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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Why should I be silent till now???

It was Sunday, I heard that a girl is raped in THE NATIONAL CAPITAL DELHI. I felt very bad and thought that may be the government should now take some hard steps against these criminals, though the government was silent after what happened in haryana a few months before. Like a citizen of democratic country, I trusted my government to the full and waited for the government's reaction.

But when Monday came, i was amazed that government was busy in discussing about the issues of FDI. Next day came and I found that Government found the reservation in promotion of lower castes more important then all the women of my country. I was still waiting that when the most important bill is finally passed may be the government now think of the women. But government was only giving assurances, but was doing nothing except some promises.

I waited till Friday for the government action, but the government was more then busy in doing all the unimportant work and was neglecting the most important task. The government may have forgotten by that time that its no more the issue of the family of the girl who was raped, it is the matter of whole country now. the respect of all the women of my country was at stake now, but why should the government care now?? They are in the power now and are enjoying why should they worry about my wife, sisters and daughters now??

But my patience now exploded and I finally decided to protest against all this. I gathered some of my friends, posted the event on Facebook. I was able to collect a large number of people who still worry and respect about the pride of the women of the country. We all decided to protest peacefully. It was Saturday morning, and was very cold outside. The Sun also didn't wanted to join us in this protest and there was no sun and weather was very foggy. We all very frightened that will more people will join us in this cold weather. Because nobody want to ruin his weekend by joining such protests. And when I finally reached the place from where our protest was to begin, I was shocked to see something strange there. I saw thousands of people were standing there with candles and slogans in their hands. Tears came in my eyes after watching all this. I was sure by this time that now the government will awake by seeing such a large number of people standing together to grant hard punishment to those culprits.

We all started moving on the streets peacefully for supporting our demands. All this reminded me of the protest of "Rang De Basanti" movie. we all moved peacefully on the places. But as its said that what happens in movie sometimes happen in real. The same happened with us. The police tried to stop us. But we all were united for a cause, a cause to give a severe punishment to the people who have done this to my sister. None of us stopped. But what the government led police done was shocking. The whole police tried to stop the protest by showering water on us. May be the government was comfortable with the rape happening on the roads but was not comfortable with the peaceful protests. But even then nobody stopped, and why should anybody stop because the man leading our protest was carrying the famous quote by Christopher Lasch---

"We are all revolutionaries now, addicts of change".

The police then started blowing lathis on the people. Government didnt worried whether a boy or a girl, all were beaten with lathis. Two lathis also hit me, one on my shoulder and one on my back. The government was watching all this like a mute spectator. The women were beaten in the march organized for the safety of the women. What a great show by the government. Even this couldn't stop us because now its the matter of our sisters and friends.

Every possible effort was done by the government to suppress the voice against the wrong. The police also used tear gas to suppress a matter which left the tears  in the eyes of every citizen of the country. Everybody who was watching all this on television was shocked by the reaction of the government. The police was successful in dispersing our protest on the very first day and we all went home.

I felt very disappointed with all this that happened. I reached home, and went straight to my room. I looked at the marks on my body left by the lathis. they were paining a lot but was nothing compared to the pain that girl might have suffered during that incident and even after that even now. I switched on my television and heard that the girl is recovering and gave a very bold statement to the police. This made me forgot all the pain and the tiredness I had after that showers of water and for the protest. I reached for my cell and once again requested to all the people to assemble once again on Sunday and I prayed for that girl

"That you will have to survive. A nation prays for you. Even the Gods won't be able to take you."

We decided that this time we will not be silent, If the police tried to stop us we will give a strong answer to the police. and why should we be silent by now??
Government can easily and quickly pass a law increasing their salaries and other increments then why not a quick law for the safety of the women of the country.
In one country I will not tell u a name. Couple of kids died because their parents left them in a car and they got suffocated. It didn't took government to announce a law within two days. A harsh law that you can not leave kids in the car for a single second. Why it takes India 100 years to give safety to people. But then i thought that in a country where ministers are caught watching porn in the assembly, hope is little. But its there.

Sunday morning came and I left the house and the scene was different today. Yesterday we were youngsters only and today there were many aged people now. We all were happy that some aged people, more experienced than us, spared their Sunday to join us. We started from our place and I heard a female voice "(laughing) nahi bulaayi in logo ne...reporters kahan hain?". I moved towards her. A female, early 30s, expecting, standing at d roadside, munching on bhelpuri, to my surprise, was mocking at the march with her husband. Both were pointing and mocking at random people in the march. I couldn't stop myself, went up to her and said "ye sab isliye ho raha hai ki aap safely is andhere mein ghar pahunch jaaein, aur aapko bachate hue aapke husband duniya se paar na ho jaaein."....i came back, joined the protest, with a thought in mind..."kya aise logon ke liye hum yahan hai...ya inki vajah se".

But what happened afterwards attracted the media also because the police tried to stop us and we didn't stopped. Government has imposed Section 144 immediately so that no more then four people can assemble, but if they cannot protect our women then why should we stop now?? The police blew lathis on us and we finally stopped being peaceful. Gandhi jis call for non violence didn't worked first day, so today we resorted to violence. We attacked the police back. PCR van came to stop us we broke the van. The Police was trying to do the best to stop us, but we decided today we will not go back to home until government do something. Today four lathis hit me but the pain is bearable now. We all said we will not stop. The government requested us to be peaceful but why should we be peaceful by now?? If the government is not doing anything, why should we not ask what is just for us.

We all decided that if the police will do what they were ordered to do. Well then , we should also do what we MUST do. Snatch lathis , the tear gas bombs. Water cannons are useless ; prefer cricket bats / hockey sticks.
If need be , break heads too.
We realize that only reason things go so far was that because we didn't bother to react....until TODAY. The situation has come to the point where we are governed by such people. The police has attacked the male and female protestors too.
I don't think I need to say anything further. Make the police forces run from the very area. If one unit is taught the lesson , the next will tremble with fear and all this is what we have done and finally the government agreed to make an amendment in law soon and may be the capital punishment will be given to them. So finally we realized that when ""Ghee seedhi ungli se na nikle, to ungli tedi karni padti hai"("We will either find a way, or make one!").


P.S.- Who am I?
I am the common man. I am the one who have a mother, a wife, a sister and a daughter. I am the one who was silent when the government increased the price of a gas cylinder, increased the price of petrol every other week. But when the matter came on the respect of my sister, of my wife, of my daughter, of my mother I resorted not to sit silently at home, but to hit the street against the government. Instead of watching Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl which was shown on television on sunday, thought of joining Ladies vs. Indian Govt. everywhere else. Choose a face from those protesting, I am that man, the stupid common man.


  1. I am speechless after reading all this
    great post and a true voice of a common man


  2. great job ankit...hatts off to ol dose ppl wo unite together..really no words for deir unity.


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