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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In His Eyes

IN HIS EYES, yes the title again is expressing a love or a break up post, but what else a heartbroken boy think of, and all my dear friends must be ready by this time with their shoes in their hand and might be ready to target my head. But please relax, you can postpone your target practice probably by the next time.

After having a bitter experience, all I am able to write is only about love, feelings and breakup, from which many of my friends are obsessed. So I wanted to write something else, though those love and breakup posts and poems are still filling the space of "My documents" folder in my laptop, but wanted to post something different here, so, I sat down at my laptop trying to write down something. I didn't know what should I write about, so I searched for "blog post tips" on Google.  I read some advices about to close your eyes and many thoughts will come up into your mind, but this didn't work too, so I decided to go for a walk with Bruzo "my dog"  may be some of the thoughts will come up to my mind.

I walked through the streets and while I was crossing a street, a strange thing happened; Bruzo didn't  want to move and then he began to run  back from where we came ,I couldn't control him till I found out that he was running towards this young poor boy.

I was shocked, I thought he is going to attack him but what happened is that he stood infront of him, and what really shocked me that he didn't react or get scared either, he just looked at him with no fear and they continued looking to each other for about 10 seconds as if there's some sort of conversation between them.

I felt sorry for him although he wasn't terrified; I decided to give him some money. While I was searching for coins in my pocket, the chinking sound of the coins made him move his eyes to look direct to mine.

So I tried to give him some coins, he refused and started to run away, I was surprised!

Next day while I was walking I found him begging in the street, I wondered why he didn't want my money, so I decided to follow him with curiosity. I found that he lives with two other kids in a room, which brought to my mind that he is in a much better situation than most of the beggars out there; at least he is not homeless. I decided to wait until they leave the room.

When they left I entered the room ,I knew it might be dangerous but I just had this curiosity to know more about this  person,  the room was somehow empty , there was one blue mattress and a shelf divided into three parts with these names on each part " Ali,  Aisha, Sara", Sara's and Aisha's parts were empty but Ali's had books and sweets cover, while I was searching for nothing specific I heard this angry voice "tum yahan kya kar rhe ho, chor" (what are you doing here thief) I was terrified, I turned around and saw that girl which I assumed she must be one of the kids living here.

I told her to calm down and explained that I'm not what she think, "what would I steal anyway "came through my mind, I thought of making a deal with her so I gave her some money and then I asked her about her name, she hesitated answering my question at first but then she answered "Aisha".

Since my first deal worked, I tried to take advantage of it and told her "let's make a deal, I am going to give you more money if you answered my questions, do you agree? " Her eyes widened full of happiness and she agreed immediately, I proceeded "let's first go have a meal in someplace because I'm starving" and smiled to her while she was smiling back happily.

We went to my scooter and then she started to look at everything on the way with astonishment. I drove to a nearby Dhaba, she ordered food for herself with lassi and she was eating fast as if am going ask her for some of it, after she has finished; she looked at me and asked "Well, what is your questions?"

" Ali", tell me more about him, she laughed and said "King Ali", I was about to ask her why you are calling him a ki...., she interrupted me by saying "he thinks himself a good boy he collects books and he doesn't know even how to read, he cries every time someone call him a beggar, I don't know what he wants people to call him ,he bring the covers of the sweets from the garbage and acts as if the teacher in his school gave them to her because she got a good marks in the class and he always thinks that one day his life is going to be like those in movies."

That was enough for me, I gave Aisha the money as promised, and then left her and remembered every time I looked to with disgust, and then I felt sorry for every kid I might have hurt before, what if we treat them good, what if I was him, while I was drowning in my thoughts; I heard a voice calling my name "King Ali".

I wasn't sleeping but I was dreaming I found out myself in front of a boy with a dog and ran to Aisha who called my name without taking the boy's money and I heard this boy saying" weird, he looked like a beggar" and then I knew that whatever you imagine my life is, your imagination won't lead to any change to mine because you have lots of good things in your life to care for, I know I can't be him, I just wanted to be in his eyes.



  1. This is such a beautiful writing. Telling the story of a beggar, who loves reading more than food. I am quite impressed by you Ankit. BTW, does Google actually provide you tips for blog topic, I have to search now.

  2. I hope you won't mind me sharing this on my Facebook Page.

  3. Thanks a lot mam
    its really a pleasure to hear all this from you:-)
    and oops my blogging secrets are coming out;-)
    and it will be great hinour for me if my post finds a place on your facebook page:-)

  4. Extremely good piece Ankit. You expressed the anguish really well.

  5. A touching post... Even better now that you have edited it.

  6. Sorry to ask this I wanna copy this man!..dont worry I will add ur name to credits..hehe. I really got inspired so much that I felt I should make a shortfilm on keepin this as base.i like to take a 15 min to 20 min film where in that I wanna use this scenes..if I m going to do that for sure.i will ask ur permission legally found ur ph home page..u r writing awesome man.plz continue it..the best thing u did was saying her that u were starving instead of asking her!u r really a grt bro.


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