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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Love Aaj Kal

We are living in 21st century, everything has changed in the span of time. But many people say that relations don't change, their meaning don't change, but relations have also changed. ahnnn coming directly to the topic from this, I am discussing the change that has came in the word "love".
its no more Heer-Ranjha, Romeo-Juliet love. Its only I love you....till I find someone better. Here is the story of a girl named Neha, whom I knew or I thought that I knew her very well.

Neha, a normal god fearing girl, from a small town, went to study in a big city. She was in relation with Aman a guy of the same town, with whom she  said that she is deeply in love with andalways said all the dialogues of a 90's Hindi movie. The list of dialogue and I am mentioning very few of them......

I am very lucky to have you

I have no man in my life except you. You are the first and last man of my life. I will marry with you only and if any time you betrayed me it will be the last day of my life.

All other boys except you are my brothers.

The same girl who have seen a lot of Hindi movies, before going to a big city accepted a friend request of an unknown guy. And that guy started flirting with her,on fb. When Aman came to know about it, he became very sad, and asked Neha to block him As Neha was very much loyal she blocked him. That guy, let me name him Akash, from his another id started sending messages to Neha, to forgive him if he had did anything anything wrong and unblock her. Neha is very soft hearted, she promised Aman that she will unblock him now, and will leave talking with him slowly. Aman was very much impressed by her dialogues and agreed to it trusting her.

Aman forgot one thing, that sun-sign of Neha is Gemini, and the Gemini girls are most double-faced girls, and can't commit to one person or place, even if you give your full (I am Not saying so, I have read it on google). But Aman trusted her blindly. Neha everyday used to tell Aman, what Akash said to her. Aman used to get hurt, but she always said that i am ignoring him and few more days i will block him. To prove her loyality, she tells Aman 1 or two things what Akash said, and with this she always say I trust you Aman, but I dont allow you to read his messages because if you will read them, you will understand something different and if i will tell you you will understand what is true. Poor Aman failed to understand, that if a boy is flirting, then it will be understood as flirting only, but he was blind in her trust, and never thought Neha also enjoys Playing with two men.Neha as promised left talking with him, But you are wrong, let me complete my statement, she left talking with him on fb as thy both have each other phone number. Neha before giving Phone number delivered another dialogue that she need the help of Akash and that's why giving him her number, but will talk on fb only no calls. Aman has no choice again but to agree.
Neha had some tuition in that big city, where she has to go to study, and accidentally Akash belonged to that city. She asked Akash to help her to find the proper bus at the bus stand. But Akash is a big player. He came late on his bike and took Neha on bike to the place of tuition and spent whole day with her. It was very far, but who cares when you have a bike. Neha went to the place of tuition with Akash, Akash who was supposed to leave the place after dropping her, went with her to the tuition and spent the whole day with her.. Aman sitting at his home was amazed, What Akash is doing, but Neha was enjoying all this.

Neha came back to her home and told Aman that Akash hugged her when he met her. Neha had a problem when Aman talked to any other girl, even his best friend from his childhood. Aman unlike Neha left talking with his best friends without doing any fake promise. Aman started crying.Watching the tears of Aman, Neha delivered another promise, that she will never meet Akash in her life. Not only promise but also sweared of Aman that no other guy will hug her except Aman.

The same night Akash proposed Neha, Neha told him that she is in relation with Aman, which she Hadn't told by now because she was enjoying his flirting till now. With This she also told Aman That now as he can be a danger to our relation I will leave talking with him soon. But Aman knew that all this is lie, He told Neha that you have told the same thing to me many times, Hearing this Neha once again sweared of Aman that she will leave Akash soon. But it was said that promises are meant to be broken, Aman never knew That Neha had no problem in false swearing even.

Neha now sarted calling Akash regularly. Then came the exams of Neha in the big same city. Neha went there and every time when Aman called her, her phone was on waiting with Akash, she said that Akash has became her good friend now. She forgot all the swears and was enjoying. Yes why not when you see a Guy will come anytime with a bike will drop you where you want, and flirt with you who don't want to be a good friend.

It was last exam of neha. After exam Neha callled Aman, that her exam went very good and she is leaving for home soon with her friends. Aman asked her to call when she catches the bus. Three hours went by no call came. Aman called Neha, She was crying and said that she found afterwards that her answers are wrong, and at that time Akash called her, hearing of this he came and you will not like but I came on bike with him and are sitting in restaurant and I will leave soon. Aman instead of saying anything cut the call. Later in evening Neha told him that she hugged Akash, Aman didn't believed it, Then Neha said that Akash again hugged her, and she don't want that aman should think bad of him so she lied. Aman was loss of words that his swear, promises meant nothing to the girl in front of her new boy friend, who was just friend in front of Aman.
Neha once again sweared the same thing that this will not happen in future. She now went to the big city. Again her double faced came up. Loyalty in front of Aman and talking whole day with New friend or boy friend. Now they meet daily. Akash once again hugged Neha, and Neha was again playing the same game. The very next day Akash posted a pic on fb for Neha that its impossible to be friends with someone whom you are in love with.

Aman was very angry this time, he called neha and asked for his number, so that he should end this friendship, but neha stopped him saying if you trust me don't do this and sweared him of herself to be quite. Aman after some days to this incident went to meet neha. They were meeting after a year. They met each other at 10 am. and as usual Neha did something the same which she was doing from a long time. She had told Akash ealier not to call her as Aman is coming, and Akash started sending her messages. Aman ignored some messages. they went for a movie It was 3.00 PM and akash was continously sending her messages from 11.00 am of missing her a lot and neha had no shame that she should stop her, but was enjoying the scene. And why should she stop him, Aman use to come to meet her after a long time, if ever she left Akash, who would come daily give a ride on bike and will talk when Aman sleeps in the night. Aman was crying sitting on the side of Neha, but Neha was just enjoying the messages sent by new friend.

Akash flirted many times with Neha but Neha instead of stopping her was appreciating him.
Aman had seen first girl in life, who being in a serious relation, enjoys any other guy flirting with her and trying to break their relation but she had sweared of Aman that only he is in her life. After that what happened showed the 21 st century love. Neha started swearing falsely of Aman many times daily when Aman came to know something is wrong. Not only Naha and Akash use to talk to each other betraying Aman but used to post statuses for each other--- Dil Garden Garden ho gea.
Akash came to meet Neha on a wednesday in his new car, and gave her a ride and After a week Neha officially announced that she is in love with Akash.And when the relation ended, Neha started playing triple games now, Aman messaged her that why she had done all this to him and her new boyfriend or the only boyfriend called Aman from Neha's cell to abuse him. The same cell that Neha used to hide from Aman when Her another bf sends her messages that Jaan ban gye ho.

This is the 21st century love, a love a girl has for a boy and for her brother. people thinks of thousand times before swearing falsely of their enemies even and the girl has no shame in swearing falsely of the person who stood by her in her bad days, who trusted her blindly to the extent nobody can trust. But what to expect more from a girl who started playing games the very first time she met a new guy. Aman cant even talk to his best friends even boys because Neha had a problem and Neha used to go movie with that guy and use to say him in the hall why are you ignoring me, she use to talk with him whole day, even late nights. Akash told Aman once, that the day he proposed Neha and she told him about Aman, he was going away from her life, But Neha who sweared of Aman that she will leave talking with Akash, requested Akash not to go far and said we will be best friend and be with me always.

What a modern love Neha had for Aman, enjoying playing with two guys at the same time. The relation which is always between two was always kept between three. One goes to sleep, call another daily in the night let me correct late night.
Aman gave her a chapter of his life, He wish that he could rewrite. All the shit that was done in the dark, finally came to light. And to think that he is to blame for thinking she would change. He finally committed suicide because that's what Neha wanted as she once told him that even after my false swearing you are alive and told him to go to hell. she also said I loved you a lot and gave my 100%, Aman disconnected the call, saying no you have given your 200%, but to Akash. He remembered the words of Neha when few days before the breakup she said to him that she knew that he trusts her blindly and will never ever break his trust whole life.
R.I.P. Aman


  1. First of all Aman should not have committed suicide but should congrats himself that he is saved from such a relation which was between three and all the very best to Akash that he may be the next because don't ever try to get a taken woman to cheat. Cause if she does cheat on him for you, she'll cheat on you for another boy too.
    I will don't say Akash was wrong anywhere, because every boy flirts specially a girl who accepts unknown frnd requests after coming in a relation, means she wants flirting. If any girl hints to boy he will do only what Akash has done, And neha always hinted her, Otherwise which loyal girl instead of giving time to her bf when they are meeting after a year just enjoy her another bf's msg.
    Mistake was of Aman and Neha
    Aman was wrong because he would have left the relation when he knew that she even swears falsely, because a girl who can swear falsely can fall to ANY extent.
    And Neha as written was always playing double games, yup because if ever Aman talked to Akash her secrets which came out after break up would have came earlier.
    Aman should be happy instead of being sad because what you expect from such a girl, If all these things came after marriage what would have happened to its better over sooner instead later
    Aman should congratulate Akash for his car because that car saved him;P but Aman lost to life
    All people have feelings, they are not there to be used. If you're not longer interested in someone, they have the right to be informed before you go and cheat or go looking elsewhere.

    1. hahaha right Aman
      Aman of the story failed to realize such thing
      otherwise such a grl would have taken her brother cum best ftiend cum boyfriend cum husband to the honeymoon also:-P
      this is the truth Aman knows nobody knows to wat extent she was lying swearing falsely was not a big deal for her
      once Aman was in her city and he told her that he will come after her class
      but when her new bf came to.knw that she is in d city then he said he is coming
      so she lied that if he came her friend have to go alone who everyday goes alone when she goes on a bike with new bf
      yup its difficlt wen u hav to meet both of them same day

    2. pick a whoe frm the road
      i gurantee u she will be more loyal and faithful
      have u ever seen prison break
      in dat the girl was a whoe and how loyal she was jst that scofield helped her in the bad days
      but yes all this happens in movies only

    3. hahaha
      but in season 2 Nika tried to kill him she came to know that he is in love with sara and used her

    4. He was thnkul for the car and also the cut a bastard have made for him
      if that cut was after his marriage then we all know what would happen.... his life would have been ruined by such .... then
      he was very happy that its over and that too with such a girl

  2. what a loyal gf
    what option Aman had except to commit suicide
    if one cant remain true to the one who trusted you to such an extent, how can she be loyal and true to the other one


  3. If I was in place of Aman, I would have partied hard....
    And would be grateful to God for saving my life even after false swears and saving me from this type of girl
    but love is blind


  4. Aman is a fool for committing suicide
    we all know what we can expect from such girl
    he should be grateful that wats the truth came behind him
    nicely written

  5. one cant expect honesty and faithfulness from cheap people bcoz these things are very expensive
    Aman's only mistake was to trust such a .....
    sometimes we make wrongbdecisions in life and these are the decisions which teach us the way of lige
    suicide is not d only way, any other girl he will found will be more honest and faithful then his ex atleast
    calculate the total time for which aman was in relation with neha. If the relation was for 6 mojths then wait for half the time i.e. 3 mnths akash will also commit suicide
    do frame second part that she fell in love with another guy

    1. yup right
      grls like neha need a guy who shoul remain extra loyal
      not even talk to his male friends
      and wen its dere turn
      accept unknown requests
      meet dem daily call them whole day whole night
      say to one bf that she is goin to sleep and call another
      meet at any time by saying that going for an hour spends whole day together visits the places only where couples go
      go to shopping in front of him so that he should give the same thing
      after having a nyc paper start crying and call the one

    2. we all know what we call such a girl
      I will only say its good that Aman got hurt once and relation is over
      i can understand his pain but hurting yourself for being in a relation with such a girl is you know
      he ended his life is wrong

  6. Instrad of reading sch stories where one prsn cheatd n d othr comitd suicide u shud go fo sm gud ones wea aftr being released frm sch a fake relatn a prsn has a new lyf of his own. Rules of his own. No place fo sch fake ppl n fake relatns. Bcz abv dis gf bf luv v hav d lv of our patents brother sister vch v dnt realise but is abv all.... so kindly hav a optimistic view towards lyf..... n liv lyf King size...
    Ua dear frnd dis syd... hpe u can mke out

    1. Thanks a lot dear friend
      I have made it out and i know whos dis
      thnks a lot also for being there with me always:)

  7. A bitch will always be a bitch
    whether you treat her nice, love her, or treat her bad

  8. God saved Aman from a whoe
    mark my words if Aman would have been alive then that day is not far when she will be begging Aman for forgiveness

    God is watching over all this
    You swear of someone falsely cheat with him for other guy
    you will get happiness for some time but when it will be gods turn you have to ask for forgiveness from that person with which you have done this shameless act
    Karma is a thing you will reap what you will sow
    i wanted Aman to be alive when that bitch will ask for forgiveness

  9. if love z of dat kind...i wish no falls in love :( :(


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