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Friday, November 29, 2013

Somewhere that child still exists

Remember the enthusiasm for sliding on the biggest slide in the garden, the fights we had with our best friends just so that we could seize the most colorful swing in the garden?... being a child was the most wonderful phase one could ever  go through. Na├»ve, innocent and oblivious to the atrocities of the world, where one used to not think or care a damn about anything. Problems didn't even exist then! Such endearing little toddlers we were back then.  Growing up is not a bad thing but at times my heart yearns to go back to my childhood days, where I was dependant on everyone around me, where everything was at my beck and call and where I didn't have to think of my future. Things were so much simpler and less complicated at that time. That were the days when you just close your eyes and sleep in the seconds. I remember when going to bed at 9, was late. When getting "homework" was having to read. When saying "well my mum..." was cool. When maths was "whats 4+5?" and enlgish was "how do you spell this?" I remember when I was little, some of the best times of my life!

And now, when I'm almost 23 years; When my works aren't done on time or when I hurt myself, I feel like crying. I know crying won't help me but then it's just that feeling of letting go of something. I feel like dancing when my favorite song is played, without caring about the people around me. Cartoons I feel, are the most stress relieving things I have come across. Though this generations' cartoons suck( no offence to the ‘Ben ten"  or "tron" fans), cartoons like ‘courage the cowardly dog' or ‘jetsons' or ‘swat cats' or the ‘scooby dooby doo'  or ‘dexter' or 'tom and jerry' still bring a smile on my face. When I was a kid, I watched cartoons because I liked them, and now I watch them because they make me smile even if that is just for an hour or so. When I'm bored I feel like painting, painting with crayons like how I used to do when I was a kid. Thinking which shade of color would go with the other one. Though these things now don't make that much of sense, when you actually try it you get a feeling of being a child once again. there is nothing wrong in feeling like a child again as its said "grow mature but don't kill the child within you"

Small things still make me happy, I still love counting the stars (if there are any that is…) or when I see kids playing with balloons (no pun intended) I feel like buying one.  I feel like swinging on those swings, going on the merry go , doing bungee jumping or doing those little things which take me back to being a kid again. Done and said about all this, I feel that that phase of my childhood has not gotten over. It's just hiding somewhere inside and appears whenever I'm stressed out or sad. That little child in me still exists even though I may have grown up. It's like the phase which will never get over. And trust me, every one of us have that little child in us...


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