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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Still Sleeping??? (Delhi Rape Case)

Delhi Rape Case is a common news now. The purpose behind this post is not at all to bore you once again with the facts and with the request of showing sympathy to the family. I decided not to write anything on this, but i was getting many invitations of candle march against the accused and to change the thinking of men, in various cities. This forced me to think that do we still feel this 'Rang De Basanti" step will be of any use now?? Though it helped a lot in granting bail to editors of Zee news, who were detained from a long time, but will it do any good in changing the thinking of those shameless persons who do this??
I seriously don't think so.

Hearing of corruption and all each day didn't bothered me much... But recent rape case, the delhi case make me think again of where am I living... A city Delhi known as dil waalon ki Delhi... India of which we are proud of our sanskriti and respect to others... No not at all... That event was a shocking one...I know this post might sound offensive to a huge number , but its true. I might be banned or removed on grounds of abusing religious communities too......

When I heard about Delhi's recent gang rape case , I felt outraged. I was forced to think once again that India is the name of a land where women are taught to wear clothes sensibly , to maintain distance from other sex , to avoid roaming around after sunset. But men are not taught to respect the women kind. I am living in a civilization full of double standards. To summarize things , we are the only culture that hails women as goddesses in temples. But no one needs to feel proud of that , for that's just till nightfall. After that we want them on our beds.

I believe that you can teach humans through sermons , but not animals. You need to use their language. Simply put , if a woman's honor is beneath her clothes and a man's "prize" rests beneath her legs , then it should be remembered that a man's honor according to "our glorious civilization" is exactly at the same spot. I suggest that the people accused of this gang rape be castrated in open public. So that the whole country knows that these criminals are not eligible for a "marriage" now.

I am not saying anything new or western style here, as a law student i have read Such punishments were used to given in such crimes a long time ago in India... and now a days if you search a little in Google, you will find that in some African tribal regions this 'law' is going on till now..

No amount of body covering will reduce the rape counts...Its not the clothes that is filthy but the mindset of men that is.
And no amount of praying will change it...Sense of respect to be inculcated from childhood and strict actions against such so called males who in truth are eunuchs...Let the coming generation see and live in a safer place

And the rudimentary people who think that this rape was a result of giving excessive freedom to women, then let me correct you This rape was not an outcome of freedom given to women. It was an outcome of irrational amount of freedom to the men that was handled in the wrong sense.This rape seems like a consequence of letting out a few carnivores into the open.

What happens when you unleash a few animals who've starved for flesh since ages onto a pile of meat ?? You don't call the "meat" guilty for being so tempting or attractive or even "tasty"

The way things are going in Delhi, soon Metro will announce, "Agla station hai Molestation.... Sad but true.

We punish people quickly for putting and liking statuses on fb but not for raping
if police are half as quick in chasing criminals as they are in arresting artists under Sec 66A of IT Act, it would be a different india.
Hope i dont get arrested for sayin against that fucking act(irony of india)..

In this country where a terrorist comes and threatens us and kills many people in front of everyone stays like a king in jail who is going to take any step against these idiotic creatures( i wouldn't even call them human)... in 72 hours 3 cases have been registered in delhi itself. one case with 6 year old gal. its a shame on us where we boast about the culture of our country...

These guys bring down the glory of India we are asked to be proud of..

And heights of diplomacy is that even if the women manage to survive post such incident then the same society which is discussing the issue makes it more difficult for them to live with pride they will be punished all life for no fault of them and would not be accepted or respected as bride or daughter in law...she will have to fight even harder for everything and the culprits would be sentenced for few years or with some fine but would lead a normal life...
why always the victim in these cases has to pay the price...
she didnt wanted it in d first place!!!
its the culprits who should be punished and that too in such a way that noone would dare commiting such a crime!!!!!

I , for one person , think - Is it a girl's fault that the stains of the rape are left on her body ?? And they in turn ruin her life ??

I think even God has favored men somehow over here. Not proud of it at all.

I feel that things like length of clothes , drunkard males , safe states are just statistical detours good for debates and maybe presentations , but they will never find a SOLUTION.
I don't think drunk people think about laws when passed out in alcoholic intoxication. Seen a million of them. Dhananjay Chatterjee was hanged. Did it do any good?
Killing a rapist on the spot or burning a man who has poured acid on a gals face alive are not solutions. The time of Reformative theory is gone, its time again for the for the deterrent theory of punishment which advocates for tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye

They will die and maybe fear what they did in their last few moments of life. But it won't restore the girls' face and faith in themselves. I'd want them to live to teach others a lesson.

Have You have watched Aladdin cartoons as a kid ?? The genie once remarked: "Death is not the last pain. You'll be surprised what you can live through."

From personal experience (I am not a rapist but I suffered an incident that has put my life on a standstill), I suggest that the rapist be castrated. The guy who burnt the girl's face shud face the same end. In a very animal like language , I say: "Now , there are two people who suffer from the same trauma. The one who was actually wounded can find peace that even the man who changed her life is now suffering the exact same fate."

Just like when the DPS gals MMS case brought and blamed technology in the witness box. I recall reading a very interesting remark there:

"The negative manifestations of technology are never stored on a chip. They live inside the nerves that carry these impulses to our brain."

We need these foul ministers to represent us.

Middlemen agents to raise our voices.

I'll put a comedy in the midst. Hope you don't feel offended.

Americans have got hero in Spiderman.
We have soooo many gods to guide us like Hanu-man.

They realized that a superhero comes from within the society. He is not a God created in the sky. But we still need someone to break the glass door like filmy hero and save the girl. Pathetic thinking and stand taken by the "audience" thereand what we can change is not just the rapist's but also every male's attitude.

Its not done by asking - "What if this happened to your sister ??" etc etc.

Its done when people realize that a woman is not just a beautiful looking mass of flesh that is meant to be consumed. She is a person like you and me. Hence she deserves every right and freedom of choice that you and I enjoy.

We all know what will happens now, people will talk about dis for a week or two and will make it a huge issue , then they get adjusted to their day to day life...... leaving the girl and her family to suffer all alone and cope with dis for the rest of her life.... and the guys will easily be out on bail ............ This is the only thing which people can expect in India. Every mother will be making her girl understand to be more careful, like don't go out in the night, don't hang out late after this incident but no mother will make her son understand not to see any girl in that way.. and atleast start respecting girls.... 

Its not only that the government should take steps, we also have to do our bit. Its not at all that I am safe, my family is safe. I have nothing to do with this.Come out of the Rang de Basanti era and Enter the time of Gangajal Movie like revenge. Wake up now, if you see any such incident or any wrong, have guts to fight against it, even if the victim is not known to you, if can't fight inform the police at least or alert the surroundings. Do your bit, and try to make a change and don"t forget this incident and don"t adjust now please. Adjustment time is gone.

P.S.-  If you live in a free country and yet cannot leave it in any direction because those surrounding you are not free, then are you really free or in a prison with rights and liberty with no where to go? Think on this.
If my blunt comments have hurt anybody's sentiments please note these words were meant to challenge them, and pardon my language, but this kind of language is the need of the hour now.



  1. Am a loss of words... a strong post! And a needed one!

    1. ...... a lot Janhvi
      this is the first post I have written not for any comments or publicity, but what i felt after this particular incident.

  2. Its sad. I think law and order will always have its limitations. I agree with you, we need to culture the minds. I did a little bit of research on the topic and found some facts that support what we are saying -, please do take a read...

    1. Manish dont you think that its time to chnage the limitations of law into assets
      read your post
      very nice and true
      Thanks for dropping by

  3. Hey your post.. a strong one indeed!! do u mind if I share your post on our page:

    1. Thanks a lot Mohit
      You are free to share, but pls provide a link to this page along with the post


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