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People write diaries. Their diaries describe their personality. I write on my blog. It describes me way too well. :D
My writing takes me places my mind never wanted to go
Everyone writes. From the ink of their thoughts, by the pen of their mind on the page of their face. Everyone writes.I love to write. It is a passion; a compulsion; something that gives me an avenue to express myself. I write when I am happy; when I am sad or when an issue touches my heart. I find inspiration to write in every aspect of life.
This blog is dedicated to anything and everything that fills my thoughts and occupies cranial space

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Answer Me God

I wonder why “life” is a web of complicated roads, when everyone has a common start and the common end. Why we are supposed to go through different ways. I don’t know what God had in his mind while engineering human but as far as I know everyone meant to be live together like friends in brotherhood. So they are supposed to walk along on the way to death after they are born. But why they get different lives to live. When they can accompany each other like friends and make each other's life simple. Simple to live and simple to die. A life full of simplicity.
Anyways, God gave us what we were supposed to get. We are not one of the best creatures of the God but the most complicated creatures of God because everything that happens here in this world either good or bad humans are responsible for that. I wonder where’s God, what role does he play. Is he only supposed to give life and take life. What about the rest, rest that we live. Seems like we are an entertainer to God, isn’t it? He just watch us playing our roles and the only role that he plays is to give life and then to take life. I want to scream out and ask to that God we all are your sin, then why do you have to let us live like soulless life? Why we don’t see happiness around? Why every human says they aren’t happy? Why everyone has got a pain? We spend our life just after one thing i.e., running after happiness. We say that human has got endless desire and that’s why humans can never be happy. But I want to ask that God who’s sitting somewhere in heaven, who’s responsible for making us, when he blessed us with everything then why he had to bless us with endless desire? Is it because he never wanted to see us happy? I tried finding an answer to it but the only answer I got every time is he never wanted us to be happy.

Why God? I don’t want to be an entertainer to you just take my life and show me hell. Because for now there’s no where hell than living on this earth with this life. Take away all I have, let me born again maybe then I can live a desire less life. A life without any wish.
Hope you answer my questions when I happen to meet you!
I guess we all have this question to God, isn’t it?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Just a Boy

 I’m just a boy
 I love being called handsome, but I’ll never believe it.
 I’m not always right, but hate admitting I’m wrong.
 I’m almost always smiling, but it’s not always real.
 I can be read like an open book, but hide so much.
 I work hard at things, but don’t always get what I deserve.
 I love someone so much, but don’t have anyone who really love me as one

 I always make people happy, but never take a hand to wipe my tears
 I do try to make some difference, but things not always in my favor
 I do try to forget the bad time, but some pains always be with you till the last breath

 I don’t want to loose anyone, but time has taken the one who was very special
 If love growing, then why boys never get the one who stolen their hearts
 If boys sincerely put their hands for making eternity, so why they get most painful time always

 I’m the boy and boys are very soft hearted, no matter how strong they look
 They deserve Love and it should come into their lives
 No matter whatever they are………..
 They never ask who you are
 Boys believe in love and they do whatever they can
 I’m the boy and I want a hand in hand to walk toward the end
 Get me out from the pain, I deserve your eternity love...

 I’m just a boy.....


Friday, February 15, 2013

Liebster Award

Few days ago, I came across a "Liebster Award" related post and I was a bit confused and never even bothered to understand it. There are so many awesome bloggers and I feel myself a toddler out here. But when I received a comment from Renu Sethi on my recent post, where she mentioned  "You have just won Liebster award.". I was little confused and immediately visited the mentioned URL. I was so much delighted to see my name, along with my blog link, in her list of bloggers. But what was that for?

I had some idea that it would certainly be some kind of appreciation for my blog but I was totally blank. Wow!  I didn't have to google it, as Renu explained it so perfectly in her post.  I got to know that Liebster Blog Award is basically a blogger to blogger award.  The award is usually given to upcoming new and deserving bloggers. OMG! I felt so honored and was really inspired to continue blogging. I would like to give my heartiest gratitude to  Renu Sethi  for giving me my 1st Leibster Award. Continuing with the thanksgiving, wish you this coming year bestows you with profound heights to both you and your writing.

Now the most important question WHAT IS A LIEBSTER AWARD?

While accepting the award you have to:
Post 11 things about yourself
Answer 11 questions set by the nominator
Choose 11 deserving bloggers meeting the criteria
Set 11 questions for them.
Inform the nominee by commenting on one of their posts.
You are not obligated to accept the award to send it forward. This is just a way to get a word out about new blogs that your followers may not know.


I am a very moody type of person.
I am very foody, though doesn't appear from my appearance.
I hate to wake up early, if I have to wake up early I prefer not to sleep whole night. Morning is a time best spent sleeping.
I believe in God.
I like traveling a lot, and visiting various places.
I have my own kind of philosophy, that's why my thinking many times contradicts to those of others
I am a very straight-forward person and I like honest answers only.
I am waiting for an incident which I think will never happen in my life, but a small ray of hope is keeping my hope alive.
I am very difficult to understand, and if you try to understand me, you may fall in love in me. :P Beware
I enjoy watching thrillers and comedy.
I love to read and write.

Questions By Renu Sethi

If I gave you a million dollars, how would you spend it? 
By Going on a very long vacation with my family.

What do u like most about blogging?
I can write any Bakwas here, Whatever and whenever I want to.

If you were deserted on an isolated island and you could take a thing and a person along, what and who would it be?
Will love to go there alone and will take only a return ticket with me.

How do u think, the culprits of Delhi gang rape case should be punished?
They should be castrated in open public.

What would be the first and the last line of your biography?
First Line- About a person very difficult to understand
Last- Worth it or waste of time?

5 things that you carry almost everyday to your workplace?
Myself, Cellphone, Wallet, Pen and my Brain

One advice you would like to give to your fellow bloggers?
Be yourself and write whatever you want to write.

One person you look up to?
My Father

One city/country you really want to visit?

One song that describes you best?
Abhi mujh me (Agneepath)

Honest opinion about my blog?
Your writing style is Perfect ... it is a perfect blend of personal and interactive... you write very well and the words you use for your posts are apt and catching... they do what words do best..

And the Award Goes to-
Janhvi Pant (
Iqbal Singh(
Subhrashis Adhikai(
Saru Singhal (
Roopa KM (
Dr Sneha Rahatekar (
Seema (
Sakshi Shioramwar (
Viyoma (
Srishti Kush (
Nandini Deka (

 My questionnaire to all those whom i nominated:
1) What brought you to the blogging world?
2) Life according to your perspective?
3) Do you believe in Karma System?
4) If given a chance to go back into your past…Name one thing you would change in your life
5)A person you cant live without?
6)Most dreaded dream that you don’t want to come true?
7) A thing of past, you want to change?
8) A message for fellow bloggers?
9) Your Favorite Blog (Apart from your Own)
10) One thing That makes you Smile?
11) A few honest words about my blog?

Friday, February 08, 2013


They met, they became friends, then best friends. they made a million memories...cute, naughty, happy at all...and one fine day a spark of fire set their paradise on fire... they thought they weren't being understood... they were being taken for granted...and stories that seemed unimaginable some time back actually became the focus of their relationship. They thought it was all over. They both felt the same way still! but they felt that the other didn't care. The world told them that this happens. They both thought it was over and that the other person was happy in their absence too.

Moral of the story: We all get exposed to the REAL world, which for some strange reason is BAD...they move on in life!! They make friends and part with many more!! They are now sure that the REAL world, that the more experienced talked about was indeed REAL!!

If you noticed the punctuations in the paragraph above.. there were 'n' number of full stops. One of them was the final one, and that decided whether those years and years of friendship was a lesson learnt or a cherished memory!! A past or a strong bond!! We somehow are obsessed with learning lessons, aren't we??
add one sentence to the story..

"but they sorted their differences and became best friends again."
HAPPY END!!yayyy:):)

As I read on a friends Facebook status sometime back
'whether your story has a happy end or a sad end depends on where u put the FINAL full stop!!'

If you think its too late...DUDE ITS NOT OVER TILL YOU ARE OVER!!!!!!!!!!
If you are breathing...which I assume you are since you are reading this, look into your life buddy!! Look where you buried someone alive!! That person might still be suffocating and so is the part of yours that exists in them!! Because there is no real beyond the story YOU wish to believe in and carry on with!!

Had Saif Ali Khan's character believed that the final full stop been put on their friendship... Dil Chahta Hai might have been the devdas of friendship!! Stop living in pseudo-acceptance of mediocracy that suffocates you, or things that you don't want to accept. take a step, and I assure you that if you once mattered the steps from the other side will surely start walking towards you to embrace you!! You may fail but its better to be brave than dead!! Please do not let yours stories and those that the world has make you bury people alive!!
live with love:):) Hope it touched you somewhere,somehow and you decided to take a step!!:)


Friday, February 01, 2013

My BrOkeN hurtsS


*A BROKEN HEART is when you actually refuse to get out of bed in the morning because you are afraid of the reality that awaits you.

*A BROKEN HEART is when you think about the individual that broke your heart constantly. You think of the"Good Times" almost as if the"Bad Times" never existed.

*A BROKEN HEART is when you are crying yourself to sleep every night & yet crying more & more each morning.

*A BROKEN HEART is the unforgettable smell of her muffler that sits in that empty box; stowed away.

*A BROKEN HEART is the cold shattering feeling you receive when you hear the syllables of her name.

*A BROKEN HEART is glancing at the pictures of the two of you, & then quickly turning your attention to something else to avoid your tears.

*A BROKEN HEART is re-reading his ancient texts of her & putting away the gift that she once bought for you.

*A BROKEN HEART is secretly wanting to run back to her & secretly wanting to just be loved by her again

*A BROKEN HEART is asking desperately for just one last chance with the only person responsible for your loneliness.

*A BROKEN HEART is pretending to not care what her friends are saying about you.

*A BROKEN HEART is forcing yourself to hang up the phone after you have dialed the first nine digits to her number.

*A BROKEN HEART is screaming & begging for a second chance inside.

*A BROKEN HEART is the emptiness & heart-wrenching feeling you encounter when you see her with her new love.

*A BROKEN HEART is knowing that no matter what you do or say to yourself, you can't fool your heart into believing that you will in fact "Be Alright."

*A BROKEN HEART is seeing her, & even though it may be the hardest thing that you have ever had to do, you decide to walk away.

*A BROKEN HEART is listening to that one song that makes you break down over & over again.

*A BROKEN HEART sometimes means: not wanting to go on.......♥