrown at you. When something wonderful happens, you can’t wait to tell them about it, knowing they will share in your excitement. They are not embarrassed to cry with you when you are hurting or laugh with you when you make a fool of yourself. Never do they hurt your feelings or make you feel like you are not good enough, but rather they build you up and show you the things about yourself that make you special and even beautiful. There is never any pressure, jealousy or competition but only a quiet calmness when they are around. You can be yourself and not worry about what they will think of you because they love you for who you are. The things that seem insignificant to most people such as a note, song or walk become invaluable treasures kept safe in your heart to cherish forever. Memories of your childhood come back and are so clear and vivid it’s like being young again. Colours seem brighter and more brilliant. Laughter seems part of daily life where before it was infrequent or didn’t exist at all. A phone call or two during the day helps to get you through a long day’s work and always brings a smile to your face. In their presence, there’s no need for continuous conversation, but you find you’re quite content in just having them nearby. Things that never interested you before become fascinating because you know they are important to this person who is so special to you. You think of this person on every occasion and in everything you do. Simple things bring them to mind like a pale blue sky, gentle wind or even a storm cloud on the horizon. You open your heart knowing that there’s a chance it may be broken one day and in opening your heart, you experience a love and joy that you never dreamed possible. You find that being vulnerable is the only way to allow your heart to feel true pleasure that’s so real it scares you. You find strength in knowing you have a true friend and possibly a soul mate who will remain loyal to the end. Life seems completely different, exciting and worthwhile. Your only hope and security is in knowing that they are a part of your life.
      I even know what happened in the end but all that resulted in that i have lost such a person and thats why aanchal i am sorry but i dont agree with you

    46. You are impossible man
      she is praying for your death and you...............
      (where her love was???????))))))))
      very good
      all the best for your life if she has stopped swearing of you falsely and stopped praying for your death

    47. come on everybody take a knife
      what should i do now
      i dont want to do anythng i know i am dead for her but the girl i loved was not like that she cries when somebody even jokes about that
      somebody has made me so bad in front of her eyes that i am dead for her eveytym i tried to explain i was taken wrong because somebody has made her believe in his lies
      I still love the old her more then me but she is went missing
      yesterday the new one valued the price of only gift i gave her what you think i dont get hurt
      i too but what should i do day before yesterday i said something bad and its me who was regretting till now
      she dont know what she is speaking but she feels from inside yaar i know and i am sure one day that old one will talk to me definitely the one i love the most
      i am not a toy that can be played anytime
      she is not that bad as you all are thinking i know her and nobody can know her better then me
      this is the one she turned into to show me that she dont care but she is not bad i assure you
      you will meet her you yourself will say that she is very good
      she is went missing i am finding her this is not the one i loved
      so sorry everybody
      but even if this one wishes for my death i know that one will come and talk with me definitely and she is not like that
      i am not replying to any comment from now pls stop all this

    48. hahaha somebody cheating with you in a serious relation and praying for your death daily and you are saying she is good......
      carrry on

    49. hahahaha Aanchal u wont understand that the power of love
      now look at her she sweared of the person called husband falsely for a third person
      Thats the power of new love that you want the old one died asap that why 2-3 times false swearing in a day was there
      ok if they are shocked that i am alive and god also wants me dead i will die soon when god wants so
      I loved her and trusted her that she will not atleast swear of me falsely but she never though for a single time and is amazed now that i m still living and that when somebody else came you became a dog which should die and it is upto god now
      i am saying that the old will come because she knew where she was wrong
      this one has mastered in speaking lies in some company because she thinks that its all my mistake and not at all her she even thinks that she didnt cheated.....
      this one says all this happened because she was not at all happy with me now who should make her remember that a weak before the relation the old one sweared of me that she is very very very happy with me and glad to have me
      i knew she never swear falsely
      now the new one forgot this thing while making the lies and pointing out my mistakes
      plus if you have any problem with your husband you will talk with him and not with anyone else when you have even sweared that you will not hide anything and any problem we have will be discussed between us two and not with one who is always willing to break the relation
      it is not like that you are adjusting and you plan to cheat with your best friend
      plus i am not a foll that at the time of breakup somebody is saying i know i committed a sin all was my mistake not yours god will never forgive me i broken your trust if someone was fed of adjusting she would simply have told the truth and will not asked for second chance
      actually the truth is this whole story is made by her new bf who didnt know about these realities so he framed one of his own and their bad luck i have a good memory and i remember everything
      few days later the new one will say we were not in relation for a single day even
      i am not blind now that i trust her even now
      i just said i am waiting for the old one to come she knew the reality and she knew what is right and wrong
      so i think i have explained enough

    50. leave it aanchal
      i know his state very well
      he is mad for her
      whatever bad he says to her or she says to him his love will be at that level only
      if she says someone bad he will get hurt but will assure himself that she is not that old one but the one she is pretending to be
      if she says someone good then its the old one, the one he loved and still loves
      hope she also understand because it all happens when someone cant accept the fact that the one he trusted and loved to that extent can do this and can talk like this
      so AAnchal dont criticize more it wont help
      Dr. Sonia

    51. nothing serious but jst on a lighter note to change the mood of everybody
      how awesome it feels when.somebody used to.pray for your long life now wishes for your death
      hahaha i knw this feeling even my ex gf will be praying for the same thai i should die soin
      someone who use to say u r dere.lufe are virtually asking for ur life
      thanks a lot to all but what to be done god doesnt hear everything if i had dine something wrong to.her den god would have listened to her and i would have died but he knows i was true so here i am a living.being

    52. lol
      right rahul
      and awesome is not the right word i suppose its super awesome amazing
      till that day i was thinking that somebody might be regretting for swearing falsely but again i was wrong they are wishing for the death.
      praying that the death would come soon to me great

    53. hey ankit
      read ur blog after so much time specially after i got my job and was amazad to watch the comments on the page
      oae is it real and thats the reason you didnt turned up for the diwali party??
      or u fictional like a novel??
      dnt knw the reality but one thing for sure you cant trust anyone now a days.. whatever you will do will always be less even if that mattered a lot to u
      whatever gift you give will be downvalued and the price of it will be seen and not the emotions attached behind the gifts you have given
      all dialogues you are my everythng and only one should not be taken seriously
      they will always turn up for the one doing more for them even for it you.are leaving one serious relation guy
      all the cry is for 2-3 days then she was not wrong but the boy was wrong
      telling you this because same happened with sandeep(my neighbour, the one with whom we used to play during school times) last year and he tried to commit suicide once but was saved
      he have left his college now bacause cnt take any stress (thats why your brother is still single;-))
      no love very very happy
      one last thing i have lost ur no. my punjab switched off please send your no. on orrisa no.
      once again loved your writing
      getting.late for office catch u later

      Aman Sharma(bharti)

    54. hahaha right ankit
      but one thing why pray for our death
      whatever we say we always pray for them and cant not see them in pain
      you leaved her even for this that she will remain happy
      you got tags you said bad but later you yourself felt bad but they just ask u are alive even after false swearing
      yaar are we that bad if yes why are you even talking to us
      i know you want to talk to her but dont talk because you know she will talk like this thats why you dont tal to her
      yaar but why we remained loyal
      do whatever they said
      leaved friends
      and when someone else come you die
      yes yaar we are cheap we are wrong we are bad ones
      we hurt their reputation we are wrong bro

    55. they will not realize the value what we have done but will compare what other have done
      even when you know the other person is doing wrong you cant stop it on the name of so called trust
      e are always in competition that somewhere someone is doing something for them and they are not telling us if we dont do anything they will fall in love with them even if we are in serious relation and whole mistake will be ours only
      and that will not be called as cheating or betrayl or deciet great man

    56. Rahul you again are getting serious
      leave all this
      god will call us whenever he want when some will do special prayers

      and i want to say one thing to all those who said by posting a blog i did wrong that Everyone has their breaking point. It is very easy to take a person for granted for so long when they continue to love you despite your ways, but don't get it confused, though some people's skin is thicker than others, everyone has a point in their life where they will get tired of being mistreated.

      Instead of taking people for granted that love you, show them how much you appreciate them each day. This can be done by simply honoring them and doing small things to make them happy. This may also be done by just expressing your love to them in different and creative ways. Show how highly you value their love, and their presence in your life by going out of your way to do so. We are all given chances, but you never know when the last chance may be. Show your love, dont take them for granted!
      when someone forgave you in the first instance when you knew how difficult it is for him to forgave even after that you stood with lies atleast tell the truth that day when someone is proving you wrong and you are giving your phone to someone to abuse
      and that too when everytime i demanded the phone to talk it was all excuses on the name of blind trust which was broken without thinking of the feelings of a person for a second
      in relation out of way was gone was third person and afterwards
      now you pray for my death, accident or heart attack
      the pain you given is already at maximum level now no other pain matters and you will see one day i will be happy very happy
      i will not say god is watching because i am also praying for both of your marriage you believe it or not i dont care and i know god will make that done i am saying only i will be very happy one day very happy

    57. Hey Aman
      no no i was busy that day bro
      and have texted you my no.
      hope you got the same
      do tell me when you come to nangal

    58. oae dialogue man u will be happy but when
      are you trying from your side?? dont lie to me atleast
      how many days have passed that you have eaten food three times a day forget three you just tell when was tha last time you eaten.your 2 meals
      when was the last time you slept properly
      last day you spent very happily
      last day without a single tear
      last day you talked like everything is perfect
      wake up now buddy its your life your old one is gone and will not come back ever
      now you have to look for your happiness she wont look for it you are dead for her
      accept it wake up and be the happiest person
      the spirit by which you commented apply that spirit in your life
      wake up ankit.....
      dont waste your life for her
      wake up from this bad dream
      life is not over its the beggining these were the just bumps of life
      let them think what they think why are you explaining again i know what you are praying for her
      and god also knows you are prayong to him so why explaining to them
      good luck

    59. yaar atleast you dont say that best and you.know that but everyday i have to start from zero
      was allright from mrng dnt knw wat happened again that feeling came causing headache and tears
      even texted you twice but dnt knw where are you mite be sleeping
      i try my best yaar but again to zero because she was not like that yaar i swear dnt knw what has made her change
      she said i changed her by blaming her and dats wrong because i only said what he said before about her and nthng else
      i dnt knw what happens but tgis happens 2-3 times a day and i cnt cntrl myself leaving behind headache u knw everything and still u r saying so
      n i promise you that i am trying my best and will be very happy one day but i dnt knw when that day will come
      i know i am a pain to you also i.knw that

    60. @dr. sonia-
      sorry but to the extent i trusted that girl nobody can trust her to that extent even she knew it
      i myself get hurt in this process but never made her realize
      and she is not like that ki she would play with my trust in that way
      she knew i trusted her blindly and she is not like that girls who misuse the trust
      there might be some obligation or mazburi otherwise she cant think of breaking my trust
      and even i know she is hiding that thing from me all the excuses she gave i know are false main thing is something else which she is no telling to me and i am sure about that
      i guarantee you, the day i will find that thing i will tell you she is not bad at all

    61. ok sire
      as you say
      but can you tell me one thing that why is she lying to you then even after so much time if you believe she is a good girl??

    62. ok bro just one thing who say they are adjusting and thats why they fell in love with another
      for them-
      A relationship is like a house. When a light bulb burns out you do not go and buy a new house, you fix the light bulb. So when you get misunderstandings with your lover, you don't have to look for someone else to love you... Just fix those disagreements and continue loving your Guy or Girl.
      so just wanna say grow up when your lame excuses please

    63. AAnchal all i can say is that she is not only lying with me but with herself also
      because what happened was a very big thing for her also which i have noted from her reaction on the day of breakup
      its normal for someone else so he is making her believe in him and she is lying to herself also
      otherwise i knew she was very happy not at all adjusting and loved me truly
      and at the same time she also knows that i loved her truly, trusted her blindly and never ever was in time pass relation she is just lying to herself
      and i know that and thats the thing which is holding me still
      I am not a mad for still waiting for that hing like dr. sonia explained it in the form
      I even know her and her condition and i am sure she will the old one will contact me someday

      and rahul bhai you again are giving points after saying last comment last comment:P pls yaar its overrrr

    64. hey mr. blind let me tell you one thing very straight that if she was so good shw would have told you.on the very frst day
      you know a girl which you are talking about those kinds of girls has so much shyness that if something like thus happens then.they cant talk to that so called best friend
      but the gurl you are talking about was very happy with both of you and was keeping relations with both of you like nothing happened
      no girl can even think of talking like this
      wake up you give your full and she just played on you accept it otherwise no girl stops his bf when a best friend is crossing limits but she did because she herself was crossing them
      and all this because of the.material things like bike car and job
      she found herself a secure future after playing with you
      it was use and throw
      its you who is thinking about she might have some mazburi
      my foot she has cheated on you and that too for those things oderwise the example rahul gave is perfect that you dont buy a new house if a light bulb fuses
      you are thinking because your life is ruined she is very happy
      all were the dialogues that she have commited a sin just to keep you blind
      i dnymt knw what gift had you given but a girl who values that gift also then you can very well imagine mr.
      and she was comparing that his best frnd has done more
      wtf is dis you are in a race??
      accept the facts soon because you are sufering daily not she
      and she has no remorse of ruining your life either
      she played with your trust love and you and thats the reality
      your only mistake was trusting her

    65. i am also very confused
      because firstly i thought i was wrong
      but now i realize that i was right becuase the things happened after sunday made me think so
      i spent the whole last night reading all the comments
      and realized many things
      when she told me about everythng and that too not on a single day and but in 3 days i asked why you havent told me before and she lied that we didnt talked much after that and the reality was we talked daily and i was with her for one whole day asked her even that day and she sweared of me falsely by sitting next to me
      she said we were decreasing talks and yes so much that he was sending her texts whole day and she was hiding her cell from me
      she was acting like nothing happened
      the status she put in those days after talking to him about heart also told a lot
      she was calling him and asking whether he reached home safely because he went on new car yes car is more important
      many things were done in the past also which she has sweared of me that they will never happen again but when that happened she didnt reacted much because false swearing is not a big deal and early i die would be better
      many things were done she knew i had problem with and she promised that would never happen again and she herself did that things so that her best friend should not get hurt what to say about the husband he was treated like dog
      yup i was a fool for believing in promises when she was swearing of me falsely
      i was not allowed to read his messages whether fb or cell
      once i objected to a message of him and from that day no message of him was forwarded
      and there was a difernt story for me and a different for him two persons two games
      i was melted in her tears that day nd realized all this was not true but now i realize that all this is true otherwise she would have never said that she got a bump on auto when she knew it very well why we were on auto that day
      i was not allowed to talk to him whenever he crossed his limits and was shut on the name of fake trust
      yes people are perfect in dialogues on that day she told me i cant be happy after ruining any life now she herself message me without asking that i am very happy
      a story was ready everytime he does something not normal
      yes these are the things which tell a lot if she was true she would have never done that things
      relation always comes first then friend
      but she kept friend first then relation
      Thanks a lot for doing all this to me now i realized the truth
      you was the one who always told me to be honest and speak the truth that God is watching is this your truth which changed in 1 and a half month only that you sweared falsely many times, lied. cheated
      you should have told me clearly i would have left of my own why all this
      you liked many pages on fb relationship is not a test then why cheat then why you cheated
      you told love happens only once and you are in love with me then what happened in the relation you fell with another
      everytime i said you to stop you cried and said i know what i am doing and trust me
      now where is your trust
      when you blamed me in the end that i use to send him to you


    66. you are happy remain happy but you have no right to fuck anybodies life like this
      you know the truth i know the truth and i am a fool for still crying for you
      thanks a lot for doing all this to me thankyou very much for praying for my death, false swearing, fake promises, fake trust, fake love, you played the game very well congoz
      yes you said your both thinking matches good keep it matching i dont want such thinking
      this is the 100% you gave??
      even an enemy would have thought a thousand times before breaking that blind trust i had on you and you was calling me husband and that person was your only friend
      and you was the one who said all boys except you are my brothers
      you are the one who said you are my husband and we are already married
      even then you cant adjust and tell everything to a third person
      he was doing bitching in relation and you allowed him
      you said you dont care what he have done, yes why should you care your life is not fucked mine is fucked you were happy before and now
      you should have cared only if i had done something like this but i was a fool for swearing truly, remaining loyal, leaving best friends, trusting blindly, and not making cuts on body because for you only that love is true love
      thanks once again you never know how it hurts and i pray to god you never know it
      nobody can trust you like i did and you know that and thats why you played with it
      you dont have any mazburi and now i very well know why all this happened was fool of thinking that there might be any mazburi after hearing your tears that day

    67. Oae whats this one day on this side one day on other??
      you are gone insane bro
      i know you are going through different moods that you cant find what is true and what is false
      and i also think what you are thinking now is correct
      as i always told you my bro
      now take good care of yourself
      try to control whatever comes out let it out dont accumulate in your head
      and look for the positives in life
      i know its difficult but not impossible
      you will be strong like me very soon
      you know yesterday i saw her she came towards me to talk to me i went away like i havent seen her
      and i was very happy that time but had one peg more in the evening so that i can sleep early and now its like that nothing happened
      You was true you trusted may be she dont deserve it thats why god separated you
      you deserve the one who trust you more then you and know what is the meaning of the word husband
      even i am searching for such a girl and will be married soon and first thing i will do is e mail my ex the pic of me and my wife
      i know why she came to me yesterday because i have heard she is single again the boy cant convince her family for marriage and now she wanted to deliever me the sorry shit and that too when i dont fucking care at all
      its not like taht you say sorry and your mistakes are forgiven atleast make your actions like youare really being sorry and that she is trying to do now
      and with this i remembered a great line that today they may ignore you tommorow they will need you
      and now she need a friend who can understand her and control her emotions and she know nobody can understand her better then me
      but what she have done to me now i will not help her

    68. now she is also saying that she had committed a sin at that time and you was right and initially i was in a time pass relation and what she did is not at all wrong but something else
      who says you fell in love with someone else in a relation is not a sin cheating is not a sin betraying is not a sin
      but she realized all this just now that
      Thats why i havent commented last night wanted to sleep early

    69. have just came around a post for those who think all what happened is normal
      sharing the kink with you all have a look
      now please dont say that these comments have been done by me or Ankit

      99% comments justify the truth and 1% HAVE FEELINGS AND THINKING LIKE YOU
      if who have done all this still thinks they are right then hats off to your thinking

    70. best comment i came across from few i have read is-
      Problem with that is then a man becomes "controlling." It is a double standard. How about a woman's biggest mistake is letting another man make her smile when her man isn't around because he trusts her to be faithful and gives her her own space. This post is just an excuse to justify being a ..... Sure... Blame the man.

    71. Do you remember when first time you told me of your relation and i said she is very lucky to have you and you said no i am lucky to have an angel like her
      i still stand on my words and can grantee you that she still feels the same from her heart
      because what i know you for, nobody can find a so true, honest, modest and a humble partner like you
      nobody calls her girl angel in front of other girls but you called her so
      a temporary happiness can be mistaken as love but what you can provide nobody can give it
      that's the reason initially i had a crush on you :) sorry for disclosing it now and here but i was too shy at that time plus you were in a serious relation so i had no right to do the b******* in your relation as someone from the other side did and she allowed and then i too went into a relation
      and now i am in a serious relation so you dont think of that(just kidding, i know you are too nice a gentleman to even think about that)
      you gave whatever you can but it still needs a true partner to respect that feelings, love and trust and everybody realize that, after that person is gone from their life
      I got a hint from your last story that its real then went to U.S.A. came back few days before and today read your this post
      i feel sorry for you and will pray that you move on soon and have a happy and a long life against those who are praying reverse
      (dont wanna name now, you know :))

    72. @rahul-
      yuo i knw its the reality and nothing can change it now
      yes i am strong
      trying my best also
      and what a co-incidence i was also looking at the same photo at that time

      and one thing you must help your ex as a frnd pls
      thats my opinion, if she was bad you are not bad, she realized her mistake
      and i am sure you cant see her hurt in this you are also like coconut otherwise you wouldnt have needed that extra peg
      dont come in relation with her but atleast help her to cut this bad time call her or meet her please only you can understand her nobody else can not even her family bro
      please for me

    73. hahahaha i got whos dere
      and kept secret for a long time, thats bad
      you know the gentleman you are talking about the same person was accused of time pass relation, being cheap, intentionally sending that boy near her so she fell in love with him :)
      and USA for what conference, quiz or moot??
      one advise from a person who is experienced now:)
      dont loose your trust on him now after reading this
      trust him blindly no relation sustains for long without trust
      if he is worth it he will be with you always no matter who should come in his life and whatever will happen
      if not then you treat him like God even then nobody can stop that
      wish you a very happy life together

    74. right sir i trust him fully and he also trusts me to full dnt think he will ever break it in the life
      he is about to get the job and will tell about me to his family.then
      i am very excited
      and niether me nor he accepts any unknown frnd requests on fb atleast your story will not.happen:-) dont get me wrong
      and he not only says he trusts me but also trusts me in real it reflects from his actions and i.also know my.boundaries so we are very much clear on that topic
      it was your bad luck that this happened to you despite your blind trust but it was not your mistake really and i mean it
      rest all discussed on call bye tc
      (the same one)

    75. what?? he was a stranger and met through fb?wow frnd requests of stranger boys was accepted even after coming in relation with you and you cant even talk with your own best friends. great and you was still thinking that she was very gud and somthing wrong happened in the last few weeks
      u was played from a long time otherwise the messages of a stranger turned friend are not worth hiding from a person u call fake husband
      be awake man atleast now as you can very well imagine what those messages would be
      so.please be strong now
      an unknown frnd request frst you have no need to add that if add you go step by step and give him your place very great
      yup you trusted and she enjoyed fooling you
      trust someone yaar but not to this extent even.that she played with you from a long time man
      even i will feel bad for breaking such a trust but she is great man
      now please for god sake dont cry for her now please


    76. I am amazed man
      doent she knew her limits
      that where she is going
      every girl know her limits its only when someone do it intentionally
      it doesnt happen by itself
      thats why you was always shut on the name of trust because she knew you will be easily fooled by this if not trust then tears
      now shame on you if you cry for her

    77. hahaha aanchal people change
      i always thought of both of them that they are good friends and.must remain and they never thought of me for a second
      i never expect anything from him you cannot expect from a bc like that
      but from the one i expected she had done all this i even once told her clearly that i dont want to loose you and i was given a big lecture with tears that i am not a girl who goes with a guy on bike daily will fall in love with him i limits what weakness is in my love
      and was always shut like a dog and was shut like a dog
      always believed her what she said and in the end all this happened
      why should i not cry yaar i loved her truly trusted her blindly
      i dnt want to cry but i cnt control it yaar
      i have gone mad seriously
      first time seen someone changing to this extent
      i was fucked why would i not cry
      i.know how it pains when somebody does this to you
      all the things she stated to me which i thought are coming out of love were nothing for her but i took them seriously
      i believed in those lies and that things comes automatically in front of my eyes everytime and i found myself in tears
      i never sat alone in the room in 22 years now i sat whole day alone in the room because i dnt knw when i would start crying
      now i.dont cry for her i am not picking her call either i cry for myself that why i became a fool why i trusted her soo much
      i dont want to and i am trying and as i promised i will be happy soon very soon very happy
      i also want to get out if this crap

    78. Thats today love mr. enjoy to the fullest with whom you are by believing them in your lies
      you tell me what will crying do will it lighten you?
      No if it did you will be allright by now
      it is only doing bad no good
      daily headache is a good sign??
      just wake up
      why to cry just look at her she always says she is very happy yes she might be it was very difficult to adjust with two so many lies and then remembering them now only happy until she accepts another frnd request on fb
      you just control yourself and when you wake up tommorow say to yourself my past will not influence my present or future and be a happy man
      keep a smiling face until it becomes a habit
      you must feel lucky that even after so many false swears before and after you are healthy
      God saved you from the wrong one
      be happy
      dont allow your past to disturb you anymore
      you are a great writer i have read few of your blogposts
      i have subscribed to it
      your way of writing and thinking hats off man
      plus the photos you post speak more then words
      you can be an excellent writter
      why waste your time crying write something out of the world
      waiting for your new post

    79. as ordered i called her and met her today and promised her to be a good friend of her till her marriage
      she was saying i will not marry now but somehow i.convinced her
      she asked whats going on in life i told her about you and she said stop him from becoming another rahul who drinks daily

      thanks a lot bro for guiding me to talk to her she was really very alone i promise will take care of her and thanks a lot to you

    80. and how would you be happy by what you are doing your cell remains switch off for whole day. you are like house arrested. you remain in your house whole day only go somewhere once a day dont know where you always avoid talking about that.
      will it help? and what you was trying to do yesterday night next time atleast remember your parents before them your neice and nephew also. what they will think of their chachu when they know about. i m writing all this here because you are too busy in doing nothing to talk on phone. no news of you from the night your cell switched off be the ankit whom i knew 2 years ago the one always smiling and tackling every problem positively. be happy please yaar u was not at all like this what have happened to you
      one person has changed your life this much??
      please come out.of this share with me

    81. oae yes where are you
      Khudgarz bande i thanked you and you didnt replied
      you have trapped me now i want to go back to my ex
      but i have promised myself that i will not
      and things will change for you also
      see my ex she was crying till yesterday
      and she have controlled a lot from yesterday share with your good friends
      and one more thing to change mood i am saved yesterday only i changed my caller tune and from yesterday my ex is calling me
      ottherwise it was
      "jad koi naar yaar naal bewafai kardi hai'
      mainu tera chetta aa janda ";P
      I am saved
      waiting for your reply

    82. oae where are you
      i.can very well understand your condition yaar
      but what are you doing to.yourself atleast talk yaar
      i know how you are feeling when someone plays with your life without realizing what they have done
      true love is movies
      please revert to us please
      u must be thnkful to god that u r saved who cant remain true to you for a year how would she be true for life
      what if all this happens after your marriage so just thank god
      hey yaar god has definitely written something better for you but to welcome that thing you must have to open your doors of happiness
      its too long time yaar
      the more you will think the more you will feel bad
      jst stop thinking
      thank god and start smiling in your life like nothing happened
      you have gone through the pain you deserved now its time to be happy for you
      you also be feeling bad that for whom you have done so much doesnt care for you and keep one thing in mind we dont need her care you know what she is dont want to make my mouth dirty
      so pls yaar be happy you have many frnds who really care and dont do drama like her
      pls reply

    83. oae champ.where are you???
      yaar dont do this
      yyar i.owe you
      you helped my ex she is also praying for you
      dont do this to us please reply

    84. champ is dead yaar
      i can never be allright
      its only getting worse
      u owe me??? den do me a favour
      u all pray for my death pls
      and rahul pls say ur ex that she should also pray the same
      its getting worse
      and death is much much better then this hell seriously
      she and her bf will also be happy
      all their wishes have come true why not this one when i also want the same
      that will be the happiest day of their life itna apni shaadi pe nhi khush honge
      games have been played from a long time pls the game is over
      and now its time for killing me
      pls leave me alone for some time sorry i m not avoiding you but pls i wanna be alone
      and pray yaar all pls
      and you balveen atleast you should not tell all this things here i get all your texts when i switch on phne so u text there only pls.

    85. wdf are you saying bro
      you are a very.nice guy
      see the one who commented as anonymous said you are a gentleman
      i also know you are a nice man, a pure person by heart because you told me to talk to my ex even after shme cheated me u knew that i still love her whatever i day about her
      you can never think bad of anybody
      you have to live if not for us for your family
      for a life.partner who will be luckiest to have an honest and true person like you
      who will trust you respect your feelings and will be confined in her limits
      not like someone else time pass love who enjoyed flirting of a third person in a serious relation and always encouraged him to keep it up instead of asking you to stop him
      you deserve more more better then her atleast who.left her husband for an unknown person a bsck stabber a black spot...
      so never ever think of this bullshit and jst relax this is the bad period of life and will be over soon
      just remember every phase is temporary sun rises after the darkest hour
      i and all here will pray for your long life and happiness except those two persons

    86. oae what happened to you
      how can you expect a future with such a .....
      who fell in love with a guy who came to meet her daily and give her ride on a bike or car in you
      if you are honest you have no need to hide messages from your partner atleast and that too of a bastard who is trying to ruin your relation and she was easily enjoying here all this
      which kind of girl do this
      there is nothing to hide between a husband and a wife and the messages of a third person are hided from you
      you was not allowed to talk to him by the drama of fake trust
      you cant talk to other girls because a fake thing was shown to you that she loves you too much
      and she was also hiding the messages of an unknown person from you and that too when you are in a relation
      and you want to die for such a girl every time you was put in darkness what can you expect from such a girl you are crying for her
      grow up
      dont die for her make her feel that you dont care for her anymore

    87. the way she played the game she always knew what will be the consequences afterwards that one has to leave otherwise a girl dont do these kind of cheap acts
      but she also knew that she will be happy in either case so why not to do all this
      as long as it goes let both of them remain happy after then the one having good job and status
      your bad luck you are still a student
      but its your good luck because thats not how love goes
      people were commenting love goes till heaven yup but what about that love who for an unknown person hides the messages shut hiim up everytime for that frnd
      bf should get hurt but not frnd because he is future bf and your time is ending soon
      you will be very happy soon and that too without her trust me
      and i am not a girl who says trust me and break afterwards

    88. I am very sorry
      But its all easy to say she played dont cry for her
      and all dialogues
      but one thing is that I gave more then 100% plus she was very happy and not at all adjusting
      the trust i had on her nobody can trust to that extent
      she knew how difficult it was me to trust anyone and she knew how much i trusted her
      whatever she says i accept very happily without questioning whether i have to suffer any pain or hurt i never hesitated because it was her happiness that i did all this
      I never talked to him because of her one word trust me
      i also missed my friends but never made her realize but was happy that she is afraid of loosing me she is possessive
      but what about my feelings
      was i a dog if i was possessive then that was a drama
      i dont have any feelings that always his feelings were seen and mine were overlooked
      i have spent many sleepless nights and i am again spending them
      only mistake was trusting that much??
      i cry now because all that things cant go of my mind
      trust me
      i am only yours
      it doesnt matter to me what anybody does nobody can replace you
      i cant live without you
      its only you or i will not marry anyone else
      we are married
      what about me yaar what happened in end that she cheated sweared falsely just for a person who makes cuts on his body for her
      use to meet her daily
      call her evrytime
      where was i wrong
      i cry because i cant trust anyone to that extent she won my trust and played with it
      she was very easily talking with him afterwards as like nthing happened
      she gave her phone to him to abuse me where was that trust now
      i everytime told her that he is coming between us and she ignored like a dog is barking and when she said a girl is coming between i never messaged her afterwards even now after 4 months of breakup
      what was that yaar was i a dog that is played
      i cry for that

    89. I cry for that girl who used to thought that even thinking of what she has done is a sin and is now saying all mistake is mine
      thats why i get daily headache sleepless nights and many other things which i dont want to discuss
      i cry for that girl who cannot even think of other person not who is saying you was wrong and doing drama i am very happy
      i cry for that girl for whom husband mean husband and is only one not for whom it is a toy of time pass

    90. Hey bro Thats what we are saying
      A real woman would never had done this
      if you cant love or trust anybody else like her then even nobody can love or trust her like you do
      she misused yours played with yours
      but you maintained your trust
      if she is a real woman she would have never thought of doing this plus should left him everytime he crossed his limits
      she was wrong and had wrong intentions that why she was became unfaithful
      she wasnt shy at all that even after ding all this she is giving her cell to him to abuse you
      atleast have fear of god
      but once who cheat becomes fearless and all these things seem normal to them plus if there is one to support you by lies then you have no shame left in you
      and that returns only when you get a bump in life and thats too late the life you ruined is already fucked up
      see my ex from last two days requesting me to stop drinking and it was she who became happy when she knew i am drinking because of her regularly
      i know you dont want bad for her and want to be allright soon
      but bro you ahve to accept tha she played on you from a long time
      very rare guys are found who trust this much and they are very easy to be played with
      she hav no remorse no shame of what she had done
      because she was doing the same from a long time which girl dont enjoy bike rides daily and when you are bored and your so called husband is busy to flirt with her everyday and to roam with him
      she was one of them and you was played like a puppet everytime
      just realixe that you was a game which was played and the relation which is always between two was between three
      if you have told him once to stop and dont cross the limit then nobody do this but she stopped you and she herself inspired him to keep doing all this and when you started giving problems you was expelled from the game
      girls are very good actors and make men believe in them by crying and she will be doing the same drama in front of him now that i always gave him my 100%
      so please accept the reality bro

    91. oae she had done what she can do
      first betraying you and then talking cheap to that extent
      you yourself see what have you done to yourself
      subah ka haal dekh apna kya kiya hua h tune look at your eyes, colour dekh kya bna hua h and size bhi kitni se kitni ho gyi h
      and look at your yesterday's foolishness
      if i told anyone? you know whom
      please dont punish yourself more you already had
      dekh if you do this i am your only friend and will not talk to you ever this is not a dhmki but a final warning
      exam kb h tera and you havent opened your book even
      will you pass like this??
      last year me jruri kunda krwana hai your whole future depends on it now 1 mistake 1 year gone what about your plans
      if you are dead for her, she is also died for you
      believe me tommorow will be better
      dont marry anyone but atleast khud to theek ho
      waise you are a mad 1 propose bhi aya and you rejected kaun krta h aise oae dangar
      please dont ruin yourself you have already ruined enough
      and i will comment here only if i found your cell switch off ever
      baaki bhi tere raaz khulenge jo jo tu bevkufian krta h
      pls no more, no more crying
      trust breaks only then you become strong
      and concentrate on your studies only 2 days are there for you
      otherwise find another friend i am going and i am serious

    92. She is right bro
      Yaar what are you now expecting
      let me tell me one thing very straight i dont care how it feels
      Cheating is done by cheap persons only
      she was very happy with you just she found other person too luxurious
      if a person can be so cheap that she cheats then she is bound to do such things more
      if once you cheat then you have no fear of god
      otherwise a person who says this much about god cannot think of even having more then a relation her bf is her husband only and not like this one bf and then changing t him when found someone better are you in a circus watching happiness
      if its more then your relation then first leave your partner then do whatever you want to do
      I know my ex will also be reading this now and no matter what she feels but its reality
      dont hurt yourself for such a girl man
      grow up the time has changed
      why are you even caring about her
      whatever she said was just to keep you blind otherwise if she was so great she atleast if havent told you should not have told his bastard about this and should have stopped talking but statuses of hearts were uploaded which shows you everything how tensed she was
      she was enjoying even that phase too when she knew that she has two bf
      and when you met her if she was so great she must be so shy at that time that a girl cant even face you but she was just hiding her cell
      she will not think she has done anything wrong because she has crossed that level otherwise she wouldnt have told you that you sent him to her so that i can fall in love with her
      was she fucking blind when she was calling you husband
      and you will send him to her
      can anybody get more cheap then this
      so get my point
      please i know whatever we tell you its you who have to realize
      what switching off your cell gives you
      dont know what foolishness balveen is talking but what will it give you pain to you only?
      Man please wake up
      its already more then enough
      please we all want to see you happy please man

    93. You don't have to fight for your position in her heart. If you've already been there, you will always be. Even 100 or 1000 boys can't beat you up. But If someday, he makes you fight those boys over, just leave, because if she loves you, she loves you. If she doesn't, she just simply doesn't. And there's nothing you can do about it .
      and look at her she has gone with the frst one
      you are doing all this who didnt remained loyal to you from the beginning
      she was just behind that guy and you was always kept in darkness
      if you had a job and car then.the position would be different
      but you hadn't
      if you want this kind of live then cry do whatever you want freely
      she havent thought of the relationship ever but just him
      and let me tell you one more thing even if a girl has cheated so many tines she has that amiunt of shyness that she cant upload status about heart while talking to her second husband in your relation and she was doing all that
      please wake up dnt hurt yourself plsssssssssssss its a request

    94. you had no problem in cheating even it was all a game from both of you dats why you asked me that day ki if i fall in love with and i said i will back off, only dats the reason you told me the truth on weekend otherwise you had long plans that we will not meet for a month. thats why you told to leave ki leave of your own otherwise i am swearing of u falsely daily then you will die
      what a game thanks all the dialogues spoken that day was jst to keep me blind.
      yes thanks a lot you didnt realized what are you doing and even now you are thinking IF you are wrong
      shame on you you was keeping two relations at a time
      even doing all that with me you didnt shyed for a second before doing all that
      wow you are perfect like him
      and when caught was doing drama ki i have committed a sin
      god will never forgive me
      very good very well done
      you once asked before the relation that guide me always but you must feel for a secnd what you have done
      he was near you very well knew his intentions and even then you always increased from your side
      yes its now car and financially sound party yes you have seen that otherwise you must have so much concsious that atleast tge guts with you was putting heart status atleast have stopped talking with me or him and you was enjoying
      even thatvtok after i sleep and that too daily abd that after my objections great
      now do whatever with him yes everything was normal for him before also but the town you belong off thats you know is normal or not but ypu waas from his city from long keeping two relations from a long time
      played a good game now play him with your tears and crying and do.the drama of good in front of him

    95. congrats for falling in love with your brother and making him your husband
      atleast be true now

      and all please i know what i am doing and everyday i realize tge fact i know i have been played
      but i dnt knw wats dst ki.i cant cntrol myself for that
      crying and all other things
      and you balveen my eyes are allright and that was not a foolishness but an accident so.please dont say like that
      my cell has a problem and thats why its switched off and i am going to study now dnt wry
      and i knw thats a dhamki only and i i am not like other people who makes cuts on the body to show to your best friend and the other one falls in love after watching them and can any extent

    96. i can see what you use to tell me she was very innocent i can see that very well
      be glad that you had planned the engagement later and was a surprize otherwise she would have to stick with you longer and god knows how many false swears more and prayers
      no one is that innocent that someone is flirting and she would think just friends its just that she what she wanted she got daily pickup and drop everytime on call with him
      thats why the day you go to meet its very difficult for both of them and she hides the cell and rest messages or call after your sleep othereise whats the need in talking with a boy so late i also live in big town but have never done this even stop talking to one who flirts everybody knew his/her limits and those are crossed intentionally not accidentaly
      and thank god you are out of game where love is measured by cuts, values of gifts and who.have done more
      and i know that was an accident or what was your intention at the same time i also know about your phone so switch it on its more then 24 hours and it is off
      and i knew you cant cntrl but atleast try man
      yaar you will devolp something very bad because the headache even which starts by evening now its for whole day like earlier and even severe
      so how will you study ifvyou are in pain plus your foolishness think.wat woulf your mom dad felt if that turned out to be true
      so please come out of all this and please study also

    97. from what angle she looked innocent to you
      and how can she be true to him when she cant remain true to a person who trusted her blindly
      and the new one dont even trust her a little thats why lying on your name to remove his fear
      and how can he trust her he is not a mad because he has took her away from you by playing the same game now he will by excuses check the messages and everythng and will say her not to accept unknown requests so that the same story shall not be repeated so now no trust only mind games i trust you let people say whatever they want to
      if that happened only then he will knew tge pain of bitching and breakup but that will not pain much because he will be mentally prepared for all this
      its you who have to be allright

    98. Bro you know her worth now
      then why are you crying
      i know its very difficult but yaar what can be done now
      just try to forget and not at all do that thing which you are trying to you
      its gone and think that its for your good
      even after you gave your full even then she didnt realized your worth and gave worth to material things
      if now my ex talks to me asks for my forgiveness i say dont say that word again i cannot
      now she says please dont drink daily now that care is coming back
      but i dont want
      yaar please wake up try to control
      try to be perfect your full life is in front of you

    99. plus dont ever leave food
      why are you giving punishment to food
      please bro its a request

    100. to all
      only death can heal these wounds now
      and even i now pray for it manytimes
      so please all i am sorry

    101. watever you want to do
      dat day those were 3 now use 10
      yaar what think.of yourself you.have gone mad
      I know its very difficult but look at yourself what have you done to yourself
      she will see your blood? the pain you are giving to.yourself? Even if she what will happen
      You wana talk her go call her meet her i wont stop you from now
      Cry in front of her be a joke in front of them as you was before when they were betraying you putting cover photos
      Why its not going in your thick skull she is gone with another man who was jst a friend of her in your eyes
      Atleast he heard of his best frnd you never hear of anybody are we all mad here all are saying believe us everything will be allright trust us
      I knw now you dont trust anybody but have trust in God he is there he never overlooks anybody if you are in pain today you will be happy tommorow
      Keep the cell away from you at night and try to sleep atleast for an hour or two
      Eat food two times
      Keep your cell on dont be scared you are brave yaar
      If death is the solution then you are wrong
      Open yourself try to be allright dont remain alone at home and you remain alone daily
      Please ankit please
      She was jst a grl i know you loved her but she is gone now pls move on please

    102. Where the hell are you yaar
      I know you are not allright and you are hurting yourself by this crying
      Please switch on your cell and talk to me yaar
      What will you get by this???
      pls dont do this

    103. I know she is gone i cry because she is not going from my heart
      I switch off my cell because its her no. I always want to dial and talk but cant thats why my cell remains switch off always
      I know how i am controlling myself you all are just thinking i am doing too much
      I everyday at every time still thinks that she will be having dinner by now or will be sitting by ger father
      I dont want to but it comes to my mind automatically then another thought comes that whenever that bastard crossed his limits everytime i was hurt i just hided because she wont get hurt all those episodes keep revolving in my heart day and night
      That how she sweared to me to please stop on the name of trust. If crying is in my hands i wouldnt have dropped a single tear for her but its not and i cant control and its increasing with time
      You think i want to live with this severe headache all day or with what happened that day no you are wrong.
      Thats why i dont talk to you even i cant thats why i remain lonely
      and balveen i am sirry i repeated that thing again today but with two only nothing happened hahaha
      I am writing all this here because i knw she no longer read all this she dont give a fuck to me and want that all of you should get clear that all this gives me pleasure or pain and why i do it..
      Thats why i prefer dying
      Anymore questions or can i die now????

    104. We all understand you well
      But in this whole process you are hurting yourself only
      Accept she is gone and now you have to walk alone but the bad thing is you are still standing there where she left atleast try to take a step i know its not that easy but not that difficult either
      Please try to understand please
      And other thing recieved your mail i should not talk dirty about your ex that you dont like this you also mentioned not to tell anything about that here
      Then i am sorry i would talk like this only because she deserves only this whether she is watching it or not i dont care
      And if you are reading all this see what you have done done to him and he idiot dumbo is still thinking of you if nothing else stop praying for his death
      You have won in your game he cant be perfect again thanks to you
      and mr. ankit believe in god he will make everything allright

    105. Let me tell you one thing very straight
      I have left all the hopes that i will be better someday
      I know i will be crying everyday
      Cant be happy ever
      Have slept enough now its over now
      Is facing the consequences of trusting someone more then me laugh while crying what what you have done in love and all that went in a second
      The lonliness the darkness kills me
      Whatever you say will benifit only for an hour then it will become a living corpse again.
      I tried and tired of trying i cant do anymore i know the truth i cant be that ankit again

    106. try to understand ankit
      i know you loved her
      but she was a girl who played with you that cant be happy with one man
      otherwise a girl would have leave such a bastard a strain on best friends
      i also recieved your mail but will tell the truth only
      she is lying about you so cheaply then you dont get hurt???
      telling truth about her hurts you
      atleast if she loved you she wouldnt have gave her celk to that bc and would have said dont intrfere in his matter i will handle alone
      but these types of girls have brain in the money of boys that if i said this he will keave me then life alone on own footing noone to talk noone to have a roam with noone to drop and pick from college noone for gifts andfun of roaming with a bf whole day
      if she was so consious about the relation she would have left these black works very earlier and would have been with you
      but you are from a far away place who will come on one call like a dog swing his tail in front of her he was best alternative
      whatever you pray i dont think that they will be together started lying to each other in the initial
      what boy done is all what we know and have gone into relation with her sister
      he doesnt have a shame even your ex even a satan would think a thousand times before breaking that trust and barking like that
      she everytime enjoyed his attention and encouraged him for more
      you want to keep relation with such a girl
      man wake up yaar
      who doesnt realize she has done cheating and a blind trust is broken and even god cant forgive this sin do you think that she believed in god initially
      god was also used to keep you blind
      now please atleast dont hurt yourself for her
      and secondly please try to control say thatsca bad past came from a wrong choice
      you cant be with a girl who didnt knew her limits and can go to any extent...
      tc bro
      and keep your cell on dont worry

    107. Mr. Malhotra she has done bad to you ruined your life you still thinking of her
      I thought atleast on your blog you are strong but you are maiking to.other people
      And why cant you be strong its only four months we will overcome it very soon but crying you have to control
      Yesterday whole day and night you.know what you have done and from the morning i am sure you will be doing that only
      Yaar she is gone pls accept she was never yours that was just a delusion
      I know you cant forget her, her promises, her memories but pls control yourself
      If you die your old one will feel very bad she can never forgive herself so atleast for your old one try to be allright the same old one whose best things you always tell me and start crying
      For her try to live she said na she cant be happy by ruining anybodys life
      This new one is bad old one is still thinking about you praying to god that you will be happy and only then she can.forgive herself and i am sure you cant see her in pain
      You know if she remains in tension she devolps hypertension and her akki doesnt want that at all
      She is just lying to you that she is strong and new one from inside she is your old one.
      The one you always talk about with me and no other talk
      So not for us but for her pls.
      look at yourself full day severe headache and crying is it good?? and better concentrate on your book now

    108. Hmmm keep your cell switch on dial her no. And hear you are still alive??
      Yaar i dont think that old one will comr now ever tommorow it will be four months
      You all said dont cry its not in my hands i swear not an hour goes by even i try my best
      No old one i am alone nobody can fill her place and even i dont want anybody to fill her place either
      Only she deserved to be there nobody else
      So pls leave me where i am
      Dont worry will not call or text her whatever happens i will control
      Bye i will try my best
      Thanksca lot to evrryone
      Have a nice life and rohit help your ex as much s you can till hr marriage forgive her if you can and be a good friend never make her realize what she has done to you
      You also try to control drinking be good
      Tc all

    109. what about you bro
      you cant go like this
      you are not a bad guy bro believe me
      please try to be happy
      everytime she comes to mind divert yourself please
      i promise i will never say bad about your ex but only if you will be allright
      and i promise i will forgive my ex too
      if you want to call her then call her once talk to her if it give you relief not talking to her giving yourself pain will only hurt you
      give a try if she dont pick then leave to God

    110. call her??
      yup call her and say i miss you
      dying without you
      cant live without you
      and she will laugh
      she is very happy with her life dont want to trouble her
      plus if i say something to her that her bc says i am torturing her
      she even didnt realize what was that when was bitching in my relation by telling her i cant live without her and showing the cuts
      but yes torture is by me i am a dog
      that bc, bastard, mc everytime acted to get sympathy from her that i cant sleep i cant eat
      abused his dad to get sympathy from her and to talk more to her
      and later on sob did the same worrk by himself
      yes genes do transfer
      he was backstabbing everytime
      she even didnt realize how much i trusted her
      no bf allows but i allowed for her happiness but she has gone seen her own and his
      yes i hided my tears very well in relation will hide them now
      who cares about me yaar i am dead for everybody
      when its time to trust me i was leaved alone
      i promise i will try you dont say anything about her and forgive your ex bye no reply from now
      i wil not call anybody bye whether i die or live

    111. Ok do whatever you want bt please control yourself yaar
      You are crying from.3 days continously yaar
      Please ankit
      And i know you switched off your cell after my text
      You know crying so much not good for your eyes specially bcoz of that surgery
      Plus headache and your exam yaar pls ankit wake up yaar
      Ok the old one will never come but for your family atleast
      I know that you dnt wana your family to go through that once again for which you was blaming yourself
      So for them yaar
      Please yaar try to understand
      Dont depress you
      Eat more food not medicines
      Pls its a request and my last comment also

  9. Every boy has his unique type of gal....
    Unique love
    unique story
    unique frustration
    unique heartache.......
    But 1thing is common de way
    dey cry over de wrong gal.....!!!

    raman taneja

  10. people now a day think that they are in love only till then upto which they got a priority,when they realized that you are going to loss her.than that will not gonna workout.because if you love someone deeply from your heart than you cant't ever abuse a girl like this her prestige & reputation should be your first priority.
    Love is not matters till you are together love can be travel even after death in the heaven.

    1. @monin- nobody is harming her raputation its jst here everybody trying to find out what went wrong
      plus moreover if d other partner cheats you den d oder partner dont deserve dat respect i m.sorry
      everybody have self respect
      u lie cheat nobidy is dat gr8 dat he will not speak

    2. but buddy i think you should have to read all the wordings which he mentioned above. he allowed her to go just because of her happiness with this he got a great place & a very good reputation but all this just spoiled in a second when the people like you pernounsed that girl by saying cheap. whats this man how can that man be quite. can you able to answer this?

    3. i have referred my ex cheap not his cant u read it @monin

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. whatever it is my dear.i just got everything which you said above.but my dear indirectly you pointed out her Na?
      now don't back step what you said earlier. you don't need to clarify anything you just said what you felt but i believe the respect of a girl rise above from all of this.because all are having a sister & a mom too. i am not saying every girl is right now a days but you can't blame any girl in publicly like this.

    6. go to some english class frstly if u cnt understand plane english
      i reffered to my ex cheap wen she gave me dese tags n.i was happy to alone
      y should i refer to authors gf cheap even wen its not clear dat its a fiction or non fiction by the author

  11. @monin- i m sorry to interrupt but dis is not at all defaming d raputation of the girl or harming hdr feelings
    here no name taking is done no identity is shown
    ee dnt even knw if the story is real or not
    its jst a platform on which u can share ur thoughts
    everybody writes about love n people by reading that attracts towars it n majority do timepass
    very few write about breakups and make the world aware about the hardcore realities
    if you are thinking that these posts are wrutten for hsrming the raputation den i am sorry ypu are absolutely wrong
    all dese give a message, a leson or a story
    being a girl i can say dat it is npt for harming her raputation
    also its not that if you are in true love wid sum1 u cant say anything wrong about him or her dat tym is wrng everybody expects n if u dont treat ur love well den d oder partner will speak n its not wrong
    sorry if my opinions differ from u

  12. dear anchal are you a girl indeed or you pretend to be a girl if you are a girl indeed than you could not able to say like this.
    for you Anonymous or blank man whatever you are i just want to say you are not author here your tags etc does't matters here stand with your words & i don't need any english class language or spell does't matters but the words matters a lot please come down.

    1. excuse me english class comment was not by me but by sum1 else
      n i have no need to prove my identity to you who cant understand the plane meaning and the simple language of the author and all those who are commenting
      even ur profile seems fake by hiding whole of info n.jst a name

    2. my dear anchal are you an advocate or something here?
      i did not mentioned your name in English are going in a wrong i am not talking about you in that comment so just open your eyes & read again.i just want to say thanks for checking my profile that shows a lot my words are having strength which made you to look upon my profile.bye.

    3. no i m an business analyst fyi
      and no u r completely wrong ur words dont have strength but your baselesss arguments or points or talks forced me to have a look at your fake profile

  13. monin its not at all harming her reaputation or anything its just what everybody thinks of this most sacred word love may be by what they read in books or by their personal experience
    and you yourself said that not every girl is right, so how can you point hat the girl i am referring is right and the boy is wrong? why because of he attitude that no girl in a relation can be wrong and its boys fault always
    plus you said i earned a good reputation by watching her happiness, yes a very good which i cant forget my whole life, i got the reputation that i dont have guts to keep her happy otherwise i would not have sent her with him...yup she is right she have guts to cheat me, even swearing falsely of the person she use to call her husband, she have guts to continue talking with that man as like nothing happened i didnt have guts to keep her happy yes(didnt wanted to tell this but you forced me)
    isnt it harming my self respect
    in a relation everythng is narrated to a third person isnt it a strain to my raputatation
    or its just that like what Shakespeare said a women's tear can make anything possible
    yup men have no feeling only men are always in time pass relation

    1. i m sorry but when you give your full in a relation n even after that it happens and even den.he doesnt think if himself and jst saw her happiness u atleast dont deseve these kind of things
      the hurt of a breakup is not less n watching your lover with someone else is a thing which pains a lot
      and if one at that time doesnt thimk of this den i m sorry he doesnt deserve dat
      yup i am a bad guy if you think so u can mr. monin
      i m hurting her reputation
      but have you ever imagined why i turned into a devil
      you have a pet in your house even he deserves some respect from a man and i am a man i also deserve some respect
      even i have some self respect man

  14. Dont know whether these two stories of your are a work of fiction or are real lifr experiences one can one can really feel the pain after reading all this
    after reading the comments it appears to be a real life experience which i hope is not true
    honestly saying i havent been fallen on love with anybody in my life and i sometime feel bad about it that why there is no one to love me
    was just searching through google about some love posts for just time pass and came across your this post "A Thing Called Love"
    was surprised and speechless after reading the last three posts including the poem 'I Never Thought' and really didnt know what to comment
    with the beauty these are written one cannot say that all this is fiction but a real life experience or this is written with a beauty that it feels real
    hope the later is true
    and now no regret that i havent fallen in love in my life, now i think arrange marriage is much better, but for that even i am worried now
    thanks for the three lovely posts hats off.....
    Dr. Sonia

  15. Thanks a lot dr. Sonia for the appreciation
    Yes now a days awareness in love is must because it is being played as a national game
    Glad that a link from google dropped you here

    1. wanna ask ine thing dat is it a work. of fiction or non fiction
      i m so much confused
      n very curious to know
      Dr. sonia

    2. hahaha keep guessing dr.
      waise its a work of fiction
      its 21st century who can do so to a girl nobody trust anyone not even family members
      and its boys who.are in time pass relation girls always love from the core of the heart

    3. if its fiction its a perfect work i must say
      but you are wrong its not that always boys are in time pass relation
      i have spent 5 and a half years in girls hostel
      the ratio is equal from both sides what i suppose
      Dr. Sonia

  16. Very sorry guys but its an humble request to all of you specially Aanchal And Rahul not to comment as anonymous but from their real ids
    as some people who are afraid of hearing the truth cant believe that a wrong thing is wrong and are thinking its me who are commenting using different names
    I am sorry but if you can please comment via any of the accounts given in the comment box
    so that everything will be cleared
    P.s. One have to do this when word starts getting power...sorry

  17. I knw u r still reading all this jst wanted to tell u that i did all this to make you realize how it feels when someone who used to close to you do something like this to you by believing in third person
    You was with me for a year not he you knew me but you always formed d opinion what he told you
    I knw you didnt loved him for money same way i didnt sent u to him so that u fall in love with him and i have guts even today
    I would not have done all this if you have spoken the truth atleast after d relation and should not have allowed him to talk to me but you did what he said, given your cell to him to abuse me
    atleast u was the judge and u knew who was true
    And all you are saying that a true love can never say that that things i am not saying but he is saying on my name to remove his fears like the one year with me dialogue n the body dialogue
    U knew i trusted u blindly
    U know i loved you truly
    I wrote yesterday that you fell in love after watching car u cnt even sustain that for 24 hours and you called me have u ever thought how i am bearing all those things not even a time pass relation wants that his gf would fell in love with another
    Even i had feelings which were not taken care of in relation n not even afterwards and was hurt but you overlooked it many times and i didnt made you realize so that you dont get upset
    But even in doing this i used the truth only nobody was fake everybody was lOve hurt my good luck i got them on a page, u know a liar in this also commented by fake name and he was monin and he was nagma
    Guys u all pls stop no comments frm nw its over sorry
    One last thing i knw after all this you cant forgive me, neither can i and i am not even asking for one jst wanted that you should also know that the things u dnt do wen u r blamed of how it feels and how it hurts
    Dont know why i am writing all dis may be your tears on the phne i cnt handle because i didnt decided that i will write a comment later on but i am writing
    U think whatever you want to do watever you want to
    Just know i was the same person u thought of me till the date of our breakup an idiot who loved u and only you
    N still cant hate you i still love that you who cried after hearing from my friend that ankit will die after hearing this and today you yourself said that you are alive even after false swearing i still love that you with whom i fallen love into
    n i m still crying daily no drama
    But i know all these things dont matter to you now at all
    Tc bye forever

  18. love is all a time pass
    its your mistake you trusted blindly
    not her
    girls are like this only they dont think what you are to them how much trust you have on them
    they only see a rich person a car and the one doing for them
    thanks god you are not married
    how would you gurantee that she will be loyal even after marriage
    because she had no problem talking with a guy whom you hate
    atleast the person your bf hate you dont talk to him after he sleeps and everbody knows what types of talks you do when your bf is sleeping and the girl is with another boy late night alone on phone
    thanks god that you are saved otherwise after marriage you would have gone to a far off place and you would have heard such a thing that a friend cum brother is there and i am very happy with him love him'
    you yourself know what excuses she gave cant lead to another love
    if you adjust you talk dont start bitching with another guy
    everybody gives these types of excuses to save his or ass because you remained tru and loyal she cant find any genuine excuse
    you leaved all girls for her happiness
    and she invited many unknown boys for your happiness
    rest you are the best judge

  19. Breaking up is not the best solution. when there's a simple problem that can be fixed.
    A lot of partners break up for stupid and sillyexcuses, it takes sacrifice and communication to fix a problem. Remember the solution for headache Is not cutting your head off. If u really love a person u wouldn't have given up easily Nobody said life was easy. U have to be patient, understand one another and be committed. All relationships has problems. It just all depends if you are strong enough to get through them. Everyone has a
    Cross to carry. No relationship
    Is perfect.


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