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Monday, July 14, 2014

School Re-Opens:

Today- 14, July School Re-Opens.
But today mummy didn't woke me up to Get Ready instead even though I wanted to Snooze the Alarm but finally woke up.
I was not sleepy while brushing my teeth but was doing it speedily bcoz I might get late.
I didn't felt warmth or cold nature of water but just quickly took bath.
Instead of checking if my Compass Box is Ready I was checking whether my Smartphone is charged or Not.
Today also will be wearing a Tie but of course for different Reason.
Value Education is Replaced by learning ways of Value (money) Generation.
New Design Cartoon bag is Replaced by Laptop bag.
Yesterday Night I was not busy Polishing my shoes but was busy Checking emails.
Instead of discussing with friends how Vacation went I will be discussing monthly targets with colleagues.

New Lessons from Teachers are Replaced by PowerPoint Presentations.
Maths calculations are replaced by Excel Sheets.
Will not be sharing Lunch in Recess but might have Brunch.
That PT period is now some long Lost Dream.
Instead of fighting for Batting/Bowling. .I'm Racing to catch Seat in the Train.
There Monitor was busy watching who is talking in class, here Boss is eager to catch 1 mistake.
Once I was crazy to Open my Mouth in Rains n try to catch water droplets. Now just thinking how will Rains effect Trains n Traffic.
Date is Same but Years have Passed, so are my feelings towards this date. Might be that time it was bit scary but Today its Sweet Memory.
Today is 14, July School Re-Opens and I will Love to Go to School n Share that Small Bench with my Friends.
Dear School Love You, Miss You....



  1. Before I go on to what I do best.... the dreaded Nazi in me taking over... i must say this is a heartfelt beautiful post..... Made me nostalgic of my school days! And every word is true.

    Now to the part you hate me for:
    *didn't wake me up
    *ready and even though
    *alarm, I finally
    *doing it with speed
    *I didn't feel the warmth or coolness/ feel the warm or cold nature
    *took a bath
    *I will be wearing a Tie
    *although might have brunch
    *catch a seat
    *there the monitor
    *now am just thinking
    *how the rains will affect
    *the date is
    *so have my feelings
    *There might have been a time it was scary,
    *I would love
    *school and share

    :( for the spoilsport behaviour... am a grammar nazi ....

    1. hahaha grammar nazi
      will be careful from the future
      and ..... for dropping by


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