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Everyone writes. From the ink of their thoughts, by the pen of their mind on the page of their face. Everyone writes.I love to write. It is a passion; a compulsion; something that gives me an avenue to express myself. I write when I am happy; when I am sad or when an issue touches my heart. I find inspiration to write in every aspect of life.
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Friday, January 04, 2013

Move On....

How you know that you have moved on because I still walk on the same walking track... I still sit on the same bench... still buy the same popcorn... still wash my eyes with dew drops... still goes towards her home daily...
People talk around me that she cries, she regrets and she yells, she wants me back..!!
I know.. I know.. I know..
It soothes my heart & I smile.... Its only Me who knows that when she sees me, she recognizes what she HAD, regrets.... that she lost me & realizes she'll never get me back...
You know what..?? these tears are actually the shouting words that she can’t utter... Her red eyes portray her bleeding heart...
She cries that she lost me… but I have no regrets, no tears to shed… I couldn’t lose her because she was Never mine..
My heart is now Locked… She took me as an option in her life... I left her with no Choice...!!! I have no space for her…. I have my own life…my own interests… my own reasons to smile… I keep myself busy with the things I have to do… I smile.. I laugh… I don’t wanna pause for a second… I know this static second will take my life away…
But still, In cold winter nights… when no one is around me…. I hear my own heartbeats....I feel the silence...I close my eyes and still think of her… I cry and I shout "Who needs her”..??? my heart always weeps and whispers slowly.."You do.. Stupid...."

& in such nights... I pray thousand times for the time to fly and for the Morning to come & wipe my tears...
I wanna smile again...;)

My Love, just when I thought we had the Perfect Love,
I see you left me for someone new,
I thought your Love for me,
Was always true.

My eyes are filled with tears,
My Lips just cannot speak,
I thought you always swore to,
Love me forever more.....
As you walk hand in hand with someone else,
Each tear, that I weep,will call out to you,
And someday you may realize,
The Love we had, was true.

But when you hug him tight,
Remember that those arms, you swore were mine.
When you hold his hands,
Remember those hands were mine…
One day you will miss, my Love
Cause true love like mine, is hard to find.

When you look back at Life,
Perhaps you may just remember,
This Akki, who once loved you,
Whom you tossed aside,
And walked off ,with someone new.
Someday, you will wish,you had remained mine,
This Akki who truly loved You... ♥
Finally I am breaking up all the strings, I had with you. No, you didn't do anything . I Did. I gave away my everything to someone who doesn't deserve it . I compromised, apologized, trusted and did everything I could do for us to last but I was wrong. You know, Its time I start thinking about my happiness which I thought, was with You but I guess, we all makes mistakes.


  1. awesome work
    yaar tu yeh sab likhta kha se h??
    awesum bro


    1. hahahaha
      bro sittimg idle whole day gives you a lot of ideas :)

  2. Alll u hav writtn is jus suprb..... but actually u hav ua own lyf.... so cm out of dis crap n love uaslf fo d way ua r... n strt livin fo uaslf...

    1. yup rite khushbhu
      N now i m doing that only :)
      n thanks a lot


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