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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Is there really a Karma system?? II

In pune right now and I have never thought that I will write from here but as said that a man.learns a lot at every walk of life, same way I also learned a lot. As I had to change my train in delhi, I was waiting at the platform for the train ann then a person came crawling in front of me with both of his legs dead. He had a backpack on his back probably containing some clothes. No, he havent came there for begging showing his dead legs. He was there waiting for his train. He sat there on the floor near to me even though the chair left to me was vacant but was no use for him.

I thought of giving him some money but stopped myself that he may feel bad that due to his legs I treated him like this. A few passerbyes who were waiting for the train also accumulated near him and started asking many questions from him from which I came to know that he is of 32 year of age and had polio from birth. I know what difficulties he might have suffered during these years bt he had a constant smile on his face and he anwsered a question very beautifully when someone asked him isn't it difficult to travel like this, that atleast I am alive, and nothing is difficult if I am alive. He had a smile on his face

Then i was forced to think what his karma is?? What wrong he had done to others that he is handicap from his birth?? Is he suffering the wrongs of his previous birth??(as many of us generally think specially when we have no obvious statement favouring this unproved theorem of Karma).

With this two more thoughts also came in my mind

First, we all have seen Amitabh Bachan advertising that we are a polio free nation now. Not even a single case in last decade. I knw this is a great achievment for our country to be proud of... but at the same time can't we now concentrate on producing a medicine which can cure polio so that people like mohit(the name of guy i met) can walk on his legs and can feel proud. So that he don't feel low when people looks towards him with sympathy.

Second thought I came up with is for us youth who try to end their lives after being dumped by their gf's or bf's or fails in exam or whatever the reason may be. That why we are not thankful for the life we have, the things we have, the possessions we have and why only we are critisizing life or ending our life for the one thing we have lost or we don't have??

Don't do anything thinking what God will think. God doesnt punish anybody whether you kill a person, ruin his life, his family life. Its only your inner conscious your inner voice which you should listen to. But not at all play with your inner voice, have seen some person playing with it because if ever you play with it you will be at loss eventually.
Be thankful for what you have. At that moment after watching mohit's condition I thanked god that for whatever I have in life. I know its not perfect but atleast far better then many

P.S.- This is after a lot of time I am posting my post without any picture. I wanted to click the photograph of Mohit but didn't clicked because I didnt wanted that he should feel that he is downtrodden or weak. I could have easily pick any image from google but I preferred to post it without any photograoh because according to me no one can take place of that man who even after suffering a lot has a smile on his face, a smile that can motivate many.


  1. :(...... i personally don't believe in past lives. But I do know God has a bad sense of humour

    1. Hmmmm
      God has many unanswered questions which everybody needs an answer to....


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