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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Is there really a Karma system ?

From the last few months a question is revolving in my mind - Is there really a karma system ? If it is there why is it there and is it really fair ? Is it really the way that we see it today? Just two days before I and a friend of mine were talking about Karma - wherein he said that whatever bad happens it happens because of past karmas. I vehemently opposed him and it was completely out of the blue - whatever I said was just a flow of what my heart really believed - I have always believed that if you are doing something good do it, because you want to do that good - not because u will get some punyas [many do for that reason] and if you don't do something bad, don't do it because you believe it is bad and not because you will earn bad karmas [again many don't do it because they are scared, though that fear has constantly reduced over the ages]

I feel that many just use the term "Karma" just to escape reality - just to escape from accepting the truth - what justice would be there - when a child is killed immediately after birth just because it was a girl - what was her karma ? One can say that it was her past karma - then what is the use of just being born and dying immediately - What about kids that are molested by their parents - what was their fault - and these kids grow more screwed up in their heads - in short leading to more bad karmas - Like this I can list out various scenarios that my mind throws up wherein i have no answers towards it.

Thousands are dying around us - Tsunami's, Earthquakes, Forest Fires, Hurricanes - Everytime we look up and question GOD. Should we ? Is that right ?

I told him that I believe that God is only interested in our spirtual life, not in our materialistic life, I don't believe that he is interested in whether we pass our examination or get a good job or earn money. I don't believe that there is an accountant sitting up there and keeping a count of how much good or bad we are doing. I believe that if we are spirtually stronger than automatically we become morally strong, automatically we don't do wrong, automatically we care about our environment, our surrounding. And we start understanding what happens, just happens, there is no rhyme or reason behind it. We need to just take it in our stride and prepare better for the next time. We are responsible for everything materialistic that happens around us and no one else - For some reason this logic makes sense to me more than anything else. God is there spirtually helping us to discover our inner self and make us better individuals - but thats it.

Everyone kindly give your inputs on it - As I have heard - start a controversy and you will learn more And I know this is a controversial topic and a topic that will benefit all of us. Please think before you answer.



  1. Karma is present in a way that you reap what you get back what you give to others...but in the spiritual level i do think, like you, that it hardly matters...

    ~aham brahmasmi~...find the god within and peace will find you...that's my personal belief

    1. I dont think that one get back what he gives to other
      ave seen many of such cases

      your personal belief is very good i agree with you completely
      thanks a lot for dropping by

  2. I agree with your logic! Karma only matters to ourselves as I believe when we do something wrong, we punish ourselves eventually by our guilt and we name it Karma.
    Very well written!

    1. Agree with you Janhvi, but i wont call that thing as karma
      Its something different, because some people didnt relize anything after doing wrong
      then where is there karma??


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