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Sunday, December 23, 2012

God Justice Delivery System

Ahhnn! First of all before starting, I would like to clear that i am not an atheist and at the same time also not a strong follower of GOD. I am lying somewhere in the middle of these two, may be thats the reason I am Confused. I sometimes belives in him and sometimes questions his existence. I sometimes questions myself
Who Is God?

Is God a nice old man in the sky? A cranky being who wants to dish out "justice" on you? Is he like a human father or mother?

We are convinced, from Scripture, that God passionately loves you, even though he knows all the wrong stuff you've done. He wants to spend all eternity with you, and he has already prepared a place at the banquet table for you. He eagerly awaits for his long-lost children to come home, to rejoice in his grace and mercy, to enjoy their place in the family of love and joy.

Sometimes when any wish of mine doesn't gets fulfilled(a genuine wish), I start feeling that there is no God. It is just an illusion in his name. But at the same time then a thought comes in my mind that if there is no God, then why there are so many Temples, Gurudwaras, Mosques and Churches. These are the things you will find for sure whether you are in a village, a town or a big city.

From my childhood, I have heard

Do good, God is Watching.
If you do something wrong, you will be punished.......

Karam Karo, Phal ki Apeksha Mat Karo
(This is the essence of what krishnaji preached in Geeta.our duty is to do our karam with sincerity,honesty and to the best ability and let bhagwanji decide its reward.)

God is looking all the evils and good works you are doing and you will be punished and rewarded accordingly.

As stated ealier, that i am not a strong follower of God, so don't know rest of the preachings.
But is all this true??
Does God really punish for the wrong works we do??

I used to know a person, who every time before doing something, used to think that what I am going to do is right?? Will it be acceptable to God??
But when the same person did something which was more then the word 'WRONG', then that's person attitude changed to that IF he has done anything wrong, then that God will punish him accordingly.

All this forced me to think how the Justice Delivery System of God works??
I consulted two of my close friends
both argued in favor, that God is present and he punishes for all the wrong doing.
One of them said, that God will give you Punishment for your wrong doing, whether in this birth or the next birth.
I wasn't convinced with his answer for some reasons
One obvious reason like God, we are not sure of the reincarnation, so how can we say that.
He gave me some references from Geeta book, but I wasn't convinced at all.
Second reason for my not agreeing with his contention was that all of us believe that JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED
and in this case justice is not only delayed but the person to whom injustice was caused will not be in a position to know that whether justice is done to him.

The second friend have somewhat different opinion from the first
He said that all the wrongs you done, you will be punished in this birth only
This statement looked somewhat relaxing to me, but when i applied this statement in real life, again a feeling of confusion and sadness ran through my mind.
Because if God is so powerful then why He doesn't punish the wrongdoer instantly??
The Indian Judiciary system is regarded as a very slow system in providing justice, but why God is taking more time then the this slow system.

The contention of Indian Judicial System can be accepted that the delivery of justice takes a lot of time because it is principle of law that not even a single innocent person should be punished, but why the God Judicial System takes a lot of time, and that too when he is all powerful and knows who is right and who is right.

I have written all this because for the obvious reason, I was amazed to see the persons who never did anything wrong are suffering everyday, because somebody have done wrong to them. I have not seen only one such person and I am writing it here, I have seen many such persons.
And at the same time the persons who have done a lot of wrong to other people or are doing wrong to the other people even now are like the happiest creature of the earth.

Doesn't all this create a feeling in the mind that if we are to be punished in our next birth only, then whats the purpose of doing good??
Just do whatever you want, good or bad, just enjoy your life, you are not sure even that you will be punished or not??

So now I request God to please help me in giving answer to my this question. I am Asking this answer from God because this is the answer i looked for in Google(what I always do when i am in any dilemma), but was unable to find any satifactory response, was unable to find the answer in religious books also(though honestly I didn't consulted many), but seriously want an answer because I can't satisfy myself with do your work and don't expect anything, because when you do something expectations automatically occurs, and that's a normal things in human, may be not normal for a steriotyped person.



  1. I am also waiting for the answer to this question
    when you find an answer please tell me also :)

  2. hmmmmm....god z nt punish u for wrong doings uh r responsible for wat uh do.

  3. sometimes the best thing you do is not think,not imagine,not obssess JUST BREATHE N HAVE FAITH.....

  4. Karam karo, phal ki apeksha mat karo
    is just the 1st line............

    the 2nd line is, "agar sahi karam karoge to phal apne aap milega".

    he/she/it has a justice system.... my question is, who do we think we are to understand it.

    A dog/bat can hear sounds we can't... they still do exist, right?
    just bcoz we do not understand it, doesn't mean it is absent.

  5. The world is not a chaos it is a system. what ever is happenning to you today is because of your yesterday karma. what will happen to you tommorrow will be because of youe todays karma


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