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Monday, December 31, 2012


30th December 2012,
evening while surfing net I received a friend request of a girl with 9 mutual friends...I thought of checking out her profile...the very next moment I enlarged her profile pic...I was jaw dropped...omg...its "HER"..."MY FIRST CRUSH"...!!

Suddenly I went to flashback...Its been almost 13 years but still I remember each and every moment spent with her...I was in 4th standard when I noticed her for the first time...she was my classmate...the most popular girl in our class...she was beautiful and intelligent...I still remember she used to take part in all class activities whether it was ..or public speaking...I was attracted towards her...actually it was a bit more than "SOFT CORNER"...!!

But at that time I was a geek type boy...whose main aim was just to be a good student nothing else...may be that's why she didn't noticed me much...I could feel that somehow...Secretly I did many things for her...I still remember whenever she used to miss her classes due to her co-curricular activitiez it was me who used to give my notes to her...I felt so good when she used to sit with me in the school bus...I still remember I used to hate sitting with any girl in my class but whenever we were seated together I just used to love it and secretly thanked my teacher for that great deed as it used to make my day...there was always a cute smile on my face whenever she was somewhere near...I used to gain her attention by either talking a bit louder or by laughing out loud...I still remember when we were made the class monitors together and I used to stand with her and feel so was the best time ever really...!!

All these things continued when in 5th standard she left school...although she was just a friend but she was the one whom I missed the most and whom I still remember...moments spent in school life were actually the best and the most nostalgic moments which one could cherish throughout their lifetime...I wish I could get hold of time n get my school life back...but since life is all about moving on even I moved on with time and buried all her memories in some corner of my heart but who knew that he would again enter my life...thanks to Mark Zuckerberg for this...!!
First Crush is someone who is one of the most special and unforgetable person in a boy's life...its actually one of the most beautiful experience being a child and feeling for someone...its very cute and sweet at the same time as it is blendid with innocence...because that's the first time when we understand what this feeling of love is...what this feeling of getting attracted towards someone is...its something really close to heart and extremely special...!!
While thousands of things n golden memories were flashing in my mind at that moment...I
simply clicked "ACCEPT" and smiled thinking that life is really beautiful and worth living and cherishing each and every moment...!!
As soon as I clicked accept button, I heard a female voice to wake up its 10 am.
Ahnnn I was dreaming, when I opened my eyes my mom was standing in front of me... my mom appeared to me like a Shiv Sainik catching the unmarried couples on the valentines day and  I was having the same feeling a couple might have at that time.
I wished her good morning.. she leaved the room and I rubbed my eyes and I was still thinking of her
My eyes turned to my laptop lying by my side. I immediately switched it on and logged in my facebook account, because I have heard the early morning dreams always come true and I think 10 am is early morning in last days of december in northern India.
and when my fb opened up it showed 7 notifications...but who care them about now....slightly left 2 new messages.... ahnnn I don't care... little more left... yes there was one friend request.

I was feeling like a king, very happy
My hands got more cold don't know because of the winter or the request

I clicked on the friend request
and the king started feeling a beggar after finding that it is of my neighbor Sharma uncle's son.

Oh! what a waste of excitement....
I didn't liked him from the first time I saw him because he greeted me as uncle the very first time we met, i forgave him somehow that day but from today he is my biggest enemy.
thank God his DP was behind the laptop screen otherwise I would have killed him.

P.S.- A very Happy and Prosperous New Year to all of you. Have a rocking 2013


  1. Hahahaha
    Nicely written
    Best of luck for your next dream:)


  2. hahahaha gud 1 .... hope uh got her request soon ;)

  3. Review time! Grammar ALERT!

    And as for first crush... it is unforgettable for a gal too....

    Why do you not find her by name? Or was this post pure fiction?


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