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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Answer Me God

I wonder why “life” is a web of complicated roads, when everyone has a common start and the common end. Why we are supposed to go through different ways. I don’t know what God had in his mind while engineering human but as far as I know everyone meant to be live together like friends in brotherhood. So they are supposed to walk along on the way to death after they are born. But why they get different lives to live. When they can accompany each other like friends and make each other's life simple. Simple to live and simple to die. A life full of simplicity.
Anyways, God gave us what we were supposed to get. We are not one of the best creatures of the God but the most complicated creatures of God because everything that happens here in this world either good or bad humans are responsible for that. I wonder where’s God, what role does he play. Is he only supposed to give life and take life. What about the rest, rest that we live. Seems like we are an entertainer to God, isn’t it? He just watch us playing our roles and the only role that he plays is to give life and then to take life. I want to scream out and ask to that God we all are your sin, then why do you have to let us live like soulless life? Why we don’t see happiness around? Why every human says they aren’t happy? Why everyone has got a pain? We spend our life just after one thing i.e., running after happiness. We say that human has got endless desire and that’s why humans can never be happy. But I want to ask that God who’s sitting somewhere in heaven, who’s responsible for making us, when he blessed us with everything then why he had to bless us with endless desire? Is it because he never wanted to see us happy? I tried finding an answer to it but the only answer I got every time is he never wanted us to be happy.

Why God? I don’t want to be an entertainer to you just take my life and show me hell. Because for now there’s no where hell than living on this earth with this life. Take away all I have, let me born again maybe then I can live a desire less life. A life without any wish.
Hope you answer my questions when I happen to meet you!
I guess we all have this question to God, isn’t it?


  1. Pertinent questions. I do ask god the same questions. Nice read.

    1. Thanks a lot
      But these questions have no answers so that one can have some relief....

  2. If we would have got the answers of these question either from god or any spiritual would have been a heaven and we now it's not a heaven and it's a world of suffering...!!!

  3. If we could get the answers of these questions either from God or any spiritual person than the world would be a heaven to live but as we all know it's not a heaven as there's a suffering all around...!!!

    1. But to make the world a happy place and to stop these sufferings some answers are seriously needed
      thanks for dropping by....

  4. dun try to get happiness frm oder ppl or things...try to find urself uh vl b d happiest person... yes! he made endless desires rather i wud lyk to say choices,so dat uh can choose best among dem...not to worried about dese. He made HAPPINESS for us n we r choosing SADNESS...Be rational in ur choice...;)


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