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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Love Catastrophe

Love Catastrophe
By reading the title of my this blog, if anybody is anticipating a poignantly debilitated love story or hoping that I will be unveiling my secret tragic love affair, they can stop now.  There is nothing happening in my life or happened in life worth mentioning. The last event I mentioned about my love story was liked by many people who never turned to my blog when they were actually supposed to and after then they commented by many fake names even.  The life of the cook of my mess is more happening than mine.

As I was walking alone on my university road, I become more and more aware of my augmenting frustration as I see more and more holding hands appearing from nowhere. Makes me wonder why I'm alone and what I have done wrong in and I always found myself fighting a losing battle within myself for an answer. Yesterday I had my exam and I was fighting with myself in the exam also which resulted that I had the worst exam ever and I also forgot my roll no. in the exam hall. Thanks to all this process
While coming back to home, I saw an elderly couple holding each other hands. It was so overwhelming and sweet that I would melt a stone. Even though I did notice both cringing while holding their hands, but still it was sweet. Considering how old they were, holding hands felt more like mutual necessity than a romantic endeavor. Nevertheless, this great display of helping and supporting each other in febrile state will be an ideal awakening, for any other heartbroken boy, to find someone and get settled but for me the sight was obstinately GROSS.
In my happy days I wrote a post named  Birth...Relationships...Death...Or is is something MORE ??
in which I have written -
We either live or lose. They say, live each moment, and if you don't, you lose each moment. Then why not love each moment!! Love it, when your getting it when you wake making even your nature's being having a losing someone ‘cause maybe this is better way of showing gratitude for whatsoever they must have done for us. Love everything you do ‘cause thats the only way you can do your best. Love everyone! Thank everyone…even the rickshaw-puller who drops you home…the man who washes your car..and even the post man who climbed a couple of stairs to deliver an important message to you. All these help. It makes their day. Why would they do these things for..?? You haven't obliged them in any way. Just a simple smile and a kind word of gratitude may help. Love life..and life will love u!

I don’t know all this helps or not but I tried to put up this thought in my life especially at the time when I was going through that pain, I never made her realize her mistake. May be she was also amazed by my behavior. But in this whole process I forgot one point which I didn’t even mentioned in that post either that even after doing all this never expect anything in return not even a simple line of truth. The incident happened earlier no doubt changed my life, but this one which happened afterwards changed my life a lot and brought me to other corner of knowing new people. In this whole process I met other side of the girl I loved more than me and still can’t stop loving her.
May be I forgot at that time that only a stereotyped person which I was before, I was supposed to be that only afterwards.
So today with this post I am expressing my gratitude to all the persons who have touched my life. Thanks a lot specially to that two persons who showed me the new meaning of just friends, best friends, brother-sister, true love, time pass relation, blind trust, having two faces, lying to any extent to get sympathy, ruining a relationship, ruining a life etc etc list is long enough. Thanks from my heart to all other persons who have helped me and are helping me till now and have realized me the reality of life.


  1. Beautiful post!!!
    And now you are ready for where I am adding you on Facebook.
    Gratitude is everyday in everything. Even the tree that gives you shade is worth being grateful for.

    The people who "work" for us, even on our pay, are not our servants. They are giving us service for our pay. It is like the CEO of any company who is paid by the consumers for the goods/services that they give us. Be grateful to anyone and everyone and everything and anything.

    1. ..... a lot janhvi for the comment and adding me to the wonderful group
      yes you are right be thankful to everyone but at the same time dont expect anything in the return
      you will get more then you deserve even.without expectation if that person is not a cheap person

  2. Sir,superb written...So deep and so good I loved the lines that we either live each moment or Lose each moment...Its deeply influential...Lovely...

    1. thanks a lot
      glad you dropped by
      but one thing more important is that its very difficult not impossible in life to implement these lines in your life
      at some point you reach your breaking point and you start expecting and you have to start again from zero
      dont expect just go on....

  3. superb peice of writing....
    you must write a novel
    loved whole story expect for the part thanking that two persons who dont deserve it
    because i very well know that you are pretending to be strong here but whats your condition is in reality and they both moreover your ex is more responsible for that
    dont harm yourself give your exams with cool mind and get her out of your mind for that 3 hours atleast

  4. hahahaha
    Thanks a lot
    but this time you are wrong i am no more that ankit
    I have changed alot and not at all care about my past...
    and i am very happy

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. hahahahaha lie to me but not to yourself mister
      yesterday late night at 1, i received your e mail which you have sent to rahul and accidentally forwarded to me also which even you dont know
      after reading that i can very well assume how much happy you are,
      you think about your past or you remain there always, what harm you are doing to yourself i can very well imagine
      anyways its your life, live it as you want and ruin it the way you are ruining it

    2. you are perfectly allright waiting for a call that will never ever come,
      you know why she left but still cant forget her for a minute even,
      you are having severe headache all day long and cant write in exams even, left the exam in half time,
      you know you was right even then you cant sleep in the night
      yup mr. perfectionist
      well done

  6. you are going towards the next level of writing
    great work it will be more great if you.dont include those two persons in your posts which were your past and dont belong either to your present or your future
    you include them in your every post write your mind out but dont allow yourself to be down
    i very well know what it takes when you write about such people of your life, you want to get it out from your mind so that it dont stress you more but the tears while writing the posts stops you
    so it will help but not much
    instead of it try to calm yourself and try to forget the past

    a psychology student
    reading your posts from a long time

    1. To whoever you are, thanks. He really needed to hear this from someone apart from me and his other friends, as he doesn't take us as seriously.


    2. ok i will try my best
      its just that if i keep all this inside then i dont think i can cut off my headache

    3. @janhvi- if i dont listen to Janhvi Pant and my other friends, then let me correct you i dont listen to anyone ;P

  7. gud 1...even m olso thankful to ppl wo just walked away..


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