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Friday, February 08, 2013


They met, they became friends, then best friends. they made a million memories...cute, naughty, happy at all...and one fine day a spark of fire set their paradise on fire... they thought they weren't being understood... they were being taken for granted...and stories that seemed unimaginable some time back actually became the focus of their relationship. They thought it was all over. They both felt the same way still! but they felt that the other didn't care. The world told them that this happens. They both thought it was over and that the other person was happy in their absence too.

Moral of the story: We all get exposed to the REAL world, which for some strange reason is BAD...they move on in life!! They make friends and part with many more!! They are now sure that the REAL world, that the more experienced talked about was indeed REAL!!

If you noticed the punctuations in the paragraph above.. there were 'n' number of full stops. One of them was the final one, and that decided whether those years and years of friendship was a lesson learnt or a cherished memory!! A past or a strong bond!! We somehow are obsessed with learning lessons, aren't we??
add one sentence to the story..

"but they sorted their differences and became best friends again."
HAPPY END!!yayyy:):)

As I read on a friends Facebook status sometime back
'whether your story has a happy end or a sad end depends on where u put the FINAL full stop!!'

If you think its too late...DUDE ITS NOT OVER TILL YOU ARE OVER!!!!!!!!!!
If you are breathing...which I assume you are since you are reading this, look into your life buddy!! Look where you buried someone alive!! That person might still be suffocating and so is the part of yours that exists in them!! Because there is no real beyond the story YOU wish to believe in and carry on with!!

Had Saif Ali Khan's character believed that the final full stop been put on their friendship... Dil Chahta Hai might have been the devdas of friendship!! Stop living in pseudo-acceptance of mediocracy that suffocates you, or things that you don't want to accept. take a step, and I assure you that if you once mattered the steps from the other side will surely start walking towards you to embrace you!! You may fail but its better to be brave than dead!! Please do not let yours stories and those that the world has make you bury people alive!!
live with love:):) Hope it touched you somewhere,somehow and you decided to take a step!!:)



  1. Nice positive post, well written.

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