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Friday, March 29, 2013

Crisis Of faith

The definition of God to most people is: An all knowing, all powerful, all good, perfect being. If this is all true, why does God allows evil and suffering to exist?

I've heard the "Mans Free Will" the "Obstacle Course" and the “Karma Theory” theories and briefly explained what they are and you'll see that neither hold much water. Does anyone have any other theories?


One explanation I've heard is "God gave man free will". The problem with that is not all of the suffering in the world comes from the exercise of human will. Disease, natural disasters, accidents, genetic deformities. These things all cause pain and suffering, and no human being had any role in creating them. So why does God (all knowing, powerful and good), allow these things to happen?


The second explanation I've been given as to why God inflicts and allows evil and suffering is that God is testing us. Testing us to improve our moral character, the evil and suffering are part of an obstacle course we need to overcome. Here is a quick real life example of the "obstacle course" theory.

A man attacks a two year old girl with a baseball bat, causing the girl horrific pain and maiming her for life. When asked why he attacked the child he said "I wanted to test the parents, so the can grow and improve their moral character".

What's your opinion of this man and his actions? Is the parents character improvement make the girls suffering acceptable? Is he a good or evil man?

2> God allows an innocent two year old girl to contract a horrible and painful disease, for the purpose of testing her parents. To give them an obstacle to overcome.

Now ask yourself those three questions again.a two year old girl to contract a horrible and painful disease, for the purpose of testing her parents. To give them an obstacle to overcome.
Now ask yourself those three questions again.
Men should continue to do their duties without thinking about the fruits of it. Modern men like you and me will immediately ask the question then, "it is the desire to achieve a goal that makes us persue our duty. If the aim itself is lost, why will anyone even persue his duty?" Logical, and why us? Even Arjun had the same thoughts as these when Lord Krishna advised him about this.
Man is selfish. And why not. It is the inherent characteristic of every mortal in this world. So a man by virtue of his unique identity in this world must be selfish. Selfishness is born out of the survival instinct that every mortal in this world is born with. It is further born out of man's constant desire of satisfying his senses.
Does anyone have any theories or explanations on why an all knowing, all powerful, all good God, allows evil and suffering to happen?

I mean I'm asking you why the God WE believe in, love and devote our life to seems to be indifferent to the suffering OF the children he created. That he apparently loves so much. If we believe surely we ask ourselves these things. Disappointed in the effort.
And just to clear it up I am asking all this because I am having a crisis of faith due to some things going around me from the last few months


  1. sometimes u need not to ask...u vl get answers just try to pray widout any single thought of doubt

  2. God is an invention, an excuse... Better to live without God... be intellectually honest.


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