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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Is there really a Karma system?? II

In pune right now and I have never thought that I will write from here but as said that a man.learns a lot at every walk of life, same way I also learned a lot. As I had to change my train in delhi, I was waiting at the platform for the train ann then a person came crawling in front of me with both of his legs dead. He had a backpack on his back probably containing some clothes. No, he havent came there for begging showing his dead legs. He was there waiting for his train. He sat there on the floor near to me even though the chair left to me was vacant but was no use for him.

I thought of giving him some money but stopped myself that he may feel bad that due to his legs I treated him like this. A few passerbyes who were waiting for the train also accumulated near him and started asking many questions from him from which I came to know that he is of 32 year of age and had polio from birth. I know what difficulties he might have suffered during these years bt he had a constant smile on his face and he anwsered a question very beautifully when someone asked him isn't it difficult to travel like this, that atleast I am alive, and nothing is difficult if I am alive. He had a smile on his face

Then i was forced to think what his karma is?? What wrong he had done to others that he is handicap from his birth?? Is he suffering the wrongs of his previous birth??(as many of us generally think specially when we have no obvious statement favouring this unproved theorem of Karma).

With this two more thoughts also came in my mind

First, we all have seen Amitabh Bachan advertising that we are a polio free nation now. Not even a single case in last decade. I knw this is a great achievment for our country to be proud of... but at the same time can't we now concentrate on producing a medicine which can cure polio so that people like mohit(the name of guy i met) can walk on his legs and can feel proud. So that he don't feel low when people looks towards him with sympathy.

Second thought I came up with is for us youth who try to end their lives after being dumped by their gf's or bf's or fails in exam or whatever the reason may be. That why we are not thankful for the life we have, the things we have, the possessions we have and why only we are critisizing life or ending our life for the one thing we have lost or we don't have??

Don't do anything thinking what God will think. God doesnt punish anybody whether you kill a person, ruin his life, his family life. Its only your inner conscious your inner voice which you should listen to. But not at all play with your inner voice, have seen some person playing with it because if ever you play with it you will be at loss eventually.
Be thankful for what you have. At that moment after watching mohit's condition I thanked god that for whatever I have in life. I know its not perfect but atleast far better then many

P.S.- This is after a lot of time I am posting my post without any picture. I wanted to click the photograph of Mohit but didn't clicked because I didnt wanted that he should feel that he is downtrodden or weak. I could have easily pick any image from google but I preferred to post it without any photograoh because according to me no one can take place of that man who even after suffering a lot has a smile on his face, a smile that can motivate many.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Is there really a Karma system ?

From the last few months a question is revolving in my mind - Is there really a karma system ? If it is there why is it there and is it really fair ? Is it really the way that we see it today? Just two days before I and a friend of mine were talking about Karma - wherein he said that whatever bad happens it happens because of past karmas. I vehemently opposed him and it was completely out of the blue - whatever I said was just a flow of what my heart really believed - I have always believed that if you are doing something good do it, because you want to do that good - not because u will get some punyas [many do for that reason] and if you don't do something bad, don't do it because you believe it is bad and not because you will earn bad karmas [again many don't do it because they are scared, though that fear has constantly reduced over the ages]

I feel that many just use the term "Karma" just to escape reality - just to escape from accepting the truth - what justice would be there - when a child is killed immediately after birth just because it was a girl - what was her karma ? One can say that it was her past karma - then what is the use of just being born and dying immediately - What about kids that are molested by their parents - what was their fault - and these kids grow more screwed up in their heads - in short leading to more bad karmas - Like this I can list out various scenarios that my mind throws up wherein i have no answers towards it.

Thousands are dying around us - Tsunami's, Earthquakes, Forest Fires, Hurricanes - Everytime we look up and question GOD. Should we ? Is that right ?

I told him that I believe that God is only interested in our spirtual life, not in our materialistic life, I don't believe that he is interested in whether we pass our examination or get a good job or earn money. I don't believe that there is an accountant sitting up there and keeping a count of how much good or bad we are doing. I believe that if we are spirtually stronger than automatically we become morally strong, automatically we don't do wrong, automatically we care about our environment, our surrounding. And we start understanding what happens, just happens, there is no rhyme or reason behind it. We need to just take it in our stride and prepare better for the next time. We are responsible for everything materialistic that happens around us and no one else - For some reason this logic makes sense to me more than anything else. God is there spirtually helping us to discover our inner self and make us better individuals - but thats it.

Everyone kindly give your inputs on it - As I have heard - start a controversy and you will learn more And I know this is a controversial topic and a topic that will benefit all of us. Please think before you answer.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Who is to be blamed?

"I don't fear my government. I fear my fellow citizens."

Forgive me if I’ve already offended you with this beginning of this post, but Yes after hearing of some things from the past this is what I feel now. Hearing of corruption and all each day didn't bothered me much. But recent rape case, the delhi case made me think again of where am I living... India of which we are proud of our sanskriti and respect to others. No not at all. I felt outraged. I was forced to think once again that India is the name of a land where women are taught to wear clothes sensibly , to maintain distance from other sex , to avoid roaming around after sunset. But men are not taught to respect the women kind. I am living in a civilization full of double standards. To summarize things , we are the only culture that hails women as goddesses in temples. But no one needs to feel proud of that, for that's just till nightfall. After that we want them on our beds.

And when I heard of the incident of the horrifying shooting in Connecticut I felt that because of the inescapable reach of media, mass killings affect virtually everyone. While the victims and the ones who loved them suffer terribly, the rest of us may feel a combination of many emotions: grief (through empathy), fear, disbelief, curiosity, fascination, and even a thrill at seeing the commotion caused by what happened. Each horrific event puts us on a new emotional binge.But that's natural because at the same time, "We" love to feel sorry for people and their lost ones. We love to have something to feel bad about.

After shootings like the one in Newtown, the media descend excitedly on the crime scene, and the public tunes in to see and hear the latest details. It’s like rubbernecking at the site of an accident on the highway; we do it because we want to, either to satisfy curiosity or to fulfill some visceral need for morbid stimulation. Then we find out about the killer and the circumstances of the murders, and we argue righteously about how our society has to change. Doing this may actually make us feel good.

But the main question which arises is that who is to be blamed for all this. Yes I too want to play the blame game as everyone else plays after such and everyone is playing till today. Just like after the Delhi rape case there's a blame war raging. The BJP's blaming the Congress. The Congress is blaming it's Police force.The police force is blaming the society. The society is blaming the party in power. And so, like passing the parcel, everyone's shifting their baggage of responsibility to the next person.

Have we ever thought who is Behind a Rapist :- Behind every rapist is he himself who could not control his beastly emotions but he is not the only one. Because, behind every rapist, - is a Father who treated his wife as a slave. - is a Mother who meekly followed her husbands whims. - is a Sister who kept quite or even supported her brother who harassed other girls. - is a friend who thought it is cool to tease a girl and even cooler to rape her. - is a Grandmother who sees her newborn Grand-daughter and gets depressed. - is In-laws who harasses their daughter-in-law for dowry. - is Education System which offers advanced courses of Physics, Chemistry and Biology but doesn't offer basics on sex education. - is a TV serial where female lead is devising plans of consummation of her marriage even when she knows her husband loves somebody else. - is a Novel which portrays weakness of a woman as her sacrifice for her family and her meekness as a virtue. - is a Patriarchal System which preaches that woman has little to none rights in decision-making. - is alcohol/drugs which makes one insane. - is News Channel which broadcasts rape news as an entertainment. - is a Politician who thinks that child marriage will solve the rape problem. - is a Lawmaker who came up with biased laws against the victim. - is a Legal System which has a provision for rape victim to marry her rapist. - is a Society which over-rates sex and takes pride in depicting woman as a sexual object.
....and in the end, behind every rapist is Me and You who shout at top of our lungs "Castrate, Life Imprison, Hang in Public, Burn, Cut one hand and a leg of a rapists" for 5 days and then forget everything and get on with our life.

No amount of body covering will reduce the rape counts. Its not the clothes that is filthy but the mindset of men that is and no amount of praying will change it. I feel that things like length of clothes, drunkard males, safe states are just statistical detours good for debates and maybe presentations , but they will never find a SOLUTION. I don't think drunk people think about laws when passed out in alcoholic intoxication. Seen a million of them. Dhananjay Chatterjee was hanged. Did it do any good? This rape seems like a consequence of letting out a few carnivores into the open. What happens when you unleash a few animals who've starved for flesh since ages onto a pile of meat ?? You don't call the "meat" guilty for being so tempting or attractive or even "tasty"

I think that behind these incidents culprits, politicians, the police, the family, our culture and the general public all are at equal fault.

POLITICIANS and GOVERNMENT- It’s not the first time it has happened in India, estimates say every 20 minutes a girl is raped in this country. So why are they creating a hue and cry now. They should have come up with the law the very first time a girl was raped, wasn't rape a crime then??? They instead of finding any solution to the problem are giving comments that are not only unacceptable but also at the same time shameful. I would like to mention some of them--

Don't live in India - Migrate to Bharat instead.
(RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat)

Don't go out with boys in the night.
(Abu Azmi of Samajwadi Party).

Don't cross Maryada
(MP Minister Kailash Vijayvargiya)

Perform puja to put "stars" in correct "position".
(Chhattisgarh Home Minister Nanki Ram Kanwar)

and our intelligent ministers who said, in order to feel safe, the women should learn martial art and carry pepper spray. Ms./Mr. Minister - How about you carrying the pepper spray in your pocket? And let go those policemen and security guards who guard you as if you are the next Kohinoor? The number of cops and Rapid Action Force units, the government installed the other day at the India gate, is good enough to implement law and order in Delhi. Only if they are not busy taking care of you or dropping your kid or grandchildren to the school and if nothing else then buying your vegetables. Because the moment you talk about pepper spray, to me you mean that you haven't been able to do your job of making the people feel safe.

POLICE- Okay this news have made it to the front cover what about the rest and who are the rapist... were they caught and punished. The rich rapists go free only the poor ones make it to the news papers.

FAMILY: - In a conservative, less educated household a woman is nothing more than a lady who's supposes to do what she's told. Domestic Violence is an epidemic and widespread predominantly against women. Around 70% of the women are victims of domestic violence. Women are said to bear with all atrocities silently that makes them prone to rape, domestic violence and even dowry deaths.
We all know what will happen now, every mother will be making her girl understand to be more careful, like don't go out in the night, don't hang out late after this incident but no mother will make her son understand not to see any girl in that way. and atleast start respecting girls.

EDUCATION: - How many of us has had sex education. It’s not a compulsory subject in school. Schools and colleges hardly pay any attention to it.
What if the right education was given to the one who have taken 28 innocent lifes, including the one of his own mother. He must be told killing someone is not a solution to any problem. There are many other solutions to the problem you have and even killing someone would not solve the purpose. It only makes the problem bigger, nothing else.

MOVIES and TV:  I blame the movies for our current plight. All women centric movies are about sex. Be it Fashion, Dirty picture, Heroine, Aiyya. Women shows-off and the movie sell. The movies that doesn't have very important women roles have item numbers where they have double meaning songs, very vulgar moves and very exposed women examples...chikni chamelli, munnie, fevicol se....and list goes on. All pornography stuffs are easily accessible on TV.
All the movies depict that if somebody does any wrong to you, grab a gun and kill him, kill all who comes in your way. All these things looks good in reel life but unfortunately not in real life. The hero or person who gets killed in one movies comes out alive and strong in the next movies and sometimes in the same movie, but in real life a person once buried in the ground never comes back or the one who is burned into ashes never rise again like Pheonix bird.
News channels are also in my list. They broadcast news as a source of entertainment and for thier own TRP's.In a few days, there will be more sensational news. (Paris Hilton coming to India perhaps, who knows?) And the children, the rape victim will be forgotten. If I am not wrong they are forgotten.What happened to Arushi case which was once on every news channel 24*7. That case also suffered the same fate hundreds of cases of despicable crime has suffered - they fell into a void of nothingness. Well, let me put it this way no matter how big a splash you make in this world, whether your a Corey Feldman, Frankie Muniz, Justin Bieber...or gang raped badly or your innocent children are killed, eventually nobody gives a shit.

Society and Culture- Yes the same society of which we are a part of and the same culture which is believed to be headed by some spiritual leaders, who don't know what to speak and when to speak, but will constantly keep on giving speeches to be in the headlines of all news the channels and to be on page one of the newspapers. Yes the guess is absolutely right, no other then Spiritual Guru Asaramji Bapu. According to him Call your rapist "Bhaiya".
That ought to STOP THE RAPE!!
Wow! what a solution he has given. A person who never thought second time in inserting a rod in the vagina of that girl would have stopped by hearing the word bhaiya.
Thanks a lot Guru ji.

The suggestions of Khap Panchayats are also worth mentionable which includes
Don't eat chowmein.
Get married when you are 16years old.

The people will talk about this for a week or two and will make it a huge issue , then they get adjusted to their day to day life, leaving the girl and her family to suffer all alone and cope with this for the rest of her life and the guys will easily be out on bail. People will mourn for some days on the death of innocent children and show their sympathy and then will go for another event of their life. This is the only thing which people can expect.Nobody will ever think what that children might be thinking that day when they got up. They might be thinking what presents Santa will bring for them on Christmas. But they were unable to see that Christmas and their presents. When I was hearing the debates on this tragic incident someone said that guns don’t kill people, people do. I want to add here that
It’s true that guns don’t kill people, people do but “if I hit someone with a car, who do you blame? Me or the car?” One Jack Thompson Blames Gaming For Connecticut School Shooting.
Just like when the DPS girls MMS case brought and blamed technology in the witness box. I recall reading a very interesting remark there:
"The negative manifestations of technology are never stored on a chip. They live inside the nerves that carry these impulses to our brain."

We all say Mayans were wrong about their prediction that world will end in 2012. They were right.The world has already ended. Humans are still alive but humanity has died Because as far as I'm concerned, this is the end right here. When humanity fails,there's nothing to look forward to. All the education we've received, all the upbringing we've had, all the degrees we've religiously collected, all the Gods and Goddesses we believe in - amounts to precious little if at the end of the day,we're but as wild as a beast.

I apologize to all girls on behalf of all the men who stare, the men who strip women nude with their eyes inside lifts on a regular basis. I apologize for the men who justify such acts by pointing fingers at the clothes that women wear. I apologize for the police officer whose hungry eyes make you think twice about writing a complaint.But most of all, I apologize for the scarring trauma and pain my side of the sex has caused you. At the same time I apologize to the family of every victim of mass murder on the behalf of whole society, that we have given you the sympathy we can, we love to hear bad about other people. Its you only now who have to realize the truth and have to control yourself.
 -by a frustrated citizen of a morally dead world.

"The planet doesn't need more ‘successful people’. It desperately needs more peacemakers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds"
Dalai Lama

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Friday, January 11, 2013


Praying, it’s something I’ve never done till today, I went to a temple and I was praying for better times and praying for happiness for all people in the world knowing it will never happen

Why should I pray for something that will never happen, would it just be for the good intentions of me or just for a little extra support to get better
why is there so much violence, why is there so much pain, why can’t people let other people live the life they want to live without killing them, discriminating them or throw them into jail just because they are different, if there was a god, why would he/she/it let it happen, what faith lies beneath it?

I want to believe in the good in men but all you see is the bad things, just turn on the TV and watch the news, it’s always ‘’man got killed here’’ and ‘’girl got raped there’’ and when you look to foreign new it’s not any different ‘’afghan pilot kills 9 Americans’’ why, why, why??

So please god, I prayed for getting better again, but if that doesn’t happen, please make some other people better, let them live their life in happiness and good health, protect them from all that is bad and just give them a good life

And when I’m not here I hope you will show the light to people that it is wrong to harm other people, that it is wrong to think that when you have a lot of money it is good to get people killed or assault people because they have things you don’t have, just spread love and happiness across the world and let differences be appreciated and diversity be embraced

Just make people see that they aren’t living to die and then can go to a heaven or hell, why not make the earth a heaven of its own, sharing things we have, why is money more important than HIV vaccines in Africa, why is getting obese in America and Europe getting normal while people in Africa and Asia are dying of hunger, just make life good for everybody and everything, let everybody live a life that is wonderful to live…

‘’Improving the world begins with yourself’’

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Many of us comment as "Anonymous" and You might be thinking why this title “Anonymous”, but do you realize ever what life we live. We have got such a huge world with numerous countries and Islands which all together makes a population of 2 billion people.
But do you have that one person in your life who can completely understand you, who can devote all their life just for you and die just for you.
How you will feel like when you will have that one person to unconditionally love you throughout. I know it sounds like a dream coming true but trust me if you ever happen to find that person you will never ever cry out, your life will seem like a bed of roses. Anyways, how strange is it ? You spend whole life finding one person to love you and you can’t find one, how unfair is that to mankind !!?
Had been living alone for years in the boundaries of my own thoughts, never found one who could really have taken me out of those boundaries. I feel more pity when someone comes to you stays for a while gives you hope that they will take you out but at the end they leave you making those boundaries more stronger and taller which you can neither jump nor break. The good thing about the walls(boundaries) that nobody can come inside too. So again a lesser hope to find someone for yourself. So you live an anonymous life where no one knows you.
Sometimes, I feel like that God locked me in such a black glass box through which I can see this complete world, and no one can see me. I can feel what they go through but none can feel me. I can see them laughing sharing their happiness but no one cares whether I am happy or not. When the people out are happy gives me a little smile burying the extreme pain inside for not even been able to share my smile with anyone. It all goes inside this black glass. I get all those feelings that they can feel, yet I am so isolated. I cry alone for me and for their pain. I smile alone when they are happy. I scream in this loneliness that I want to be happy, I want someone to be there with me when I am in pain, when I am in tears. Want someone to wipe off my tears. I am screaming for help but none can hear my voice. Its all me inside, its all my loneliness inside.

Living in the walls of your own thought consisting all the emotions waiting to burst out.. but nobody knows whats up with you, that’s where you lived that anonymous life. Look at the faces around and ask yourself is there anyone like you, who you think he/she knows you ? And they might have the similar question in their heart too. So that’s how we all are different in this world with different feelings, different beauty, different intelligence and everyone is unique !
I sit back at the glass and watch days passing by including all festivals and occasions, nobody ever wished me a good day but I wish them all. I ask myself, why I had been hated for too long yet I am surviving in this hope that someday, someone will be a part of me, will share all that I have got. And will give me all their love just to see me smile once. I know that someone, will never let me die alone being anonymous. Don’t know when but one day I will share this anonymity with someone anonymous like me.
Are you living that Anonymous life too .. ?
Do you wait for someone like that ??

Friday, January 04, 2013

Move On....

How you know that you have moved on because I still walk on the same walking track... I still sit on the same bench... still buy the same popcorn... still wash my eyes with dew drops... still goes towards her home daily...
People talk around me that she cries, she regrets and she yells, she wants me back..!!
I know.. I know.. I know..
It soothes my heart & I smile.... Its only Me who knows that when she sees me, she recognizes what she HAD, regrets.... that she lost me & realizes she'll never get me back...
You know what..?? these tears are actually the shouting words that she can’t utter... Her red eyes portray her bleeding heart...
She cries that she lost me… but I have no regrets, no tears to shed… I couldn’t lose her because she was Never mine..
My heart is now Locked… She took me as an option in her life... I left her with no Choice...!!! I have no space for her…. I have my own life…my own interests… my own reasons to smile… I keep myself busy with the things I have to do… I smile.. I laugh… I don’t wanna pause for a second… I know this static second will take my life away…
But still, In cold winter nights… when no one is around me…. I hear my own heartbeats....I feel the silence...I close my eyes and still think of her… I cry and I shout "Who needs her”..??? my heart always weeps and whispers slowly.."You do.. Stupid...."

& in such nights... I pray thousand times for the time to fly and for the Morning to come & wipe my tears...
I wanna smile again...;)

My Love, just when I thought we had the Perfect Love,
I see you left me for someone new,
I thought your Love for me,
Was always true.

My eyes are filled with tears,
My Lips just cannot speak,
I thought you always swore to,
Love me forever more.....
As you walk hand in hand with someone else,
Each tear, that I weep,will call out to you,
And someday you may realize,
The Love we had, was true.

But when you hug him tight,
Remember that those arms, you swore were mine.
When you hold his hands,
Remember those hands were mine…
One day you will miss, my Love
Cause true love like mine, is hard to find.

When you look back at Life,
Perhaps you may just remember,
This Akki, who once loved you,
Whom you tossed aside,
And walked off ,with someone new.
Someday, you will wish,you had remained mine,
This Akki who truly loved You... ♥
Finally I am breaking up all the strings, I had with you. No, you didn't do anything . I Did. I gave away my everything to someone who doesn't deserve it . I compromised, apologized, trusted and did everything I could do for us to last but I was wrong. You know, Its time I start thinking about my happiness which I thought, was with You but I guess, we all makes mistakes.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Love Aaj Kal

We are living in 21st century, everything has changed in the span of time. But many people say that relations don't change, their meaning don't change, but relations have also changed. ahnnn coming directly to the topic from this, I am discussing the change that has came in the word "love".
its no more Heer-Ranjha, Romeo-Juliet love. Its only I love you....till I find someone better. Here is the story of a girl named Neha, whom I knew or I thought that I knew her very well.

Neha, a normal god fearing girl, from a small town, went to study in a big city. She was in relation with Aman a guy of the same town, with whom she  said that she is deeply in love with andalways said all the dialogues of a 90's Hindi movie. The list of dialogue and I am mentioning very few of them......

I am very lucky to have you

I have no man in my life except you. You are the first and last man of my life. I will marry with you only and if any time you betrayed me it will be the last day of my life.

All other boys except you are my brothers.

The same girl who have seen a lot of Hindi movies, before going to a big city accepted a friend request of an unknown guy. And that guy started flirting with her,on fb. When Aman came to know about it, he became very sad, and asked Neha to block him As Neha was very much loyal she blocked him. That guy, let me name him Akash, from his another id started sending messages to Neha, to forgive him if he had did anything anything wrong and unblock her. Neha is very soft hearted, she promised Aman that she will unblock him now, and will leave talking with him slowly. Aman was very much impressed by her dialogues and agreed to it trusting her.

Aman forgot one thing, that sun-sign of Neha is Gemini, and the Gemini girls are most double-faced girls, and can't commit to one person or place, even if you give your full (I am Not saying so, I have read it on google). But Aman trusted her blindly. Neha everyday used to tell Aman, what Akash said to her. Aman used to get hurt, but she always said that i am ignoring him and few more days i will block him. To prove her loyality, she tells Aman 1 or two things what Akash said, and with this she always say I trust you Aman, but I dont allow you to read his messages because if you will read them, you will understand something different and if i will tell you you will understand what is true. Poor Aman failed to understand, that if a boy is flirting, then it will be understood as flirting only, but he was blind in her trust, and never thought Neha also enjoys Playing with two men.Neha as promised left talking with him, But you are wrong, let me complete my statement, she left talking with him on fb as thy both have each other phone number. Neha before giving Phone number delivered another dialogue that she need the help of Akash and that's why giving him her number, but will talk on fb only no calls. Aman has no choice again but to agree.
Neha had some tuition in that big city, where she has to go to study, and accidentally Akash belonged to that city. She asked Akash to help her to find the proper bus at the bus stand. But Akash is a big player. He came late on his bike and took Neha on bike to the place of tuition and spent whole day with her. It was very far, but who cares when you have a bike. Neha went to the place of tuition with Akash, Akash who was supposed to leave the place after dropping her, went with her to the tuition and spent the whole day with her.. Aman sitting at his home was amazed, What Akash is doing, but Neha was enjoying all this.

Neha came back to her home and told Aman that Akash hugged her when he met her. Neha had a problem when Aman talked to any other girl, even his best friend from his childhood. Aman unlike Neha left talking with his best friends without doing any fake promise. Aman started crying.Watching the tears of Aman, Neha delivered another promise, that she will never meet Akash in her life. Not only promise but also sweared of Aman that no other guy will hug her except Aman.

The same night Akash proposed Neha, Neha told him that she is in relation with Aman, which she Hadn't told by now because she was enjoying his flirting till now. With This she also told Aman That now as he can be a danger to our relation I will leave talking with him soon. But Aman knew that all this is lie, He told Neha that you have told the same thing to me many times, Hearing this Neha once again sweared of Aman that she will leave Akash soon. But it was said that promises are meant to be broken, Aman never knew That Neha had no problem in false swearing even.

Neha now sarted calling Akash regularly. Then came the exams of Neha in the big same city. Neha went there and every time when Aman called her, her phone was on waiting with Akash, she said that Akash has became her good friend now. She forgot all the swears and was enjoying. Yes why not when you see a Guy will come anytime with a bike will drop you where you want, and flirt with you who don't want to be a good friend.

It was last exam of neha. After exam Neha callled Aman, that her exam went very good and she is leaving for home soon with her friends. Aman asked her to call when she catches the bus. Three hours went by no call came. Aman called Neha, She was crying and said that she found afterwards that her answers are wrong, and at that time Akash called her, hearing of this he came and you will not like but I came on bike with him and are sitting in restaurant and I will leave soon. Aman instead of saying anything cut the call. Later in evening Neha told him that she hugged Akash, Aman didn't believed it, Then Neha said that Akash again hugged her, and she don't want that aman should think bad of him so she lied. Aman was loss of words that his swear, promises meant nothing to the girl in front of her new boy friend, who was just friend in front of Aman.
Neha once again sweared the same thing that this will not happen in future. She now went to the big city. Again her double faced came up. Loyalty in front of Aman and talking whole day with New friend or boy friend. Now they meet daily. Akash once again hugged Neha, and Neha was again playing the same game. The very next day Akash posted a pic on fb for Neha that its impossible to be friends with someone whom you are in love with.

Aman was very angry this time, he called neha and asked for his number, so that he should end this friendship, but neha stopped him saying if you trust me don't do this and sweared him of herself to be quite. Aman after some days to this incident went to meet neha. They were meeting after a year. They met each other at 10 am. and as usual Neha did something the same which she was doing from a long time. She had told Akash ealier not to call her as Aman is coming, and Akash started sending her messages. Aman ignored some messages. they went for a movie It was 3.00 PM and akash was continously sending her messages from 11.00 am of missing her a lot and neha had no shame that she should stop her, but was enjoying the scene. And why should she stop him, Aman use to come to meet her after a long time, if ever she left Akash, who would come daily give a ride on bike and will talk when Aman sleeps in the night. Aman was crying sitting on the side of Neha, but Neha was just enjoying the messages sent by new friend.

Akash flirted many times with Neha but Neha instead of stopping her was appreciating him.
Aman had seen first girl in life, who being in a serious relation, enjoys any other guy flirting with her and trying to break their relation but she had sweared of Aman that only he is in her life. After that what happened showed the 21 st century love. Neha started swearing falsely of Aman many times daily when Aman came to know something is wrong. Not only Naha and Akash use to talk to each other betraying Aman but used to post statuses for each other--- Dil Garden Garden ho gea.
Akash came to meet Neha on a wednesday in his new car, and gave her a ride and After a week Neha officially announced that she is in love with Akash.And when the relation ended, Neha started playing triple games now, Aman messaged her that why she had done all this to him and her new boyfriend or the only boyfriend called Aman from Neha's cell to abuse him. The same cell that Neha used to hide from Aman when Her another bf sends her messages that Jaan ban gye ho.

This is the 21st century love, a love a girl has for a boy and for her brother. people thinks of thousand times before swearing falsely of their enemies even and the girl has no shame in swearing falsely of the person who stood by her in her bad days, who trusted her blindly to the extent nobody can trust. But what to expect more from a girl who started playing games the very first time she met a new guy. Aman cant even talk to his best friends even boys because Neha had a problem and Neha used to go movie with that guy and use to say him in the hall why are you ignoring me, she use to talk with him whole day, even late nights. Akash told Aman once, that the day he proposed Neha and she told him about Aman, he was going away from her life, But Neha who sweared of Aman that she will leave talking with Akash, requested Akash not to go far and said we will be best friend and be with me always.

What a modern love Neha had for Aman, enjoying playing with two guys at the same time. The relation which is always between two was always kept between three. One goes to sleep, call another daily in the night let me correct late night.
Aman gave her a chapter of his life, He wish that he could rewrite. All the shit that was done in the dark, finally came to light. And to think that he is to blame for thinking she would change. He finally committed suicide because that's what Neha wanted as she once told him that even after my false swearing you are alive and told him to go to hell. she also said I loved you a lot and gave my 100%, Aman disconnected the call, saying no you have given your 200%, but to Akash. He remembered the words of Neha when few days before the breakup she said to him that she knew that he trusts her blindly and will never ever break his trust whole life.
R.I.P. Aman