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Friday, June 21, 2013

Is There Really A God?

First of all, very sorry to all those who waited for my posts.( Though I know there is only one such person.)
Now I don’t know what I am going to write, but a thing constantly suffers me,  Is there really a God? Is there really any supernatural power beyond our human existence? This question constantly suffers me a lot.
The one side of me says that really there is something named God. The other side says no there is no God, its just a conception people have made to be afraid of. These two sides of mine namely Side A and B  have  spent 22  years (ahnn 23 now next month) fighting with each other and not reaching on any definite point giving birth to a new side known as side C i.e. me.
Side C is confused whether there is something called God or not. Side C has written many letters to God, but not knowing the address of God, all those letters went to a river or are burned, leaving all the questions unanswered.
I many times ask myself that if there is no God, then why there are so many Temples, Gurudwaras, Churches and Mosques all over the world. All people going to these places regularly can’t be fool.
And if there is no God, then why bad things happen to good people? Where is his Justice? Why some people spend their whole lives waiting for a “KARMA” like thing to happen and solve all their problems and eventually die waiting. Why God takes someone’s mother’s life on the day of her birthday at 4.30 in the morning and since that day she wakes up at 4.30 a.m. every day. The shock wakes her up everyday even now.
If really there is God, then he can’t have so bad sense of humor. Its said read Bhagwat Geeta because it contains all the answers to the questions of the man. I even read that, but in the modern day world it is impossible for any man to do all the acts mentioned there like for his whole life, leaving all my questions still unanswered.
I know that all the questions in life can’t be answered, and if they are answered, life will loose its existence and meaning, but still a time comes in life when all these assumptions that all the questions can’t be answered becomes blurred and the thrust for answers increases leaving Side C again in a state where still he don’t have any strong points either to support Side A or B.


  1. u see by reading your article(thoughts or state of mind), I realised that there are so many people around me, who sometimes think the way i do. I appreciate your way of using words to describe your feelings but as you are confused in side C...i would suggest please don't be because human has always been capable of finding u have to stay confused to enjoy every "why" of yours....
    These are some of my thoughts for you.....but before giving them i think i should make it clear that i've not written all these things to impress anyone or show them how much intelligent i am....i wrote this just the way u did....."to give something to this cynical world"

  2. Ankit, that was a great post. As you already know how I feel, I have come to a realization that we human are like people who walk on tight rope. We walk more confidently and with a smile if we know there is a safety net below. Safety net doesnot guarantee that there would be no fatal accidents. Once you face a fatal accident your trust in that safety net goes, so does your smile and confidence. God is our make believe safety net, he doesnot gurantee life full of happiness and joy. Like Marx said "Religion is Opium for people" :)

  3. Before I go on to commenting on this post.... I would say that either on TV or online, whichever suits you... start listening to the Brahmakumaris........ not because they are right or anything (that is for you to decide) but because they discuss such questions......

    Now, for my viewpoint..
    There is some supreme energy, call it what you may,
    it keeps a check and balances, which we generally call karma.... karma may meet you up within this lifetime or if you believe in rebirth, maybe in the coming lives.

    All the people going to these places are not fools but are foolish (no offence to anyone). What I mean to say is, that the ones who go there seeking God are foolish. God is an energy and we do not need to go to a particular place for it....
    The ones who go there knowing this, go for the atmosphere.. the quiet, the serenity that even if sought is hardly found at home or otherwise.

    Have you read the Gita? Truly read it? Not to look for answers but to read it. Change your viewpoint and see your world change. You may still not find all answers in it, because in the end the irony is that all answers are inside you not a book. But read it, not to follow every act it says... but just to remember that one point made repeatedly in it.... Do the RIGHT ACTION and leave the rest to the machinery. Even if for a moment we put God/ Energy aside, if the first cog of a machine is worked fine, the rest will too. But if we fault on the first cog itself, how will we get what is desired.

    I want to talk to you about what is "Right action" but i believe this is not the right place". You know where to find me if you wish to talk of this.

    Lastly, great post. Am impressed with your grammar. And it has taken me a long time to read your posts, so have a lot of catching up to do!


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