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Friday, June 09, 2017


Yayyyy its Friday!!!!

Everyone in the office back there was so excited and as the evening was approaching, glow on everyone’s face was increasing.

Yea and why not they will be happy? One is going to his home over the weekend to meet his family. One girl was going to meet her husband after six months who just returned from abroad. Another guy was going on a dinner date with his wife. Out of all of them, Rohan was sitting in a corner with no expression on his face, watching all of them happy, wondering what he will doing over the weekend.

Rohan also waits for the weekend, because he can sleep for as long as he wants on Saturday morning, but time stands still every Saturday morning once he wakes up as there is nothing else to do. His weekend too starts on Friday evening once he reaches home. Oh did I just said home? Oh yea, a small 1BHK, a small square divided in 4 portions, a room, a hall, a small kitchen and a very small bathroom. But yes, its home for him. As they say home is where happiness is, but he is still finding the happiness in that home or home in that happiness.

Staying alone in a dark room, taking a long afternoon nap, no hangouts, no parties, these all were punishments for Rohan earlier and now these are his new habits. He now refuels himself by staying alone in his apartment from Friday evening until Monday morning. His laptop, cellphone and new JBL speakers are his partners in crime.

Amidst a polluted city, on a sleepless night, in a rented room he often wonders whether this was all he aspired for.